Are You Ready for the DIG Mobile Physician? OCTOBER 2013


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Digital Insights Group believes the market and pace of change in the mobile space will rapidly accelerate in the coming months and years and marketers must recalibrate their expectations and level of knowledge specific to mobile now.

It’s no longer sufficient to merely know physicians have a mobile device (of course they do)– the market has moved two levels deeper and to maintain a competitive advantage, forward thinking marketers must do the same.

For this reason, Digital Insights Group has introduced DIG™ Mobile Physician – a solution built for strategic marketers and brand leaders to guide their strategy based on high frequency strategic insight – grounded in robust data at the specialty level.

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Are You Ready for the DIG Mobile Physician? OCTOBER 2013

  1. 1. October  2013                                                 A  Digital  Insights  Group     Thought  Leadership     White  Paper                                           Are  You  Ready  for  the  Mobile  Physician?   Why  Marketers  Must  Prepare  for  Digital  First     …and  the  Coming  Age  of  Mobile  First        
  2. 2. About  Digital  Insights  Group     The  team  at  DIG  is  focused  on  bridging  the  gap  between  the  mountains  of  data   created  by  the  social,  mobile,  and  digital  revolution  —  and  strategic  insight.  We   believe  the  majority  of  strategists,  innovators,  and  marketers  are  relying  on  data   and  information  grounded  in  the  past  (and  historical  trends).  A  rear  view  mirror  is   great  for  knowing  where  you  have  been.  Innovators  and  strategists  need  a  lens   into  the  future  to  plan  for  it.  That  requires  products,  services,  and  data  based  on   current  and  future  trends.  DIG  is  guided  by  a  vision  to  create  a  company  for  the   next  decade  –  serving  the  clients  preparing  for  it.         ©  2013  Digital  Insights  Group.  All  rights  reserved.  Unauthorized  reproduction  is  strictly   prohibited.  Opinions  in  this  white  paper  reflect  our  judgment  at  the  time  of  publication   and  are  subject  to  change  –  just  like  the  market  and  trends  evolve.  For  additional   information  please  visit                 Mobile  Medicine  is  a       Reality  Today           Imagine  you  are  a  physician  in  the   Sitting  down  to  access  clinical   middle  of  a  busy  day  at  the  office.  Set   information  on  a  desktop  is  quickly   aside  the  fact  you  are  debating  how  the   being  replaced  by  the  introduction  of   Affordable  Care  Act  (a.k.a.  Obamcare)   mobile  devices  that  offer  virtually  the   will  impact  your  practice  over  the  next   same  user  experience  –  albeit  on  a   decade  (or  even  the  next  year).  Now,   much  smaller  screen  for  most  users.   think  about  how  you  would  access   Yes,  there  will  be  even  more  rapid   clinical  information,  access  news,   change  in  the  coming  years  in  the  area   communicate  with  colleagues,  and  keep   of  smartphones,  phablets,  tablets,   up  with  practicing  medicine  in  general.   glasses,  watches,  etc  …  but  for  now   If  you  are  like  the  vast  majority  of   when  asked  which  device  they  couldn’t   primary  care  physicians  today  your   imagine  living  without,  the  primary   primary  device  is  not  your  PC,  laptop  or   device  for  most  primary  case  physicians   Mac,  rather  it’s  your  smartphone.  Now,   is  a  smartphone  (think  iPhone,  Samsung   compare  and  contrast  that  to  the   Galaxy,  or  equivalent).     practice  of  medicine  just  10  years  ago  –       let  alone  5  years  ago.  The  world  has     moved  and  the  game  has  changed.   Now,  think  mobile  first.      
  3. 3. Mobile  Remains  Elusive  to   “Traditional”  Marketers       Now  transition  your  thinking  to  a  room   of  marketers  –  specifically,  you’re  now  a   pharmaceutical  marketer  in  the  midst  of   debating  a  strategy  to  engage  a  group  of   primary  care  physicians.  Keep  in  mind   these  physicians  are  also  stating  loud   and  clear  that  access  by  traditional  sales   reps  will  continue  to  diminish  and  that   they  are  content  to  access  breaking   news,  clinical  trials,  and  education   through  digital  channels  –  mostly,   including  mobile.       Your  team  is  fairly  typical  and  decides   like  the  average  team  to  build  an   engagement  strategy  for  a  traditional   offline  experience  first  and  when  the   debate  shifts  to  digital,  your  team  does   as  so  often  the  case  today,  envisions  the   “traditional”  digital  experience  built  for   a  browser  or  desktop  experience— mobile  is  not  much  more  than  a   footnote  and  certainly  not  given  much   thought  nor  time  relative  to  “what’s   worked  in  the  past.”       Does  that  match  with  your  experience   above  as  a  physician?  No.  Physicians  are   like  the  rest  of  the  professional  world  –   they  have  embraced  mobile  technology   –  and  in  their  case,  mobile  medicine.   No,  we  don’t  have  fully  integrated   Electronic  Medical  Records  at  the  point   of  care  (and  in  hand)  but  physicians  by   and  large  have  figured  out  how  to  use   their  mobile  to  serve  as  a  primary   device.                     Is  the  typical  team  of  pharmaceutical   marketers  building  for  a  mobile   experience?  Do  they  really  understand   what  drives  a  mobile  (non-­‐desktop)   experience  today?  While  it  may  be   difficult  to  make  the  argument  for  true   digital  integration  of  strategies  and   tactics,  the  reality  is  that  the  market  is   already  moving  towards  “digital  first”   and  increasingly  “mobile  first”  as  their   preferred  channel  preference.         Preparing  for  Mobile  First       Digital  Insights  Group  believes  the   market  and  pace  of  change  in  the   mobile  space  will  rapidly  accelerate  in   the  coming  months  and  years  and   marketers  must  recalibrate  their   expectations  and  level  of  knowledge   specific  to  mobile  now.       It’s  no  longer  sufficient  to  merely  know   physicians  have  a  mobile  device  (of   course  they  do)–  the  market  has  moved   two  levels  deeper  and  to  maintain  a   competitive  advantage,  forward   thinking  marketers  must  do  the  same.   For  this  reason,  Digital  Insights  Group   has  introduced  DIG™  Mobile  Physician  –   a  solution  built  for  strategic  marketers   and  brand  leaders  to  guide  their   strategy  based  on  high  frequency   strategic  insight  –  grounded  in  robust   data  at  the  specialty  level.        
  4. 4.   DIG™  Mobile  Physician:       First  and  foremost,  DIG™  Mobile   Physician  is  built  from  the  ground  up   specific  to  a  specialist  segment.  It  is  not   a  top  down  approach  where  a   population  study  is  created  and  then   “cut”  to  provide  the  answers  given  at   the  population  level.  Secondly,  the   insights  are  deep  and  more  robust  …   focused  on  where  the  market  is  headed   (trends)  and  not  where  it  has  been  the   past  year.  Finally,  the  product  is  built  to   offer  a  continuous  stream  of  insight   throughout  the  year  –  not  a  snapshot  in   time  that  year  –  and  therefore  allows   clients  to  integrate  areas  of  interest   over  time.                                                           As  a  primer  on  what  “mobile”  means  to   today’s  physician,  we  have  provided  a   brief  overview  from  a  recent  directional   study  (qualitative  in  nature)  conducted   with  primary  care  physicians  by  Digital   Insights  Group  in  September  2013.   Enjoy.     The  clear  winners  on  the  device  front   are  the  smartphone,  laptop,  and   desktop  (Figure  1).  Tablets  in  the   practice  and  for  professional  use  will   continue  to  evolve  as  a  market  segment   -­‐-­‐  and  the  space  between  smartphone   and  tablet  will  become  less  black  and   white  in  the  coming  years.  However,  for   now  the  smartphone  and   laptop/desktop  drive  the  majority  of   use.         Figure  1     Any  Use  of  a  Device  to  Access   Pharmaceutical  Information  (past  week)   Percent  of  Primary  Care  Physicians                                   Source:  Digital  Insights  Group  
  5. 5.   Moving  on  from  “any  use”  by  physicians   to  “primary  use”  we  learn  the   smartphone  is  the  primary  device  for   physicians  today  –  by  a  wide  margin   (Figure  2).  In  fact,  they  are  2.4  times   more  likely  to  report  they  use  a   smartphone  as  their  primary  device  –   beating  out  their  laptop,  desktop,  and   tablet.       Figure  2     Primary  Device  to  Access   Pharmaceutical  Information  (past  week)     Percent  of  Primary  Care  Physicians                               Source:  Digital  Insights  Group         Primary  care  physicians   are  2.4  times  more  likely   to  report  their   smartphone  is  their   primary  device           The  activities  on  a  smartphone  are  not   that  surprising  or  shocking  –  but  still   important  to  understand.  How  the   devices  are  being  used  and  how   engagement  and  frequency  are  driving   behavioral  changes  is  key  to  delivering   assets  that  meet  and  exceed   expectations.  Accessing  portals  is  the   top  activity  by  a  narrow  margin  –  just   beating  out  communicating  with  their   colleagues  (Figure  3).  The  same  way   social  media  and  news  migrated  to  the   mobile  for  the  market  overall  –  the   same  trends  are  playing  out  in  the   mobile  physician  space  today.         Figure  3   Top  Activities  on  Smartphone  (monthly)   Percent  of  Primary  Care  Physicians                                         Source:  Digital  Insights  Group        
  6. 6.     Moving  on  from  activities  on  a   smartphone,  we  take  a  look  at  the   activities  on  tablets.  Again,  no  shocking   insights  if  you  have  experience  using  a   smartphone  and  a  tablet  to  create  and   consume  content  today.  Physicians  are   using  tablets  for  different  reasons   compared  to  their  smartphones.  Tablets   are  being  using  for  more  in-­‐depth   content  consumption  as  opposed  to   serving  as  a  tool  that  is  “always  on”  and   accessible  –  essentially  what  makes  the   smartphone  so  powerful.       Figure  4   Top  Activities  on  Tablet  (monthly)   Percent  of  Primary  Care  Physicians                                                           Looking  beyond  broad  professional   activities  on  their  smartphone,  an  area   that  DIG  believes  is  important  for   pharma  marketers  to  understand  is  the   ability  to  frame  and  compare  the  use  of   apps  versus  mobile  web.  Yes,  this   balance  will  continue  to  evolve  much  in   the  same  way  that  apps  versus  mobile  is   still  evolving  in  the  mobile  space  overall.   At  this  time,  Epocrates  and  Medscape   own  the  physician  mind  set  in  the  app   space  –  or  make  that  home  screen   space.  Apps  in  the  next  tier  include   UpToDate,  Sermo,  QuantiaMD  and   Doxmiity  to  name  a  few.  Of  note,  the   number  of  social  apps  that  offer   communication  and  content  continues   to  flourish.           Figure  5     Hierarchy  of  Mobile  Device  Apps   Percent  of  Primary  Care  Physicians                                 Source:  Digital  Insights  Group      
  7. 7.     Do  physicians  really  want  content  that  is   seamless,  accessible  and  consistent   across  all  their  devices  and  screens?  The   answer  is  a  very  loud  “yes”  (Figure  6).   Only  10%  say  that  multi-­‐screen  access  is   “not  very  important”  and  over  half   report  multi-­‐screen  access  is  very   important.     Figure  6     Importance  of  Multi-­‐screen  Content    Percent  of  Primary  Care  Physicians                                               Source:  Digital  Insights  Group                                                 Pondering  the  digital  world  in  2020,  and   where  digital  fits  into  the  mix,  it  also   helps  to  reflect  on  where  we  have  been.   We  have  quickly  moved  from  a  world  of   proving  channel  relevance  to  struggling   to  “integrate”  digital  into  the  mix.  The   future  requires  a  mindset  and   realization  that  “digital  first”  becomes   the  norm  very  quickly  –  and  within  that   a  subset  of  the  market  is  “mobile  first.”   Are  you  ready?             Figure  7     From  Digital  Integration  to  Digital  First           Source:  Digital  Insights  Group  
  8. 8.     Products  from  Digital  Insights  Group           DIG™  Mobile  Physician:  mobile  is  no  longer  a  trend  –  it’s  a  way  of  doing  business.  DIG   built  an  advisory  and  tracking  product  that  helps  you  and  your  team  better  understand   mobile  by  capturing  data  in  the  medium  and  then  providing  the  context  to  make  it   relevant  to  your  team.  DIG™  Mobile  Physician  is  built  from  the  ground  up  specific  to   your  specialty  segment(s)  of  interest.           DIG™  Social  Consumer:  we  believe  listening  to  customers  in  social  media  is  only  the  first   step.  The  end  goal  is  strategic  insight.  We  rely  on  multiple  sources  of  social  media  data   (specific  to  your  therapeutic  area  of  interest)  and  then  aggregate  that  data  into  a   platform  and  deliverables  your  team  can  use.  Social  listening  without  relevance  and   insight  is  just  that  –  listening.  Take  the  next  step  to  learn.  DIG™  Social  Consumer  is  built   from  the  ground  up  specific  to  your  therapeutic  segment(s)  of  interest.