New Media Presentation - part 2 (The Effect on Business)


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Second part of our presentation 'New Media for Marketing and Business Managers'. In this part we show the influence of New Media on business, provide a few famous cases and end with two tools managers can use to track their brands in the new media universum. Chewck out our website at

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New Media Presentation - part 2 (The Effect on Business)

  1. 1. • Brand Authenticity • User & Employee Generated Content • Blogging • Podcasting • Niche marketing • Co creation • Tools
  2. 2. Brand Authenticity Get real!
  3. 3. People trust people 70% Academic 62% Doctor or similar 62% 61% 60% Person like yourself/peer 61% 55% 51% 50% Financial Analyst 58% NGO Rep 58% 40% Accountant 53% 33% 30% Lawyer 36% Regular employee 33% 20% CEO 29% 10% Union 19% Entertainer 17% 0% PR person 16% 2003 2004 2005 2006
  4. 4. Nothing new here... Word-of-Mouth (WOM) is 7x more effective than newspaper advertising, 5x 1955 stronger than a personal sales pitch and 2x as effective as radio advertising 36% of surveyed consumers reported learning of an innovation through word-of- 1967 mouth, while 48% reported being influenced by WOM when making a purchase decision 2001 Diffusion studies found that WOM is 10x more effective than media advertising 61% trust other people like themselves (as media) - Edelman Trust Barometer, 2006 2006 Source: FUTURELAB
  5. 5. The JetBlue Story Low Carrier Airliner Company Values: ‘Caring’ Raving customers reviews Expanding rapidly
  6. 6. The JetBlue Story February 2007 Ice storm Eastern US Cancellation by many airliners Not JetBlue
  7. 7. The JetBlue Story Problems dragged on Saturday 23% of flights cancelled Nine airplanes full of angry passengers waited for 6 hours Took two days to recover
  8. 8. The JetBlue Story Not sufficiently trained people Low cost communication system Reservation system overwhelmed
  9. 9. Dove Cosmetic products Trend: authenticity Why only beautiful people? What is beautiful anyway? Everybody!
  10. 10. Let’s be authentic
  11. 11. The ad posted on YouTube created three times as many hits to the Dove website than a Super Bowl ad.
  12. 12. Of course, the community reacts
  13. 13. How to control your brand? T In a world where millions ’of people have N DO zillions of conversations about it? U YO
  14. 14. User Generated Content Let’s tell everybody
  15. 15. Please cancel my account Internet Service Providers notorious for their helpdesk Getting in, no problem But getting out....
  16. 16. Meet Vincent
  17. 17. Vincent wants to cancel his AOL account
  18. 18. And this is his story...
  19. 19. Employee Generated Content Let’s tell our customers (and CEO)
  20. 20. Microsoft had a problem Antitrust in US and Europe Linux, Google, Apple Severe image problem Developers were abandoning ship No developers, no future
  21. 21. Lenn Pryor had a idea together with 4 colleagues that would upset management severely....
  22. 22. Lenn was afraid ...of flying Until a pilot showed him the cockpit and explained the ins and outs of the airplane How would that translate to Microsoft?
  23. 23. Show them the kitchen Team of five Armed with camcorders Turn them loose in the organization Interview engineers Post clips unedited on an external site Channel 9
  24. 24. And then you launch With a video, entitled: ‘Windows is not the most important Operating System’
  25. 25. Of course, the sh*t hits the fan “Who told you you could do this?” “Do you know our shareholders can sue us over this?” “Who do you think you are?” Probably 10-15 near-death experiences
  26. 26. But in reality Channel 9 hottest talk of the town Makes Microsoft look visionary Goal: re-establish MS as a cool and progressive enterprie that appeals to customers, investors and top job prospects
  27. 27. Dell Hell A blogger’s paradise - A corporate nightmare
  28. 28. How to react?
  29. 29. If you can’t beat them...
  30. 30. Podcasting Everybody is a broadcaster
  31. 31. Talking about niche Shotgun? No thanks, I prefer my sniper rifle
  32. 32. Co creation Advertisement agencies are dead
  33. 33. Crew: 5 people Total production time: 4 days Age: < 22 years Budget: $12.75
  34. 34. Some tools Do It Yourself Tracking & Tracing
  35. 35. What is said?
  36. 36. How much is said?
  37. 37. Wonder what happened here...
  38. 38. $ 1,500,000,000 value of buzzing ‘advertising’
  39. 39. Some lessons
  40. 40. Trends towards ‘Real People, Real Stories’ People trust people, not corporations
  41. 41. It’s becoming more difficult to ‘control’ your brand The brand can speak back!
  42. 42. Technology results in power shifting to the crowd Give us the power, and we’ll use it
  43. 43. You can start a conversation with your customers It’s easy, nowadays
  44. 44. Niche marketing is for real and can now be targeted more easily The long tail in optima forma
  45. 45. Traditional media production and consumption is going to change, radically And most agencies have no clue what to do about it