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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Headlines from the group ”Converged Media Platform”Key data on online engagement: platformOn platform: 75 members, 21 discussions, 118 comments Most discussed: Most active: Are you willing to pay...? 20 Start-ups and competition 10 Stephan Engberg How is creative content to be financed in the digital age? 9 Gianluigi Cuccureddu On "Connected TV": and the condition of content creators 7 Johan Camp Spain and UK innovative work 7 Cameron Church Should Government do something about technology fragmentation? 5 Nico Perez translation on diferent languages 5 EU Copyright policy 4 Martin Smith Pan-European services like Netflix should exist by now! 4 André Rebentisch
  • 2. Key data on online engagement: twitterMost Most activeRT
  • 3. Wordcloud overall discussion
  • 4. Topic 1: Eliminating barriersChallenges• Lack of broadband infrastructure• Lack of an EU copyright policy framework• Make security a priority (especially with increasing Cloud computing take-up)• Contribute to citizen empowerment as to privacy protection• Slow creation of a Single Digital MarketActions recommended• The copyright legislation should recognise the rights of those who create and release freely-redistributable software• Make audiovisual collective licensing easy and fast (increase in VAT collection) • i.e. create a European fund centrally managed by a EU agency. A "tax" could then be levied on each internet connection to build the fund. Copyright owners should be paid from the fund itself• Create a legal framework to allow strong separation of identity and social media - put the citizen in the loop and in control• Encourage development of technology design
  • 5. Actions recommended•Citizen Empowerment – only citizens should be able to link non-relatedtransactions and reuse data about themselves. The objective: restoring marketprocesses by empowering the only agent that can put value to a process.•Multi-party transactions require a policy language to express securityrequirements and resolve security assertions accordingly.•Promote a dynamic, flexible and inclusive policy: security is today the main sourceof legacy and anti-competitive practices. We need open security standards able tocontain all security/identity structures and all security technologies.•Regulation should not distort the market (see for example laws on data retention,payment regulation, eSignature etc.).Highlighted quotes“Perhaps some level of creative destruction has to take place, to make way for thenew landscape and challenges, instead of modifying and adjusting the oldfundaments.” (Gianluigi Cuccureddu)
  • 6. Topic 2: Accelerating technology growthChallenges• Technology fragmentation• Non-discriminating technology standardsActions recommended• Interoperability – with the emergence of multiple codecs, streaming protocols, platforms, devices, access points and markup languages, fragmentation is in danger of becoming overwhelming.• Standards, regulatory measures for cloud services and public procurement requirements concerning data interoperability seem appropriate to prevent a future data lock-in.• A framework that has a mission solely to ensure that consumers (viewers) always have the power of choice is needed.• Give stack formal (and parliamentary) recognition that the future of video content consumption will be always on, distributed and across any screen is needed.• With OTT TV the most important issues are the one of net neutrality and “liberalization" - allowing all market players to offer services over the existing infrastructure in a "neutral" way.• Avoid monopolies in the social-network market.Highlighted quotes : “Legislation is not always the anathema to innovation. In fact properly applied it can spurn new markets to reach unimaginable heights.” (Cameron Church)
  • 7. Topic 3: Accelerating business growthChallenges• Lack of funding coordination and networking opportunities• Lack of specific-training/academic schemesActions recommended and commitments made• Promote a pan-European crowdfunding scheme for innovative projects• Classify Content Creators as Highly-Skilled and grant them International Business Visas, to travel across borders to “export & trade as fast as their content can”.• Consider creating a new classification of an EU & World Standard, similar to The Universal User Agreement Online.Highlighted quotesabout content as a strategic asset: “This is a huge challenge - for policymakers, regulators, trade bodies, investors and the creative community alike. I dont think this is sufficiently well understood: it will not be understood until these groups start talking to one another.” (Martin Smith)