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  • 1. Anne FaulknerDirector of StrategyOnline Centres Foundation
  • 2. Section Divider: Heading intro here.Assisted Digital: Localcommunity infrastructure tosupport channel shiftAnne FaulknerDirector of Strategy, OCF
  • 3. Channel shift: are we nearly there yet?Tipping point: 42m UK adults have used internetTake up of online public services affected by› Quality, ease of use and accessibility› Issues around privacy/personal data/bank accounts, trust› Awareness, habit/preference› Digital confidence and digital exclusion
  • 4. Only 54% of UK adults have ever used anonline government serviceInternet users are more likely to haveinteraction with government or their localcouncil offline (71%) than online (65%).Around half of internet users have someconcerns about providing personalinformation online Source: Ofcom UK Adults’ Media Literacy Report, 2011
  • 5. Digital exclusion should not be areason to delay online channel shift
  • 6. Vision
  • 7. Imperatives for action on communityinfrastructure› Local community support improves experience of interacting with public services› Social justice› Economic benefits› Improved services and outcomes› Enables some services to go 100% online "It used to cost government over £10 to process a driving license application or a self-assessment tax form. Online, the cost is less than £2." George Osborne 16.05.2011
  • 8. Principles• Designed around needs of people, notthose of government• Bottom-up, locally developed• Partnership approach, at both local andnational levels• Low-cost
  • 9. What can we build on?› Post Offices› UK online centres› Public libraries› Other organisations supporting digital inclusion in communities (eg Age UK, Citizens Online, Digital Unite)› Citizens Advice Bureaux› Local Authority One Stop Shops
  • 10. Sheffield Channel Shift Action ResearchProject A scalable, robust, sustainable, measurable community- based infrastructure to support and drive channel shiftTarget audience: potential users of online services in SheffieldCity Council ward areas (urban and rural)•Develop partnership referral mechanisms, and understand how to make themwork smoothly•Drive channel shift where appropriate online transactional services are identified•Identify/create the resources required•Identify the barriers and blocks•Identify the potential scale of impact
  • 11. Tiered levels of support vs service… Tier 1: Tier 2:Tier of support / Tier 3: Supported self-service Mediated Type of service Provided Type 1: Informational Referral Type 2: Simple system Transactional required Type 3: Complex Transactional
  • 12. Lessons for Channel Shift models• Community support to use online public services is paramount (not one model)• Tiered offer works best• Co-location works• Triage creates efficiency – learn lessons from private sector• Using a government service not same as using internet confidently – need long term support as well as quick fix• Collaboration/partnership at local/strategic levels vital• Consider wider benefits outside government (e.g. social housing)
  • 13. Further informationAnne