Game of thrones - The Big Rhyming Recap


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Since Season 4 began, our social media monitoring software, Digimind Social, has been tuning-in 24/7 to what social is saying about the well-loved warriors of Westeros. In this video we provide you with the recap to top all recaps about what social has been saying throughout Season 4! And that’s not all - it rhymes!

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Game of thrones - The Big Rhyming Recap

  1. 1. You were curious to see, what was in store, for the upcoming Season 4... So we monitored, listened, kept our ears to the ground, and now’s time to show you what we found...
  2. 2. began what you were waiting for... only #GOTSeason4!! On the sixth of the fourth 6th April), social mentions they soared...
  3. 3. But after 10 months, you’d forgotten a lot and began to ask Google the plot... According to our analytics, it seems 10 months proved a little too much for some GOT geeks to handle, with the second top searched phrase being “game of thrones characters”.
  4. 4. So, by Episode 1, you all had begun to remember your favourite ones... Be it Cersei or Jaime... …someone sure had made their mark... ...or young Arya Stark,
  5. 5. As for popular guys, take a look a our pie...
  6. 6. ...or top sentiments which won’t tell you lies!
  7. 7. When it came down to Houses, you tweeted, liked, shared in your thousands... but ‘twas the Lannisters mentioned the most …and the Tully’s who looked downright toast!
  8. 8. ...what’s more, Tyrion’s trial and witty beguile, meant the Lannisters peaked for awhile... Thanks to Arya Stark’s new murderous spark, social mentions they started to pile...
  9. 9. But, shock deaths they soon began to accrue... ..leaving you mourning your favourite few...
  10. 10. Like in Episode 2, where those dark purple hues... ...left you tweeting bereft of Joff’s death!
  11. 11. And before Episode 9, when you thought things would be fine... Oberyen bids bye-bye to his eyes... (leaving social somewhat terrified!)
  12. 12. As for hot, sexy and love, …with her feistiness and bright golden glow... there was much talk thereof… ...but t’was Khaleesi stealing the show…
  13. 13. When we listened to Twitter, to see which guys were “fitter”... ...we discovered those “hot” and those “not”!
  14. 14. Much to our surprise, temperatures were on the rise... ...and t’was Tyrion clinching the prize!
  15. 15. During Episode 9, you all started to whine... ...when The Wall truly failed to enthrall...
  16. 16. What’s more, sentiment wasn’t so sunny, not bringing in HBO money... the producers, they started to sweat...
  17. 17. But just as you began to fret, your appetites were once again whet... the finale of GOT Season 4, which could NOT be described as a bore!
  18. 18. As for keywords, Episode 10 produced reams... ...of words relating to Game of Thrones themes...
  19. 19. and the finale was very well-liked, so the mentions they suddenly spiked... a total of almost 50K, it was a veritable social field day!
  20. 20. So, that marks the end of our recap, and we do hope that you liked our stats...
  21. 21. If you want to learn more and see what Digimind stands for… Please sign up for a Social Free Trial We’ll be sure to meet you with a smile!