6 Smart Reasons to Choose a Career in Market Intelligence


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A career in Market or Competitive Intelligence can be challenging but richly rewarding.

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6 Smart Reasons to Choose a Career in Market Intelligence

  1. 1. Choose a Career inMarket Intelligence
  2. 2. Do you have sophisticated analytical skills ??
  3. 3. Recent innovations in data mining technology have opened up newand exciting opportunities that might just be for you… Intelligence practitioner
  4. 4. This job entailsgathering and analyzingpublic information such asmarket trends, competitor activities and industry changes
  5. 5. Why should you choose a career inMarket or Competitive Intelligence??
  6. 6. Be an Influencer and a Change-MakerMarket and Competitive Intelligencedepartments report directly to seniordecision-makers. Their recommendationshave the potential to impact the strategicdirection of a company and be thecatalyst for change.
  7. 7. Be IndispensableDue to its far reaching impact on otherbusiness functions such as Sales, R&D,Marketing and Finance, it is one of the fewdepartments that can avoid significant cuts inadverse economic times. Digimind’s MarketIntelligence Survey 2012 showed that 84.2%of intelligence teams have not beendownsized as a result of the economicdownturn and one third of companies havean intelligence budget of more than $250K.Companies invest in Competitive intelligenceeven when times are tough!
  8. 8. Positive Growth ProspectsExpectations for long-term growthremain positive as companiesgrapple to take advantage of newsources of data.
  9. 9. Bring More Opportunities with Technology Innovations in automated research and analytical tools are key to continued growth in the intelligence sector. Instead of making the job of an intelligence analyst redundant, the automation of information gathering has resulted in increased efficiencies and has allowed intelligence professionals to focus on bringing more strategic value to their role – making them an even more invaluable resource.
  10. 10. Work is varied and diverse PharmMarket and Competitive intelligence a Hi-Teprofessionals are represented across a ch Financevariety of different sectors and increased Insurance Technolosegmentation has resulted in many gyprofessionals opting for an industry-specific focus. For those seeking a careerin Competitive Intelligence there areoptions to specialize in Pharma CI,Financial CI, Technology CI, and otherareas depending on your particular area ofinterest.
  11. 11. Intrigue and PrestigeIt’s always sure to make for an interestingconversation starter when someone askswhat you do for a living. It’s partly due tothe fact that people associate Market andCompetitive Intelligence with corporateespionage. But while Competitiveintelligence conforms to all legal andethical standards of business practice, it stillholds an air of intrigue and awe thatattracts keen interest from outsiders.
  12. 12. So do you want to be awesome?Be an Intelligence practitioner
  13. 13. Read more on our blog. www.digimind.com/blogDigimind develops market intelligence software that helps organizations toautomate the process of collecting, analyzing and publishing critical information.