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  • Presentation the-business-pi-ppt-unit-8

    1. 1. DiscussionWhat is a franchise? franchisor ‘Business grants a licence to format franchising’ franchisee trades under name franchise of franchisor
    2. 2. Discussion What types of businesses tend to be franchises? Fast food outlets? clothes stores? hairdressers?Can you think of any others?What popular franchises do you have in your country?
    3. 3. Setting up a franchise Put these stages of researching a franchise into the correct order.b) Decide how muchthree franchises and talk to some of the franchisees a) Shortlist two or money you can afford to invest and how much youneed to borrow.businesses. running thesed)b) Decidethe type of business you would like to operate in. Identify how much money you can afford to invest and how much you need to borrow.e) Contact the franchisees operating in that business and ask them to send c) When you have all the information you need, complete the applicationyou information. form of the most suitable franchise.a) Shortlist two or three franchises and talk to some of the franchisees d) Identify the type of business you would like to operate in.running these businesses.f) e) Contactmarket research.operating in that business and ask them to Do some the franchisees send you information.c)f) Do some have all research. When you market the information you need, complete the applicationform of the most suitable franchise.
    4. 4. Setting up a franchiseMaria mentioned these figures when talking about her franchise.Can you remember what they refer to? for five or five years three €50,000six times ago years three £12,000 50% £2,500 months
    5. 5. Verb collocationsa profit a phone call homework business market research a decisionsomebody a favour a break a chance an arrangement a risk overtime a recommendation an excuse an exam serious work make do take
    6. 6. Discussion made1 What was the last big decision that you _______? take2 How often do you need to _____ a break from work? took3 When was the last time you _____ a risk? do4 What kinds of companies would you like to _____ business with? done5 Have you _____ anyone a favour this week?
    7. 7. for or since ? 2008a long time yesterday’s 2008 mylongnight last offices Tuesday wenearly weeks movedatime atwoages year five hours 9 o’clock birthday last night two weeks meeting Tuesday ages we moved officesnearly a year 9 o’clock five hours yesterday’s meeting my birthday
    8. 8. Asking questions Question Answer 1 How long has Max lived in Hong Kong? Max has lived in Hong Kong since 2000. 2 How long has she been in charge? She’s been in charge for six months. 3 How long have they owned stores in They’ve owned stores in the US for the US? three years. 4 How long have you known about the I’ve known about the takeover takeover? for a few days now. 5 How long has he been ill? He’s been ill since last Thursday. 6 How long have you had this problem? We’ve had this problem since the new machinery was installed.
    9. 9. DiscussionTravelling by air – what do you need to do? check in duty passport desk free control shop departure security lounge check
    10. 10. DiscussionTravelling by air – what do you need to do?check in security duty desk check free shop passport departure control lounge
    11. 11. Handling questions No, on the That’s a very contrary good question Some people sayI’m afraid I can’t go OK, I’m glad you that, but it isn’tinto the details here asked me that A Prepare to talk for two minutes about your plans for the future. Where do you see yourself in five years time? B Prepare a list of questions to ask your partner.
    12. 12. Notes: Positive points Negative points Cheap land Flat area, near large river,Location No problems to expand flooding? High humidity, parts would be kept inside Good rail connections to Mumbai Road connections poor,Infrastructure No plans for highway especially in monsoon. Highway(roads, railways) won’t be finished for years Plenty of skilled workers as Need to invest in someStaff small factories in area already retraining programmes Lots of suppliers in area None of local suppliers haveSuppliers necessary control units. Will need to fly in from UK at start Constructing Only six months With paperwork could take up the factory to a year
    13. 13. Are you a risk taker?1 Where would you put yourself on this scale? Give reasons. 1 hates risk 2 3 4 5 loves risk2 Give some real life examples when you have taken or avoided taking risks.3 Would you like to set up and run your own business? Why? Why not?
    14. 14. Name of franchise Finnley’s Toasties Classic Cotton ClothesEstablished 2000 1999 1989Business area Home care Convenience food Organic clothingFranchise fee £20,000 €7,500 £18,000Cost of fittings etc. ? €60,000 £30,000-£40,000No. of franchises 300+ 530 Almost 100 Young professionals, People in lateTypical customers Disabled and/or office workers, twenties or thirties older people studentsGrowth potential High ? High