PHPNW Drupal as a Framework
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PHPNW Drupal as a Framework



Presentation I did at PHPNW on the 5th June 2012 entitle Drupal as a Framework

Presentation I did at PHPNW on the 5th June 2012 entitle Drupal as a Framework



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PHPNW Drupal as a Framework Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Drupal as a Framework Mike Bell Drupal Developer @mikebell_
  • 2. What is Drupal?Basic CMSFrameworkAwesome!About Drupal, The F word, Drupal as a Framework, Case Study, The Future.
  • 3. History of Drupal5 Major version 4 – 5 no longer receive4.x – Deprecated security updates5.x – Deprecated6.x – Supported7.x – Supported 6 – 7 Active support8.x – In Development and new contributed modules
  • 4. Major ImprovementsBigger and better apiMore hooksImproved hooks!
  • 5. What is a Framework“A web application framework is a software framework that is designed to support the development of dynamic websites, web applications and web services.” - WikipediaDrupal is all these are more!
  • 6. Why is Drupal a framework?Contributed Modules – Ctools, Views, CCK (6)APIServices Module
  • 7. CLI ToolsDrush - “Command Line Drupal” (Pear install)drush site-installdrush pm-enabledrush sqlc
  • 8. Quick Case StudyBetter RegulationDocument Management system – on steroidsExtending Drupal way beyond a simple CMS application.Over 10k+ of custom code5k+ commits (GIT FTW!)
  • 9. FeaturesParsing 200/300 page documentsTime sensitive versions - “The Time Machine”SOLR Search – modified through modules
  • 10. ParsingHTML FileSplit on HTML tagsProcessed using built in Batch APIID numbers created using built in Lock API
  • 11. Time MachineExpands on Drupals nid and vid methodologyAdds 3rd id called docid (and defid)
  • 12. SOLRStandard SOLR searchUsing Apache SOLR contributed moduleBiasing added through custom module
  • 13. API ExamplesForm APIMenu Hooks
  • 14. Form APICreate new form entirely from PHP arraysHook into any Drupal form and alter contentsAdd/Alter validation functionsAdd/Alter submission functions
  • 15. Menu Hookfunction hook_menu() { $items[example] = array( title => Example Page, page callback => example_page, access arguments => array(access content), type => MENU_SUGGESTED_ITEM, );
  • 16. Drupal 8 – The FutureAdopting more OO standardsInclusion of Symfony2 componentsConfiguration ManagementFull HTML5 support (Improved mobile compatibility)
  • 17. Configuration ManagementTo me the most important part of Drupal 8Settings and Content Dev → Stage → Production
  • 18. Drupal 8 and Symfony2Announced this year at DrupalCon DenverCollaboration between Drupal and Symfony2Allowing contribution from Drupal to Symfony2 and vice-versa.
  • 19. Symfony2Its all about adoptionTaking best parts of Symfony2 and including themAttracting new developers and enterprise developers
  • 20. Symfony2 ComponentsHttpFoundation – better session handling, less reliance on globalsHttpKernel – better responses to clientRouting – seperation of url look from functionEventDispatcherDependencyInjectionClassLoader – automatic inclusion of classes, compatability with other none Drupal applications.
  • 21. TwigNew templating engineTheming in Drupal is a messTwig should fix thisIncreased SecuritySane standards
  • 22. NWDUGNorth West Drupal User Group1st Wednesday of every month6pm to 8-9pm at Madlab in the Northern QuarterNo excuses!This Month – Simplifying Drupal admin interfaceNext Month – Testing in Drupal
  • 23. Interesting Links Any Questions?