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  • We conducted research in January this year about this new set of young people – the Beta Generation. They are responding to the economic conditions around them and constantly learning, and more open to risk
    This is coupled with digital technology advances – young people are often early adopters and are using technology to their advantage
    The Beta Generation are considering unconventional careers and more opportunity for entrepreneurship – for example Jamal Edwards started his own YouTube channel – at 22 years he is worth £6m
    Young people have not lost hope!
    The Beta Generation is named after the concept of beta testing in technology – where products are launched, improved, re-launched, tested and improved over and over, to build in better developments every time. Young people of this generation display an entrepreneurial resilience and openness to risk that has been amplified by the youth employment crisis (lack of jobs mean many have less to lose) and by technological advances (giving them low cost, low risk opportunities to try out their ideas).
  • Young people are looking for flexible jobs with a feel-good factor, and are beginning to reject the traditional 9-5 and employer/employee relationship.
    Not only are jobs for life are thing of the past, increasingly so are careers for life
  • Two-thirds (59%) have made money outside of a traditional job.
  • Two-thirds (59%) have made money outside of a traditional job.
  • ND14 - Sam Sparrow

    1. 1. Sam Sparrow Task Squad at vInspired @tasksquadhq @SamRSparrow tasksquadhq.com
    2. 2. Youth unemployment is still an issue Can online platforms help solve it?
    3. 3. Young people reject the 9-5 • Just 52% of young people want a traditional job working for an employer • 27% would rather set up their own business • 17% want to create a portfolio career
    4. 4. Young people are already making money online! • 38% have done so by selling things on eBay. • Others have made things to sell on websites such as Etsy • Some make money via blogging • Services such as online market research feature
    5. 5. But employers can’t access the Beta Generation • Young people have stopped using traditional temping agencies (just 21%) • Young people are tired of endless application forms with little response • Employers want access to this talent pool, but can’t reach them!
    6. 6. Introducing Task Squad – a solution • Connects employers looking to get stuff done with our community of young people who are eager to get into the paid job market • It is connected to vInspired.com – where we have a community of over 100,000 young volunteers who are high quality, trusted and incredibly motivated
    7. 7. Why does it work for “Beta Gen”? • Uses key skills gained through volunteering • It’s flexible, fast and all done via mobile • They have a choice over the work they do • Crucially, it’s paid
    8. 8. Why does it work for employers? • Gives business access to pool of proven & motivated workers • It’s flexible, fast and we manage payroll • Allows businesses to hire staff quickly in periods of growth • Crucially, cost effective
    9. 9. Can an online platform fuel youth employment? • We’ve delivered 2,000 hours of work to young people pre-launch • Over £8,000 has been paid • Young people are gaining permanent work • Employers are coming back for more!