Tech Talk with LiveRail: A First Look at Deal ID Marketplace


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Vijay Balan explores why over 60% of video publishers plan on establishing Deal ID relationships this year. Learn how this unique, cutting-edge technology leverages pre-negotiated deals to maximize publishers' non-guaranteed video inventory and how it creates optimal efficiency for both buyers and sellers. Vijay will also share an exclusive first-look at LiveRail's Video Deal-ID Marketplace launching this Spring.

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  • So what do you get with a comprehensive VPX offering if you are a publisher?
    Advanced segmentation of your traffic, with complex business rules is the fundamental core of it... for example, I want Ford to have first look at my inventory when i have a player size larger than 400px, above the fold, on my syndicated traffic, but only when a OCR determines the user is likely to be a M1824. when this Ad opportunity exists, I want to double my pricing floor, but I want to see the ad in advance to ensure it doesnt violate my ad creative policy.
  • Many of you have probably seen these stats in one place or another, but its interesting to compare whats happening with video and display relative to each other. In 2014, video is forecasted to see about 25% of all spending go programmatic, which essentially has taken 4 years to achieve. Compare that to display, Display is expected to see programmatic budgets achieve 25% of all spending in 2015, which means display will do in 6 years, what video is forecasted to do in 4.
  • Tech Talk with LiveRail: A First Look at Deal ID Marketplace

    1. 1. The Worlds Most Advanced Video Monetization Platform for Premium Publishers
    2. 2. 2 A First Look at Deal-ID Marketplace Presented by: Vijay Balan SVP, Client Services
    3. 3. 3 - Founded in 2007 - 130 employees across four offices - 5bn video ads delivered monthly - Top 2-3 position on ComScore in the U.S. by video ads served - 100% sell-side focused. No agency/advertiser business - Helps premium publishers drive cross- platform video ad revenue LiveRail: An Introduction
    4. 4. Programmatic is reshaping ops and sales 4 - Programmatic Advertiser Demand is Exploding - The shift to programmatic is defining the role of ad operations - New Technology Enabling Premium Adoption - Enabling Sales Teams to Focus on Sponsorships
    5. 5. What is a Deal - High performance (CTR / VTR) packages - Audience verified packages (Nielsen OCR / Comscore VCE) - Supply Quality score package (Adtricity, Integral AdScience) - Live event package 5
    6. 6. Deal-ID Marketplace - The best combination of tools and service - Allows publisher to have full control over the sales process - .. And still execute in a programmatic, non guaranteed environment - Buyers can now see packages of inventory offering visibility - Publishers can incentivize buyers by offering additional levers like - First look - First party data - Better forecast on available volume and price 6
    7. 7. Source: Forrester Report April’13 Programmatic Video Spending is Rising 2013 2014 Programmatic spend $402 $686 $1,141 % total spending 14% 19% 24%
    8. 8. 8 Thank You!