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WOMM-U 2012: IBM & Digital Influence Group Discuss Employees as Social Media Brand Ambassadors
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WOMM-U 2012: IBM & Digital Influence Group Discuss Employees as Social Media Brand Ambassadors


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Learn why employees' online behaviors can and should influence a brand's overall marketing strategy and how leading global organizations like IBM are working to educate and activate their employees to …

Learn why employees' online behaviors can and should influence a brand's overall marketing strategy and how leading global organizations like IBM are working to educate and activate their employees to serve as social media brand ambassadors. You'll gain insights into how other organizations can develop similar programs to help provide value to key constituents online, increase the quality of interactions across digital customer touchpoints and build brand advocacy.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. WOMMA Welcomes You To WOMM-U 2012 #WOMMA
  • 2. The Social Employee’s Impact on B2B Brand Building The IBM Select Social Eminence Program Susan Emerick Kevin Green Social Business Program Vice President of Strategy, Manager, IBM Digital Influence Group @sfemerick @kevinmgreen
  • 3. IBM’s digital brand strategy is experienced through the IBMer
  • 4. As IBMers, we are innovators and experts paving the way for a smarter world.Our expertise, experience, and world-renownedreputation as industry leaders are the most powerfulmarketing tools we have.As early adopters of social media, we have remained true toour brand’s forward-thinking spirit“Some forward-thinking companies are taking the next step. They areproviding the training, tools and encouragement to make theiremployees expert at using social media. In doing so they are creatinga competitive advantage.” – Jon Iwata, VP at IBM A Smarter Planet Cloud Social Business Smarter Computing Watson Expert Integrated Systems
  • 5. Social media is changing the way we do business.As social and professional networks continue to gain groundas a primary source of news and information gatheringamong decision makers, we must evolve our approach… from the tactile to the adoptive to the transformative
  • 6. We must shift our focusfrom large campaignsto one-to-one, high-value interactionsfrom controlling the messageto building collaborative relationshipsfrom being generally accessibleto being active in the right placesat the right times Source(s): companies-start-listening.html
  • 7. When our experts broaden their reach and regularly engage intransparent, meaningful ways with online communities… • Trust and credibility increases • Brand information and messages effectively delivered • Relevant audiences are receptive and engaged • Calls-to-action are more compelling and credible • Creates a pro-IBM response from audience • Establishes self-sustaining brand evangelism • Drives brand preference   =
  • 8. By enabling our greatest assets to grow their social network,gain eminence, and better align their individual brands with theIBM brand, we can: leverage their professional reputation + grow influence in the social sphere to continually demonstrate their competency + expertise in ways that support + amplify word-of- mouth aligned to Go-to-Market (GTM) priorities + Demand Gen activities
  • 9. Individual Individual High Touch High TouchGroup & Community Program Group &Community Based Self Service Self Service
  • 10. The IBM Select SME SocialEminence Program empowersSocial Business Managers tofulfill a role in growing ourbrand and business. Select SMEs Social Business Manager
  • 11. Increasing SMEs Social Influence while improving engagement effectiveness drives IBM Business Value HIGH • Targeted engagement MEDIUM based on social listening research • Personal brand but DrivesLevel of Effort • Responsive recognized as Business LOW internal resource Value • Personal brand • Key thought leader • Reactive • Content creator • Defacto • Push • Content seeker spokesperson • Impersonal Time to Establish Awareness Engagement Relationship
  • 12. The IBM Select Social Eminence Program offers a newmodel and tools to help build and leverage the socialeminence of Select Subject-Matter Experts (SMEs) by: Identifying and recruiting high-value experts to support social strategies aligned to Go-to-Market (GTM) priorities Creating personalized roadmaps to help Select SMEs gain visibility and influence among targeted online audiences Providing individualized mentoring, one-on-one training, and ongoing support to ensure growth and success Measuring and monitoring progress against GTM goals
  • 13. By day…. By night!
  • 14. Individuality is the Foundation of Success 1 in 11 3 in 4 Success of Employee Success of Employee Engagement with Engagement with General Plans Customized Plans Source: Gallup Leadership Poll
  • 15. The IBM Select Social Eminence Program bridges social profiling and behavior analysis to identify and leverage the point where employee behavioral preferences and brand objectives intersect… IBM Select SocialSOCIAL PROFILING Eminence Program BEHAVIORAL ANALYSIS …Creating and capitalizing on opportunities that are mutually beneficial to the individual and IBM.
  • 16. Segmenting Employees by Individual Preferencesand StrengthsIndividuals typically behave ina variety of ways dependingon their audience andenvironment.Social Indicator TypesTMprovide a deeper look intowhat makes individuals aviable candidate for socialmedia participation.
  • 18. IDENTIFY, EDUCATE, EMPOWER, MEASURE, OPTIMIZEto meet and exceed program marketing goalsin three simple steps:1 Social Behavior Assessment2 Tailored Content + Recommendations3 Quick Steps + Actions to Get Started
  • 19. Social Behavior Assessment• Capture current social presence• Indentify business role and objectives• Understand individual preferences• Identify experience level
  • 20. Tailored Content & Recommendations• Social platforms and programs• Relevant influencers• Primary business objectives• Benchmarks
  • 21. Quick Steps & Actions• Tactics and training by type and experience• Instant updates and information• Segmented delivery of brand content and messaging• Data capture and deep measurement
  • 22. Key Program BenefitsQuickly understand, train, enable and measure employee social media activity in anauthentic wayDeploy employee resources in the right communities, conversations and destinations todrive social businessProvide relevant content and messaging to employees based on expertise and skill level,rather than mass publishingProvides a repeatable, customized, measurable approach to identify high-value onlineaudiences and communitiesUnderstand high value performers and activities to optimize media spend, content creationinvestment and return on social investmentReinforces and maintains brand value proposition, relevance, and competitive edge
  • 23. Using this customized approachto enable Select SMEs to becomemore effective brand ambassadorsin the social sphere, we canbroaden our reach, deepenappreciation of our brand, andensure we remain positioned toevolve and thrive in the digital age.
  • 24. Connect with usSusan Emerick Kevin GreenSocial Business Program Manager Vice President, Strategy@sfemerick