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  1. 1. Headlines from the group ”Cloud”Key data on online engagement: platformOn platform: 112 members, 28 discussions, 108 comments Most discussed: Most active: Should Europe build its own cloud technology, or use Michele Cimmino existing developments? 22 Are SMBs gaining significant IT security benefits from using Stephan Engberg the cloud? 10 Cloud Storage Privacy - Whats Really At Stake 9 Yves Le Roux Inside cloud 9 7 What are the most relevant obstacles for Cloud adoption by Paul Miller SMEs? 7 Should Europe build its own cloud factories? 6 Jordi Torres Green cloud 5
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  4. 4. Headlines from the group ”Cloud”Purpose of this GroupTo make Europe not just Cloud-friendly but Cloud-active and contribute in shaping the European Cloud Computing StrategyChallenges• Creating a favorable environment to cloud adoption in Europe (removing barriers)• Mitigate risks on cloud adoption (vendor lock-in, portability, interoperability, privacy, security)• Strengthening role of EU players in cloud technology development and research• Ensuring access to cloud (available and cheap broadband)• Improve provisions on liability and accountability of cloud service providersHighlighted quotesPaul Wallis @OBASHI_ChiefAre there really black swans in the #cloud? | #CIO #hotcloud #da12cloud#data #eu
  5. 5. Headlines from the group ”Cloud”Actions recommended1-Empower citizens to engage in secure transactions in cloud. What matters “isntthe services own policies, but how they deal law enforcement, government agencies and lawyers in civil cases (several worries on foreign laws such as US Patriot Act). Ensure security and privacy also outside cloud.2-In order to guarantee the accessibility of the information, we need possibility tostore our part of cloud inside EU territory. WHERE is currently the elementestablishing WHO controls and WHAT are the provisions applicable for any issue.3-Full achievement of the single market. That would speed up cloud dramatically as it would eliminate the main barriers. Focus also on interoperability and portability.Highlighted quotesPablo Martinez @las_lenas#Cloud Computing: How Marketers Are Alienating CIOs - Forbes #da12
  6. 6. Headlines from the group ”Cloud”Actions recommended4-EU to work on broadband targets and roaming tariffs, for mobile and/orcrossborder access to data stored in cloud. Also looking to other countries withwhom we do business now and in the near future as Latin America: Brazil, Argentina or Chile, as well as USA and China.5- Ensure that EU is at cutting edge in cloud research and cloud related know how.6- Action to help SMEs in accessing information on cloud related subjects easily.The awareness amongst SMEs is still low. Cloud is still a big unknown by the SMEs. Highlighted quotes Submitted by rebentisch on Fri, 2012-05-25 Not "made in Europe" but "governed by our laws". [...] Cloud servers in third nations makes it possible for authorities in these nations to get legal and extralegal access and there are no sanctions against business/industrial espionage because the laws of your jurisdiction do not apply. Certainly government services cannot be outsourced to foreign jurisdictions.