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  1. 1. WEBPAVEMENT SIGN SERVER - DIGITAL SIGNAGE Page 1 of 3 Login | Contact | Site Map | Help Home / Products / SIGN SERVER Sign Server is web-based server software for centrally managing networks of digital signage media players. Sign Server automates all content management and distribution for your digital signage network. Playlists and schedules are programmed using your web browser and stored in a central database for distribution to your network of media players. Sign Server Features Features How to Buy Sign Server Narrowcasting / Precision Targeting screen shot Free 30-day trial Sign Server offers ultimate location based targeting. Schedule your media to one Sign Server Brochure location, selected locations or the entire network. Group locations by city, state, country or region. Contact Sales RSS Messaging screen shot Back to products Need to create your own RSS feeds? Webpavement offers an RSS feed builder with advanced RSS message scheduling. Use your feeds on scrolling tickers, side information panels or within your own dynamic content. Related Products Digital Signage Network Grouping screen shot Sign Server Segment your network into groups for easier player scheduling. For example, you Sign Administrator may wish to segment your network by geography (e.g. Southeast Locations). Sign Server allows you to authorize only specific users or vendors for a particular group. Sign Host The robust grouping functions within Sign Server are a must have for managing large digital signage networks. Smart Control NetLink Date & Day-Part Scheduling screen shot screen shot Kiosk The scheduling and reservation system for Sign Server is the most advanced available, yet intuitive to even the most novice users. Utilizing a popular calendar interface, users require minimal training to perform even the most advanced scheduling functions. Proof-of-Performance Reporting screen shot Sign Server includes the reporting functionality needed by your organization if you are selling advertisements. The reports can be customized through the web interface with your company's logo. The reports prove that media buys were fulfilled accordingly and enable you to collect the remaining balance from the advertiser. View a sample report Sales Forecasting / Media Buyer Reports Sign Server includes reporting for checking the digital signage network sales activity and media buy availability for any date range. Via the web, you can check available advertising spot inventory, space sold, unsold, where and when. The media buyer report feature is great for digital sign owners that have 3rd party media buyers/planners selling space on your network. View a sample report http://www.webpavement.com/digital-signage-signserver.htm 15-Jan-08
  2. 2. WEBPAVEMENT SIGN SERVER - DIGITAL SIGNAGE Page 2 of 3 Pro-Active Network Monitoring screen shot Sign Server includes robust reporting and status monitor functions for checking the digital signage network health. Via the web, you can check your digital signage network for errors, warnings and other statistics. Media Independence screen shot Sign Server was built to be independent of media formats and display types. Virtually all media formats and types of digital signage are supported. Click here to view the many file formats supported. Advertisement Approval for Digital Signage Networks screen shot If you are running a digital sign advertising network, the advertisement approval functions within sign server automate the advertisement authorization process. Network operators now have the tools needed to allow the ad agency and/or advertiser to preview, then accept or decline the final creative prior to executing the schedule. Content Management screen shot Very large and small files can easily be added to your account. Streaming media files can also be added by specifying the target URL. Show Builder screen shot A sequence show is a group of ads that plays back in the exact order specified. Sequence shows are useful when ads should not play back-to-back or the exact order of the playlist is desired. Webpavement also offers rotation (aka. carousel) shows. Rotation shows are available for advertising networks where a single advertiser needs to submit a number of creatives for rotation when the ad comes up for playback. Campaign Management screen shot screen shot Creating and executing campaigns is a prime function of Sign Server. Unlike DVD players or other fixed media, users may change or remove content at any time eliminating shipping costs. Account Management Sign Server offers total control of your network. Specify locations where users can schedule playlists. For national retailers, you can specify a user that can only schedule playlists within their region. Secure Security is a cornerstone of Sign Server. Only authorized users have access to the network. Tight encryption options are available should you require the highest level of security. Scalable Digital Signage Webpavement Sign Server employs a three-tier architecture for distributed digital signage networks that can be installed on one (1) server or physically separated on two (2) servers. Sign Server supports unlimited users and media players for your digital signage network. Need further proof: read blog1 | blog2 | blog3 Low Cost of Ownership Because Sign Server is a web based application, no client software is required for installation on users' computers. Upgrades to Sign Server will never require changes on users' computers. http://www.webpavement.com/digital-signage-signserver.htm 15-Jan-08
  3. 3. WEBPAVEMENT SIGN SERVER - DIGITAL SIGNAGE Page 3 of 3 How to Buy Purchase Option 1: Software-Only Software Installation Package (contact Webpavement for details) Purchase Option 2: Hosted / Managed Service Monthly or Annual Fee (contact Webpavement for details) ©2000-2005 Webpavement LLC. All rights reserved. Use of this website signifies your agreement to the terms of use. choose webpavement for digital signage, public information display, information display system, dynamic signage, digital signage network, digital signage software, LCD signage, POS advertising, digital signage company, lobby display system, digital signage network software, digital dynamic signage, business television, video bulletin board, video employee communication, video messaging system, ticker for displays, retail television, plasma display software, dynamic sign, display management, display systems, business tv, restroom digital signage, threat alert information display, LED digital signage, LED Advertising, Webpavement digital signage products can be found on the web in the DMOZ Open Directory under signage, the Yahoo! Directory under signage and the Google Business Directory under signage. http://www.webpavement.com/digital-signage-signserver.htm 15-Jan-08