I phone user survey case study on smart couples’ use of smart phones


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I phone user survey case study on smart couples’ use of smart phones

  1. 1. CEO Information <br />iPhone user survey –<br />Case study on smart couples’ use of smart phones <br />EXECUTIVE SUMMARY<br />Ⅰ. Research overview<br />Ⅱ. User experience analysis<br />Ⅲ. Changes from the use of iPhone<br /> Attachment<br /><Like husband, like wife [Joongang Newspaper], '07.09.20><br />2010. June.<br />Yun-jeonKo, Eun-mi Lee and Hyung-ilLee<br />
  2. 2. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY<br />?<br />What smart phone means to couples?<br />How does the family use IT/media services?<br />In-Depth Interview<br />iPhone is husband's present for<br />his wife!<br />The husband installed applications <br />for housework and baby care<br />iPhone is a medium for communication<br />among the family members!<br />Important means for the parents to talk<br />with their children in adolescence<br />Change in the usage pattern of cable TV /<br />broadcasting services!<br />Increase in the use of media/contents<br />among the family members<br />Tool which helps husbands to share housework and baby care with their wives!<br />A catalyst in changing family relationship and life!<br />!<br />!<br />Home Visiting<br />.<br />1<br />
  3. 3. Research overview Ⅰ. Research overview<br />Purpose<br />To find out core values by analyzing households’ IT/media-related experiences and usage patterns. To suggest various ways to use smart phones and mobile services<br />Method<br />Observation of husband and wife’s IT/media usage environment and analysis of their relevant experience through home visiting<br />• 5 family types based on the age and educational status of their first child (refer to family life cycle model)<br />• Home visiting of 10 families<br />Target / <br />Contents<br />2<br />
  4. 4. Young couple with no child: “Couple phone, Surprising event” <br />Ⅱ. User experience analysis<br /><ul><li>Purchased couple phones together as a surprise gift. Share contents and get to know each other better
  5. 5. Often share pictures and use entertainment applications such as 2-player games and movies</li></ul>Wireless AP in the living room. Managing iTunes after work. <br />Dual battery charger to charge the batteries together<br />Custom-built couple phone case<br />Booooly<br />(popping the balloon)<br />MoreLemo<br />Whatsapp<br />Frequently take pictures and send them to each other<br />Play multi-player games together using iPhone<br />Conversation with wife who is often on the road<br />
  6. 6. 4<br />Ⅱ. User experience analysis<br />Young couple with no child: what iPhone means to couples<br /><ul><li>Wife first thought iPhone would be similar to feature phones, but gradually changed into an iPhoneinfluencer
  7. 7. Wife started playing games and sharing entertainment activities with her husband</li></ul>“iPhone is ooo to me”<br />(husband) life, (wife) convenience <br />(family) toy for grown-ups<br />Elegant image<br />Time /cost saving<br />Fun<br />Convenient Internet<br />Touch Sense<br />Electronic dictionary <br />Restau-rant <br />Game/video<br />Picture<br />e-mail check<br />
  8. 8. 5<br />Family with child in elementary school: "child care/housework helper”<br />Ⅱ. User experience analysis<br /><ul><li>Husband is responsible for iPhonemanagement. Improved family relationship through conversation on contents
  9. 9. iPhone is actively used for child care and housework, such as cooking (baby food), learning (English fairly tale), music (lullaby) and keeping household ledger</li></ul>Usage environment<br />"Searching recipes with Oh-My-Chef app. Bye-bye recipe book!"<br />"When putting the baby to bed, I use the lullaby application"<br />“Wireless AP in the living room is always on"<br />Main activities<br />Oh-My-Chef<br />My account book<br />iCam<br />"We keep the household ledger together through PC connection"<br />"Baby can see dad whenever he/she wants"<br />“I do not need to look for recipes on the internet"<br />
  10. 10. 6<br />Family with child in elementary school: what iPhone means for couples<br />Ⅱ. User experience analysis<br /><ul><li>Improvement of relationship with the wife by installing/managing applications which are useful for housework, child care and stress management
  11. 11. A solution for the time and place constraints caused by the baby. Uses iPhone to watch movies and enjoy artworks</li></ul>iPhone is...<br />Key message<br />"iPhone has a lot of applications for babies. For now, our baby is too young to use these applications. I hope him to grow up fast so he can use them"<br />"iPhone is ooo to me“<br /> (husband) part of every day life (wife) a friend (family) means for communication<br />Fun<br />Convenience in life<br />Always connected<br />Baby care (hospital search)<br />FindingDirections<br />Comm. via messenger<br />Game / Video<br />Gallery Information<br />iCam<br />Cooking (recipe)<br />
  12. 12. 7<br />Family with child in middle school: "conversation topic with their child”<br />Ⅱ. User experience analysis<br /><ul><li>To recover the relationship with their child who uses iPod Touch, the couple is using interesting applications as the topic for conversation
  13. 13. Search and share new contents related to learning (English), restaurant search, music (real-time listening and recording) with their child</li></ul>Usage environment <br />"Before going to bed, we watch video on the PC screen through Air Video"<br />"We listen to the radio with iPhone during dinner, charging at the same time"<br />"We have 2 PCs. So we bought wireless AP to use the wireless network"<br />Main activities<br />Wingbus<br />Fourtrack<br />Best jokes<br />"Do not need to search restaurants on the internet and take memo any more"<br />"We record a song whenever we feel like while on a family trip"<br />"We share funny jokes with our son"<br />
  14. 14. 8<br />Family with child in middle school: what iPhone means for couples<br />Ⅱ. User experience analysis<br /><ul><li>Searching and using various applications in Appstore that the couple and their child can use together
  15. 15. The couple use applications as the topic for conversation with their child who uses iPod Touch</li></ul>iPhone is...<br />"I feel like entering the new world when using various contents iPhone offers. My child in adolescence also like to hear about interesting applications during dinner”<br />Key message<br />"iPhone is ooo to me".<br />(husband) cultural shock, (wife) snack<br />(family) part of every day life<br />Sharing among family members<br />New experience<br />Convenience in life<br />Real-time music broadcast<br />Share jokes <br />Music Search (Sound Hound)<br />Restaurant Search<br />Banking<br />All in one<br />Video (Air Video)<br />
  16. 16. 9<br />Family with child in high school: "Change of family relationship. Means for self-development"<br /><ul><li> Purchased smart phones, which seemed difficult, as a refreshment, challenge, and couple phones
  17. 17. iPhone is gradually consolidating various medias such as camera, books (Chinese and English) and mp3 players</li></ul>Usage environment <br />"I keep my earphone in an easily visible place because I use it only when I am out"<br />"I feel iPhone's internet speed is not fast enough. I wish it were faster"<br />"We charge batteries on the table for easy access to iPhone"<br />Main activities<br />Chinese characters<br />Taking pictures<br />Baseball schedule<br />"I use iPhone when studying Chinese characters. I do not need a textbook"<br />"I am a baseball fan, and it is convenient to check the baseball schedule with iPhone"<br />"We often take pictures to remember the moments"<br />
  18. 18. 10<br />Family with child in high school: what iPhone means for couples<br />Ⅱ. User experience analysis<br /><ul><li>Using iPhone together provides topic for conversation by sharing each other's interests
  19. 19. iPhone is a new challenge (need for self-development) and symbol of self-confidence, which is relatively easily approachable</li></ul>iPhone is...<br />"We moved recently and bought it as a new start. Time flies when playing with iPhone with my wife. We feel much closer with each other"<br />Key message<br />"iPhone is ooo to me" <br />(husband) pride, (wife) a good friend<br />(family) messenger<br />Sharing between the couple<br />Hobbies<br />Keeping up with the trend<br />Whatsapp photo sharing<br />Couple phone<br />Pride<br />Self development<br />Soccer<br />Restaurant search<br />Refresh<br />
  20. 20. 11<br />Family with child in university: "messenger to recover relationship with children"<br />Ⅱ. User experience analysis<br /><ul><li>Share information about applications with the children who use iPhone/iPod Touch
  21. 21. Family members become closer by watching family photos or sharing images and videos</li></ul>Usage environment <br />"3 iPhones under a roof - we talk about applications after work"<br />"We use speakers when listening to music at home"<br />We decide to buy iPhones to share DB established at home"<br />Main activities<br />Whatsapp<br />Flickr + AirVideo<br />Skype<br />+<br />"My wife could not join our family trip because of her business trip, so we talked using Skype without worrying about the fee"<br />“Our youngest son uses iPod Touch. All the 4 family members share pictures and videos"<br />"We often watch our family photos through Flickrand videos on the PC through AirVideo"<br />
  22. 22. 12<br />Family with child in university: what iPhone means for couples<br />Ⅱ. User experience analysis<br /><ul><li>Family members get closer with each other through multi-player games, and understand each other by sharing the contents
  23. 23. The husband manages iTunes for the wife, and she thanks him for the convenience in everyday life</li></ul>iPhone is...<br />“iPhone is easy to use, so my wife does not have much difficulty using it. I download my children' s favorite songs to understand them"<br />Key message<br />"iPhone is ooo to me". <br />(husband) an assistant(supporter), (wife) a binder<br />(family) feeling connected<br />Sharing / PC connection<br />Convenience in life<br />Assistant<br />Family photo DB<br />Multi-player games<br />Self-realization<br />Bible / English Dictionary<br />Schedule management<br />Cooking<br />Video (Air video)<br />
  24. 24. 13<br />Key Findings 1: Change of family relationship by family cycle<br />Ⅲ. Changes from the use of iPhone<br /><ul><li>Marital relationship can be damaged as the family life becomes child-centric
  25. 25. iPhone offers the ground to establish common interests for couples and communicate with each other</li></ul>Finding conversation topics<br />Vs<br />No conversation between couple<br />Maintaining good relationship<br />Vs<br />Unrecoverable relationship<br />Common interests/applications<br />Vs<br />No conversation with children<br />Family with child in high school (self-development)<br />Child-centric<br />Watching movies/dramas<br />Vs<br />No entertainment<br />Family with child in middle school (conversation)<br />Not enough communication with their children<br />Couple-centric communication and self-development becomes important<br />Family with child in university (harmony)<br />Family with child in elementary school (babycare/ housework)<br />Relationship with children becomes difficult<br />How to get closer to children in adolescence…<br />Newly-wedded (establishing relationship)<br />Start to focus again on relationship between the couple<br />Difficult to recover relationship with children because of their college life / military service<br />Couple-centric<br />How to raise a child…<br />How to deal with the limitation on cultural life…<br />Acknowledging each other’s differences<br />How should we live together…<br />
  26. 26. 14<br />Key Findings 2: Changes in maritalrelationship<br />Ⅲ. Changes from the use of iPhone<br /><ul><li>Husband shares housework through iPhone so that his wife can achieve self-realization by finding her role as a mom and wife
  27. 27. Husband manages his wife’s stress by sharing interests using iPhone</li></ul>Air Video (contents sharing)<br />Baby book/pharmacy search<br /><Husband’s role><br />Search/install/ manage applications<br />Movie/music applications<br />Children’s song/lullaby<br />Museum/famous paintings<br />Food delivery/Oh-My-Recipe<br />Book & Dic (classics) /beauty/yoga<br />Stock trading / home banking application<br />Division of labor<br />Sharing<br />Baby care<br />Culture<br />Love<br />Housework<br />Self<br />Financial manage -ment<br />realization<br />Stress<br />relief<br />Balance (Stress)<br />
  28. 28. 15<br />Key Findings 3: Change of family relationship<br />Ⅲ. Changes from the use of iPhone<br /><ul><li>iPhone helps satisfying the needs for financial management, revitalizing family relationship and life, sharing interest, and communication among the family members
  29. 29. Revitalization of the communication between family members and sharing of housework/baby care are expected </li></ul>Financial management for post-retirement<br />Needs to reduce communication expenses<br />Financial Management<br />Re-establishment of family (couple) relationship<br />Life innovation / replacement<br />Revitalization<br />iPhone is a tool for maintaining relationship with children by acquiring knowledge on the latest technologies and through communication<br />Couple & Family<br /> Internal/External communication between couple / family<br />Sharing applications<br />Sharing contents/interests<br />Husbands can share housework and baby care & wives can achieve self-realization and improve marital relationship<br />Sharing<br />Communication<br />
  30. 30. 16<br />Attachment: An iPhone user’s (housewife) favorite application - Face Fighter<br /><ul><li>Face Fighter: A fighting game using a facial picture of a person
  31. 31. It is often used by wives who want to relieve stress after fighting with their husbands</li></ul>3<br />1<br />2<br />Choosing picture<br />Face outline adjustment<br />Start fighting<br />4<br />6<br />5<br />Keep punching<br />Groggy<br />KO!<br />