Hyatt Regency Chicago Success


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Hyatt Regency Chicago Success

  1. 1. The Software Behind the Screens Success story Hyatt Regency — Chicago Effective Communication to Guests Elegant, Pleasing addition to Hotel Decor Customer Overview Story at a Glance The Hyatt Regency® is one of the most prestigious brands in the hotel industry, operating in major cities around the world, with meeting facilities and special services designed with the business traveller in mind. Each Hyatt Regency® hotel is designed and decorated to capture the essence of the local culture. The Hyatt Regency® Chicago is in the heart of downtown Chicago, with 2,019 guestrooms, 63 meeting rooms and 228,000 square fee of space for banquets and various functions. The Hyatt Regency Chicago takes pride in offering their guests the best of everything among luxury hotels — great restaurants, well-appointed rooms and Customer Name unparalleled service. Hyatt Regency Industry Sector Hospitality Location Chicago, Illinois (USA) Application Guest Communications Facility Navigation, Brand Advertising and In-room Television System Omnivex Solution Omnivex Display Content Assembly, Scheduling and Delivery Project Scope Omnivex Control Networked RS232 Device Control The Hyatt Regency® Chicago is a large complex including two separate towers on and Monitoring different sides of Michigan Avenue that are connected by a series of hallways and underground tunnels. The hotel management wanted to help guests and visitors Omnivex DataPipe navigate the facility, without distracting from the hotel’s décor and design. They Data and Instant Message also wanted a more effective method of distributing information, such as schedules Distribution and times of hotel and local cultural events, maps of the facility, and captivating graphics to promote the Hyatt brand and hotel amenities. They expressed a Omnivex RFID Link desire to display real time information about weather, news, and flight information RFID Interface for Chicago’s two major airports. In addition to fifty fixed mounted LCD screens, the Hyatt Regency® Chicago required mobile screens that could be moved to Omnivex SQLLink different locations throughout the hotel depending on the events that were taking ODBC Database Queries place. They also wanted a system that could recognize who was viewing a particular screen and content on that screen to suit the profile of the viewer. Lastly, the management team felt that it would be beneficial to incorporate a live television feed on some public displays, as well as provide guests with the ability to access information on the public displays directly from the television screen in their room.
  2. 2. The Software Behind the Screens Success story Hyatt Regency — Chicago Omnivex Solution Omnivex Solution continued The Hyatt Regency® Chicago chose Omnivex software to Omnivex Control software allows the management system provide a complete solution for all of their digital signage company to communicate directly with all of the digital needs. Omnivex software was able to handle all of the signage hardware installed in the hotel from their one challenges of the hotel’s digital signage network with one central location. The software continuously monitors the integrated system, because it has such a wide range of status of every screen as well as the PC connected to it, capabilities. without a hotel staff member having to physically check on the hardware. The use of Omnivex Control ensures that All of the content for the screens is managed by Omnivex the screens and PCs are operating as intended and Display software. The central content management automates an appropriate notification should a problem component resides off site at the corporate location of a occur. company that specialises in management systems for hotels. From there they can design content and deliver it to the Hyatt Regency® network. Omnivex software has the ability to acquire, sort and format real time data through an intuitive interface that does not require complex programming by the operator. Real time news and weather data is delivered to the screens via Omnivex NewsStand and Omnivex DataPipe. Live television is streamed to certain screens and incorporated into the display content automatically. The software also interfaces with the Hyatt’s centralized Envision property management server. The Envision database contains information from around the world about all Hyatt room, meeting and banquet bookings and schedules. Omnivex DataPipe was able to access all of the information located in Results the database and display relevant information on particular screens at a specified date and time, automatically with no Omnivex worked closely with the Hyatt Regency® Chicago manual intervention by Hyatt Regency® staff. to understand the requirements and concerns and implement a digital signage system that supported their core The ten mobiles screens can be placed in different locations values and satisfied the needs of their guests. By interfacing depending on what activities are taking place at the hotel. directly to the Envision database, the system provided Since the Omnivex software can simultaneously support relevance to viewer and eliminated ongoing operating costs. multiple communication protocols, adding a wireless network Omnivex software allowed the Hyatt Regency® Chicago to for the mobile screens was seamless. The screens are able to help their clients find their way around the hotel and to access all information from the Omnivex DataPipe network conference and meeting areas with greater ease, while and display schedules information for the specified location. enhancing the environment to look more modern and technologically advanced. The installation of this digital Omnivex Software allows guests to access all of the signage network and the unique capabilities of Omnivex information on the public displays directly via their standard software enabled the Hyatt Regency® Chicago to maintain in-room television screens. This feature is especially useful for its position as Chicago’s leading luxury hotel, assuring its the business traveller to access information about flight status, customers the best stay among hotels in Chicago. meeting times and schedules and local weather. In order to address the Hyatt’s requirements to have custom content displayed to certain visitors it was proposed that radio frequency identification tags (RFID) be used. Then an RFID tag is in range of a screen, the Omnivex software recognizes the tag and automatically changes the content on the local screen from the regularly scheduled information to unique content that has been created for that particular P: +617 3205 6188 viewer F: +617 3205 6176 Copyright © Communitech Pty Ltd. Omnivex Trademark is owned by Omnivex Corporation All rights reserved. Re-produced with authority from Omnivex Corporation.