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Michael Ross

  1. 1. How to Think, Work, and Win in the Digital Global Educational Publishing Market Michael Ross Senior Vice President Encyclopaedia Britannica Book Publishers Association of New Zealand “The Future of the Book” Auckland, June 25, 2009
  2. 2. What I Want to Cover • Actual digital growth and some crystal ball gazing • Formats: Ebooks v online databases (and what about print?) • Assets: What to prepare for and how • Distribution: Business models that deliver • How Publishers Can Make Their Case: A Page from the Web—Showing v Telling
  3. 3. A Few Stats About the Facts 2008 U.S. wholesale retail eBook sales were an estimated $52.4 million, a 65% increase over 2007. -- Association of American Publishers, 12/08 88% of 552 surveyed libraries across the globe owned or subscribed to ebooks. -- E-brary 2007 Global Librarian E-Book Survey …Kindle-ized books now account for 12% of all books sold in digital and print versions [on Amazon]. - -Warming to the Kindle, Time Magazine, July 17, 2008
  4. 4. More Stats About the Facts In Korea, E-book sales are doubling every year and were over $200M in 2008. In 2006 in Japan, consumers bought 331% more books on phones than in stores. ($82M from $0 in 2001)—The Economist
  5. 5. US Trade Wholesale Electronic Book Sales
  6. 6. Formats: Print + (Ebooks +DBs)
  7. 7. Print v Ebook
  8. 8. Ebooks v Databases
  9. 9. A Challenge We Can’t Ignore The Lonely Existence of Databases in an Increasingly Google- Dominant World: A Problem for All of Us. How do we affect behavior?
  10. 10. Beyond Reference in the Education Space • Being part of the day-to-day Essentials • Moving into the Classroom • Being Relevant • Providing Solutions, Not Just Information • Solving Homework Problems • Improving Test Scores
  11. 11. Databases/Digital Products That Meet Specific Needs. . . . . . And going where the money is.
  12. 12. Mixed Media: From the Book to the Web
  13. 13. Sound Advice
  14. 14. Ready to Meet all Needs on a Worldwide Stage • Convergence of all media • Deployable content in all Media • Go where the Markets are • Vigilant about obsolescing formats • Is there something that will obsolesce the Internet?
  15. 15. Internet2 Stay Tuned . . . Because We’ve Only Just Begun Thank you!
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