Facebook News Feed Update: What Brands Should Know


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A few members of the Digital Influence Group team break down key elements of the recent Facebook News Feed redesign, including the optimizations brands should be prepared to make in the near term to take advantage of the changes.

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Facebook News Feed Update: What Brands Should Know

  1. 1. Facebook News Feed Redesign UpdateApril 16, 2013
  2. 2. Overview of Updates: A New Look for News FeedFacebook has recently announced the rollout of a redesigned news feed, aimed at reducing “clutter” andfocusing more on stories from the people and Pages users care most about. This change is primarily a visualredesign; there will be no changes to Facebook’s algorithm and how they surface content: Key features of update: • Bigger Images: Photos, news articles, maps and events are more prominently highlighted – According to Facebook, photos currently make up 50% of all news feed stories • Mobile Consistency: This will serve as a unified user interface; the news feed will now have the same look and feel on mobile, tablet and web. • Multiple Feeds: The News Feed is now easier to filter – users will now have the option to sort beyond just “most recent” and “top stories” – you can now sort by photos, music, pages and people you are following, games, groups and your custom friend lists 2
  3. 3. Impact for Brand PagesThese most recent updates offer several advantages for brand Pages and things to keep inmind to best leverage the changes: • High quality images and videos are now more important than ever – Photos will now appear even more prominently in the news feed, so brands will need to pay extra attention to ensure that the images they use are relevant, appealing and engaging to followers. • Users can more easily filter their news feed – An aggregated feed will be created so users can quickly and easily navigate to see every post from pages they care about • Cover photos are in the spotlight – The Page cover photo is now the image that will be displayed to provide more context for both organic and paid news feed stories 3
  4. 4. Recommendations for BrandsThe following should be considered as part of the ongoing Facebook Page strategy for brands:  Continue frequent updates of your timeline cover photo so that it remains consistent with desired brand messaging in order to maximize engagement with highlighted posts  As the new News Feed starts to roll out more broadly, focus on including more visual content. The majority of posts on your Facebook page should contain a visual element to take full advantage of the new image features  Consider posting more updates using images from other brand resources/social channels and videos from your branded YouTube page 4
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