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1000 Great New Zealand eBooks
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1000 Great New Zealand eBooks


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The presentation from Martin Taylor (Digital Publishing Forum) for the 100 Great New Zealand eBooks.

The presentation from Martin Taylor (Digital Publishing Forum) for the 100 Great New Zealand eBooks.

Published in: Business, Travel

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  • 1. 1000 Great New Zealand eBooks  Project Update Auckland, 3 September 2009 Martin Taylor
  • 2. What are we trying to achieve?
    • a. Industry-focused aims
      • Help NZ publishers get started early in digital publishing
      • Introduce important infrastructure into New Zealand early
      • Upskill NZ publishers in digital publishing and marketing
    • b. Market-focused aims
      • Create a market for digital reading in New Zealand
      • Open international channels for New Zealand publishers
      • Upskill key groups (booksellers, libraries, educational insititutions, authors, readers)
  • 3. 28 publishers and 300 titles so far!
    • Allen and Unwin 
    • Awa Press 
    • Bridget Williams Books 
    • Calico Publishing 
    • CC Press 
    • CCH New Zealand 
    • David Bateman 
    • ESA Publications 
    • Gecko Press 
    • Hachette NZ
    • HarperCollins 
    • Hauraki J & K Press
    • Huia Publishers
    • Libro International 
    • Longacre Press 
    • Manaaki Whenua Press 
    • New Holland
    • OutLoudPress 
    • Penguin Books NZ 
    • Phantom House
    • Polygraphia 
    • Random House
    • RJMedia Ltd 
    • Safehaven 
    • Spinal Publications 
    • Te Papa Press 
    • The Corporate Toolbox
    • Zenith Publishing
  • 4. A glance at the quality and variety of books submitted
      • Isle of Tears by Deborah Challinor 
      • Mothers Raising Sons by Nigel Latta  
      • Mr Pip by Lloyd Jones  
      • Palmers Vegetable Growers Handbook  
      • Penguin History of New Zealand by Michael King  
      • Rita Angus: An Artist's Life by Jill Trevelyan  
      • Scornful Moon by Maurice Gee  
      • Snake and Lizard by Joy Cowley  
      • The 10pm Question by Kate de Goldi  
      • The Treaty of Waitangi by Claudia Orange  
      • Tu by Patricia Grace  
      • Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera
  • 5. How will the GNZebooks project work?
    • The Basic Approach
      • No formal selection process envisaged at this stage
      • Ebook format: ePub with Adobe DRM
      • Focus will be on 
        • (1) free sampling of partial books, and 
        • (2) paid rental of, or subscription access to , complete books
      • Rentals might be $5-8 for 7-21 days, for instance
      • Subscription/bundling access might be up to 60 days for multiple titles (or up to 12 months for libraries)
      • Rented/sampled via the GNZebooks website but other channels will be sought
      • Publishers will get aggregated sales data to learn from
  • 6. Benefits of this approach
    • This approach should:
      • Minimise barriers to consumer ebook sampling 
      • Maximise 'packaging'/'bundling' options for promotions
      • Encourage other parties to enter the market (eg booksellers, ebook reader device manufacturers)
      • Provide least conflict with publishers' own marketing and sales initiatives
      • Defuse anti-DRM arguments (DRM is required to time-limit)
  • 7. How the ebooks can be managed and distributed
  • 8. Proposed terms for publishers
      • Digitise, or finance digitisation of, your ebooks 
        • some finance might be available
        • bulk deals can be arranged
      • Non-exclusive right granted to GNZebooks to:
        • rent ebooks to public (<60 days)
        • rental/subscriptions to libraries (<12 months term)
        • distribute to online booksellers for rental (or sale if agreed by publisher)
        • offer free samples of works, eg <50%
      • Active participation in promoting GNZebooks
      • Term: approx 15 months (from date of launch)
  • 9. What we need to do
      • Project management , business development
        • drive overall project
        • publisher and third-party partner liaison
        • business development - sales (ebooks, sponsorship, services) and partnerships (booksellers, libraries, ebook readers, etc)
        • marketing, events and publicity
      • Admin for digital warehouse and website
        • sourcing, conversion and ingesting ebooks, etc
        • bibliographic data, marketing materials, etc
      • Technology
        • capital costs, hosting and operation - digital warehouse, websites, DRM server
        • customisation, technical support
      •   Finance and publisher distributions
  • 10. Possible funding sources
    • Commercial Income from:
      • Rentals to public, NZ and international
      • Wholesale sales to booksellers, NZ and international
      • Library subscriptions
      • Proposal: split GNZebook income 50/50 to contribute to project costs
      • Optional purchase of higher end services (eg production services)
      • A per-ebook contribution?eg $50-$100, with capped limit
    • Sponsorship / Other
      • Govt, industry or other groups
      • Commercial sponsors
    • Goal : Keep costs modest, maximise outside income.
  • 11. Marketing Opportunities
      • Publishers incorporate into their promotions 
        • Internet Marketing seminar (2 December) case study
      • Media publicity
      • Partnerships with industry groups
        •   eg Readers and Writers Festivals, Book Month, Book Council, BSNZ
      • Libraries
      • Partnerships with device suppliers (Apple, Asus, Sony, etc)
      • Bookshops
      • Book clubs
      • Public events, eg author digital readings
      • Schools or tertiary institutions
  • 12. Timing
      • The ebook reader market development in New Zealand
        • Looking for ePub/Adobe DRM-supported devices
        • Still no retail activity in dedicated ebook readers
        • Smartphone market will receve a boost early 2010 with Google Android
        • Unlikely to be earlier than 2Q/3Q of 2010
      • Logistic considerations
        • Time needed to bring partners into the project (promotion, distribution, funding)
        • Digitisation of titles can be done quickly once the &quot;raw files&quot; are received, hardcopy will take longer
        • Post-Xmas
        • Goal: April-June 2010 launch, tbc.
  • 13. What we need from you today
      • Patience and commitment to hang in
        • this is a big, complex project that won't happen overnight
      • Send us your PDF files!
        • first stage - a world class online promotional capability - FREE until early 2010 for GNZeBook participating publishers
          • this will set us up in readiness for a 2010 launch
        • for those who want more NOW, access to a world class digital warehouse, marketing and production platform
      • MT to approach device suppliers, libraries, booksellers, government, industry organisations etc to secure support
      • December 2 in Auckland - Internet Marketing workshop - GNZebooks case study
      • Start your own programme today - no need to wait !