Tech Talk with LiveIntent: Pixels or People? The Evolution of CRM Retargeting


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In a rapid-fire five minute presentation, hear LiveIntent's solution for brands and agencies embracing programmatic advertising.

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  • Hi, Welcome to Pixels, or People? The Evolution of CRM Retargeting…
  • I’m Kyle Brown, VP of Engineering from LiveIntent. You may remember me from such educational presentations as “Learning to Love Machine Learning” and “Frequency Cap! When Enough Is Enough!!” Or perhaps you know me from my early ventures into the programmatic space with…
  • Cost per Cat
  • Before I get started…let me share a little about LiveIntent for those not yet familiar with us.
  • LiveIntent is the first and only real-time display ad optimization platform for email. What does that mean? Essentially it means that we enable the programmatic buying and selling of display ads within email newsletters, making it as easy and efficient as every other digital channel. And we’re fortunate that a lot of the biggest names in online publishing have chosen to partner with us…
  • Making LiveIntent the largest premium email exchange on the planet including 500 of the top Publishers you already know and love…reaching over 60M subscribers to their email newsletters. Now let’s talk a little bit about retargeting…
  • Cookie based retargeting is really valuable. How valuable? Just think back to all the recent IPO and M&A activity in the last year:Rocketfuel, Criteo, Aggregate Knowledge, Blukai…. Why?
  • Because retargeting works so much better than untargeted campaigns.. The average click-through-rate for display ads is .07%. The average click-through rate for retargeted ads is .7%That’s an order of magnitude better.But while cookies are pretty darn effective, they also have limitations…
  • Because the cookie was designed at about the same time that Full House was one of the top shows on TV. And if you think about it, one of the major difference between then and now – besides the hair – is that nobody on that show had a smartphone or a computer – and if they did…
  • It looked like this. Or this. There were no iPhones, no iPads, no Android, and pretty much one browser… and a lot has changed since then.
  • We’ve seen the introduction of new browsers, social media channels and not only smart phones, but tablets. And it’s no coincidence that as these have been introduced, internet usage has increased to almost 6X what it was in 1995.
  • And given how quickly smartphone adoption has out-paced that of PC’s, its easy to imagine that number growing even more. Bringing us boldly where no marketers have gone before…
  • Into a world where over 50% of our time spent online is via some form of mobile device, where attention is fragmented across smartphones, tablets, desktops, laptops, browsers…
  • And “wearables”.
  • Combine all of this with the fact that the half-life of a cookie is only about 3 days, and you have an environment where its becoming increasingly difficult to find your customers if you’re only using cookies.
  • But this isn’t a secret. It is a story that has long been on our radar, well documented and analyzed… As a loyal Digiday ready, you already know this. But what you may not know, is that there’s a cross-channel, cross-device solution that already exists. Its something which you rely on everyday and might even be using right now as I speak….
  • The email address.
  • The Email address is what you would call a “Strong ID”.
  • Your email is your Digital Identity. It’s like your online passport – long-lived and consistent no matter where you are - device or browser.How long have you had your email address for? And think about this: have you ever said to someone “send me your cookie”? Or ‘cookie me”? Maybe in regards to a delicious baked treat, but I’ll bet never in regards to a retargeting cookie.
  • But your email is something you have and exchange all the time. It’s a currency used to gainaccess to information or goods or services – whether it’s logging into social sites like Facebook and Twitter, or purchasing things across the web on Amazon or eBay. You even use it to register on mobile devices and apps. You share it with all of your most trusted brands and services.
  • Like your starbucks app
  • Subscribing to Netflix
  • Online shopping
  • and signing up for for your favorite newsletters. Every brand, every publisher trades in this same identically formatted data type. The fact of the matter is…
  • Email is no longer about sending email. LiveIntent envisions a world where a logged in user is valued more highly than an anonymous user. And we are not alone. 
  • Brands can now bring their CRM data online and use them to match users across Salesforce, Twitter, Facebook, and LiveIntent…
  • Maximum reach requires a strong, cross-platform identifier. And that’s exactly what the hash of the email address is. Using the hash of the email address, you can reach subscribers and customers within Third-Party media, increasing communication with customers through relevant, specific messages that matter to them…
  • Not matter what devices or browser.
  • The logged in audience is more valuable than anonymous audienceThe email address an inherently cross device IDThe hash of the email is the most reliable matching ID
  • So who would you rather reach – anonymous cookies, or identifiable, addressable customers? Pixels, or people? Thank You.
  • Tech Talk with LiveIntent: Pixels or People? The Evolution of CRM Retargeting

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    29. 29. 1. The logged in audience is more valuable than anonymous audience 2. The email address is an inherently cross device ID 3. The hash of the email is the most reliable matching ID
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