Session 2 delivering a channel shift - phil pavitt


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Session 2 delivering a channel shift - phil pavitt

  1. 1. Phil PavittDirector General for Changeand Chief InformationOfficerHMRC
  2. 2. Channel Shift Live:Delivering a Channel ShiftPhil Pavitt, Director General for Change and CIO, HM Revenue & Customs8th December 2011
  3. 3. HMRC‟s online services• HMRC already has mature online services for the highest volume business processes – Self Assessment, VAT, PAYE, and Corporation Tax• HMRC receives more than 70 million online returns across all of its tax regimes• In 2011, Self Assessment online received 6.9m returns, around 78% of all returns received• On 31st January HMRC‟s website is the 3rd busiest in the world PP - Channel Shift Live v 1.0 | 08/12/2011 | 3
  4. 4. How digital services will help us achieve SR10? PP - Channel Shift Live v 1.0 | 08/12/2011 | 4
  5. 5. Our Customer Segmentation Strategy PP - Channel Shift Live v 1.0 | 08/12/2011 | 5
  6. 6. How we are helping those who are unable to access ourdigital services• HMRC‟s Customer Segment Strategy splits our customers into 7 segments including those who will „always need help‟• We are gathering information about these customers so we can understand their specific needs• HMRC already offers dedicated support to a range of customers who are unable or unwilling to use our digital services. We will continue to provide this same support in the future. PP - Channel Shift Live v 1.0 | 08/12/2011 | 6
  7. 7. To summarise…..• Online self service offers significant benefits to both HMRC and to customers who fall within the „willing and able‟ and „needs help around life events‟ customer groups• HMRC is continuing to develop its wide range of online services including the „OneClick‟ programme and Real Time Information• HMRC is seeking to fully understand the needs of all customers and the results will inform our future service development and customer proposition.• However HMRC does not, and will not, adopt a “one size fits all” approach and will continue to seek to meet the needs of the diverse population. PP - Channel Shift Live v 1.0 | 08/12/2011 | 7
  8. 8. Thank PP - Channel Shift Live v 1.0 | 08/12/2011 | 8
  9. 9. Stephen BakerChief ExecutiveSuffolk Coastal DistrictCouncil and WaveneyDistrict Council
  10. 10. Channel Shift Live 8th December 2011 Stephen Baker – Chief ExecutiveSuffolk Coastal DC & Waveney DC
  11. 11. A Local Government perspective
  12. 12. A reminder – what services do we provide?• Development Control • Social care• Housing benefits • Education• Council tax collection • Trading Standards• Waste Mgt & Cleansing • Leisure /Parks• Building Control • Arts and Culture• Environmental health • Economic development• Community safety • Housing services• Car parks • Coastal & Flood• Elections management• Emergency planning & • Highways response • Community• Libraries development………etc
  13. 13. …and who with?• Other councils• Health providers• Central Government Depts and Agencies• Police• Universities and Colleges• Contractors• Partners…… & Partnerships• Communities• Voluntary sector/3rd sector
  14. 14. Any other issues?• Resources and Finances• Demographic change• Changes to living and working patterns• Shift in communications patterns• Policy context – change and uncertainty• Economic uncertainty
  15. 15. Resources and Finances• By end of CSR period, 2014/15, after efficiency gains we will be working with finances at 2005/06 levels,• And absorbed inflation of 18-21% [CPI/RPI]• Autumn statement indicates further pressure during 2015/16 and 2016/17
  16. 16. Despite this level of complexity and challenge we have no alternative, indeed, we have an opportunity
  17. 17. Benefits of ‘going digital’We know that it is:• Quicker• Simpler• Should be Citizen centric• Better for the user / customer• Cost effective• Accessible 24/7
  18. 18. What is going to make it happen?• Superfast Broadband for all• Planned, effective, transformation to digital services.• Moving at speed• Design for the future, and digital, not the past, and paper.• Change in culture.
  19. 19. • Breaking down the silos – in local and central government.• Review risk management• Leadership and vision – from councillors and officers• ‘Assisted digital’ will be critical – Two thirds of housing benefit claimants in WDC and SCDC are still assisted.
  20. 20. A Lesson learnt:• Social media – Instant – Overload – Filtering – In what role, and in whose name? – Danger What next ?
  21. 21. Conclusion• Compelling case for channel shift to on-line / digital services• Not ‘if’, but ‘when’….• An opportunity for transformation in service provision• Need to recognise where help is needed within the community• Working together will underpin success
  22. 22. Thanks for listening… …and good luck!