Retail design drives sales


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A survey of store design history, planning, materials, displays, process

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Retail design drives sales

  1. 1. Design Drives Retail You’ll never walk into a store the same way again
  2. 2. Why is Retail Design critical? It attracts customers It stands out from competition It adds value to merchandise The best retailers develop a signature design that is consistent in all elements of their retailing. It’s part of their identity.
  3. 3. Elements of Retail Design Merchandise Design Display Design Identity Design Service Design
  4. 4. Elements of Retail Design Merchandise 1. Early merchants sold to royalty and developed their taste, e.g. Thomas Joachim Hebert who designed & sold furniture Louis XV 2. Great retailers are tastemakers 3. Study customer buying patterns and feedback to improve design 4. Private Labels have best margins
  5. 5. Elements of Retail Design Display 1. Merchandise presentation 2. Store exterior presentation 3. Store interior presentation
  6. 6. Elements of Retail Design Presentation • Ist retail stores: open air markets
  7. 7. Elements of Retail Design Identity: Selling away from the retail site 1. Sights on sidewalk: shopping bags, T shirts 2. Print: billboards, magazine ads 3. Websites: social sites
  8. 8. Elements of Retail Design Service
  9. 9. Retail Design How can it be planned? The Shopper’s Story
  10. 10. Retail Design is a strategic tool: part of Retail Strategic Plan: 1. Consumer Targets 2. Business Model 3. Merch-Services Mix 4. Touchpoints: Design
  11. 11. Touchpoints are every contact a customer has with your store and your brand in the store or outside the store, whether bricks and mortar or on-line
  12. 12. Touchpoints = customer contact points that influence customer thinking about the store and it’s offerings, that help make the sale
  13. 13. Influentials outside: conversations w/friends, teachers, role models, sights on the sidewalk, print media & online sites, social media chat
  14. 14. Influentials inside: store environment (exterior, interior), store clerks, clerk training (service, info), managers, merchandise, services, partners, stockroom
  15. 15. How to plan Retail Design
  16. 16. Analyze the customer What/why do they buy? What would they buy? Store circulation patterns Lifestyle trends Fashion trends
  17. 17. Analyze the store
  18. 18. Plan the new store
  19. 19. Retail Design Combination of Two Worlds: Hi Tech Hi Touch
  20. 20. Retail Design Brick and Mortar stores are forever: Entertainment (merchantainment), Companionship, Pampering
  21. 21. Bay Area Retail Design Biggies Let’s find A Good $ Job! • • • • • Gap Gymboree Levy’s Williams Sonoma – Pottery Barn
  22. 22. • • • • • • Retail Design Careers Product design Merchandising Marketing – Branding Store Design Operations Web design: SF state grad Shahn 1 st year: $60k w/ bonuses: builds traffic w/ FB. Now doing product development: sheets w/ athlete collar • Salaries start low and go to $100,000+ • Sole proprietors: low to $100,000+
  23. 23. The Future of Retail Design Retail design changes and it changes retail: Mass media culture, fashion influences 1.Seeks new culture icons for attractors 2.Always looking for tech/social innovation for competitive advantage
  24. 24. • New Retail Design Trends • • • • • • • • • Brazil Asia Mall kiosks Pop-ups Mobile retail: carts, trucks, vend machines Social retail Gesture retail Retail incubators Branded vending machines
  25. 25. Retail Incubators The Bay Area is generates new retail concepts for an adventuresome audience of buyers
  26. 26. Lower Haight/Fillmore area
  27. 27. Hayes Valley area
  28. 28. Valencia St area
  29. 29. 4th St Berkeley area
  30. 30.
  31. 31. Substance  of  by  Virgina  Why  by  We  Paco  Style Postrel Buy Underhill Business  Model  Generation by Osterwalder & Pigneur