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  • 1. What Role Do Libraries Have in the Future Digital World A Publisher’s Perspective Martin Taylor Future of the Book Conference 25 June 2009
  • 2. Public (Lending) Libraries • Funded by rates • 73 local authorities • $200M+ cost – as big as the book publishing industry • 50 million items borrowed • A critical sector to work closely with
  • 3. What role could libraries play? • Good: To support the development of digital reading in New Zealand • Better: To support the publishing industry in developing digital reading in New Zealand • Best: To support the local publishing industry in developing digital reading in New Zealand
  • 4. Should we lend ebooks? • It’s a great opportunity for publishers, authors and readers • Potential for recurring income • Earn income from pass-along readers – Income from groups who might not buy • Lower cost option should reduce piracy and speed adoption of ebook readers • Cross-promotions generate paid sales
  • 5. Will lending ebooks work? • Copyright and contract issues. • DRM probably needed to enforce terms • Parallels – Video rental – Circulating libraries in the 18th and 19th centuries
  • 6. Should libraries lend ebooks? • Can a free (or heavily subsidised) lending model co-exist with commercial model? • Can libraries do a better job than commercial operators growing the digital market • Could libraries operate on a fully commercial basis? – Would the public accept this? • Could libraries subsidise access rather than content? – Arguably a bigger equity issue
  • 7. Creating a robust local industry • A robust local (e)publishing industry could be a core mission of libraries for the 21st century – Local content 50% of NZ market today, let’s not shrink this – Libraries have led in offshore sourcing • This weakens the local industry – Could this change in the emerging digital world?
  • 8. Libraries and the NZ Publishing Industry • Huge potential to help – A deeply-held, shared interest in a strong local content industry is essential – Openness by both parties to fresh approaches • Let’s talk! – Formally, and for the long term – Need to work together to find solutions
  • 9. Martin Taylor Director Digital Publishing Forum Blog: Twitter: http://twitter/nztaylor Linked-In: