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Tech Talk with Adroit Digital: Beyond Retargeting: Activating E-Commerce Data to Grow Your Business
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Tech Talk with Adroit Digital: Beyond Retargeting: Activating E-Commerce Data to Grow Your Business


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Hi Everyone, I’m Brian Stone, Vice President at Adroit Digital. If you’re not yet familiar with Adroit, it means skillful, clever, or resourceful… Which I think accurately describes the talented group we’ve put together, combining talent from the former Akamai advertising division and the MediaMath trading services team. There are a few unique ways we help retailers at Adroit. #1: One the first party side, we drive larger audience segmentsand better conversion rates through pixel-Free data collection & Retargeting. #2: Cost-effectively acquiring new customers via our exlusive data co-operative#3: Utilizingour expertise on the MediaMath platform, providing insights and analytics that drive more intelligent, data-driven marketing programs.
  • In the past year, the IR500 has grown at 17%, and is predicted to grow even faster this year. Amazon, meanwhile, had it’s 5th straight year of 25%+ growth, with over $75B in revenue. So it begs the question… Is your retail business growing fast enough to be competitive? If not, how do you focus your strategy to grow faster?
  • Now, if you asked this guy, he’d say it’s simple.
  • You make a print buy, a radio campaign, a few TV shows and you call it a day…
  • And of course, grab a drink. Based on what I saw last night, I think we’re still pretty good at this part of the plan. 
  • For the digital marketer today, it’s much more challenging. You have to identify your target audiences across an increasingly complex media landscape. Multiple screens. Display, video, mobile, social.How much budget do you put against each channel? How do you attribute success across different touchpoints?
  • At Adroit Digital, we help our clients execute their growth strategy with a five step approach. We start by collecting and modeling the right data, both 1st party and 3rd party. We then segment that data so it aligns with their most profitable product lines or growth goals. We help you develop unique creative for each segment, or employ dynamic creative for each consumer’s behavior.We develop a programmatic media plan across the channels where we’re most likely to engage and convert those users, whether it be display, mobile, video, or social. And last but not least, we tell you what’s working, why, and how those insights can build a continuously improving marketing strategy.
  • With only five minutes, I want to focus on how we help our clients build and execute a strong data strategy.To start, we want you to maximize the value of your 1st party data, helping you collect, segment, and activate customer behavior from your site,m-site as well as on-boarding your offline CRM data to drive loyaltyand more effective remarketing.  On the third party side, we want to find you in-market shoppers via our data co-operative, which we’ll discuss more detail shortly.
  • One unique way we can help you on the 1st party data front is our long-term relationship with Akamai, which allows us to offer pixel-free data collection. As you may know, Akamai is the largest CDN in the world, delivering most of the worlds largest and well-known websites… including many of yours. If your site is delivered by Akamai, we can help you capture 100% of your 1st party data without using pixels. This means larger audience segments, less site latency (which makes your IT folks happy), smarter segmentation, and better ROI with very little effort on your end.
  • As you know, While retargeting and loyalty tactics are important, you can’t grow your business without acquiring new customers.For the past 13 years through aCerno, Akamai, and now Adroit, we’ve been fine-tuning an effective way to do just that. We’ve developed an exclusive data co-op comprised of over 300 e-commerce sites. To give you a sense of scale, every month we capture the shopping and purchase behavior of over 300MM unique cookies. 160MM of which are here in the U.S. We see over $1MM in spend each hour.This gives us access to unique retail, telecom, travel, and auto data that isn’t available anywhere else, and isn’t sold to networks or exchanges. . All data is contributed anonymously, modeled in aggregate, with no direct conquesting allowed.We use this data to build custom predictive models of who’s in-market and ready to convert for our clients. We then use this “Personal Purchase Propensity”, or P3, score, to find the best impressions to bid on programatically via the MediaMath T1 platform. This “P3 score” combined with access to over 40 billion biddable impressions across display, mobile, social, and video allow us to reduce waste and drive 20-30% better performance vs campaigns based on media alone.
  • So if your goal is to build an efficient prospecting strategy, the Adroit co-op concept may be what you’re looking for. While you’ll pay $0.75 - $3.00 CPM for 3rd party data that is sold publicly to networks and platforms, our co-op provides you with in-market shoppers, refreshed and re-scored daily, as part of your campaign with us.
  • In 2013, we worked with over 200 retailers, driving stats like you see here. 40-50% new-to-file rates. 4:1 ROAS across awareness, prospecting, and remarketing. 66% of our retail clients contributed to our co-op, with more joining every month as they see performance gains. The ones who did contribute saw 24% higher CTRs, and 50% lower acquisition costs compared to those that didn’t. And we had our biggest Cyber-Monday ever, delivering over $10MM in revenue in a single day across our retail customers.
  • In closing, Adroit can help you in some unique ways:-Pixel-free data collection & remarketing-Exlusive In-marketing shopping data from our co-op-Brand safe media across display, video, mobile, & socialAnd last but not least, actionable insights that will help you grow your business. Thank you.
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    • 2. News Feeds Other Channels Personal Relationships Twitter Text, Mobile, Web Reviews Newspaper Ads, Articles In-Store Experience Website, Online Mentions, Ads Facebook Email Television
    • 3. THE ADROIT FIVE STEP SOLUTION 1. DATA Start with the right audience data. 5. ANALYTICS Use cross -channel attribution & insights. Adroit’s Team of Experts 2. SEGMENTATION Create smart consumer segments. 4. MEDIA 3. CREATIVE Choose the right channels across Display, Mobile, Video & Social. Build a unique message per user. 7
    • 4. THE RIGHT DATA 1st Party Data DMP Onboard via: Server to Server, FTP Transfer, Pixel Fire • Pre-defined Segments 3rd Party Data On-Site CRM Onboard via: Pixel-Free/Pixel Onboard via: LiveRamp Email e-Commerce Direct Mail Mobile Captures & models 300MM+ unique cookies every month, anonymously collected from 100s of brands. POS • Event-level Log Data • Custom Data Proprietary Data Co-Op External Data for Retailers Loyalty Program 8
    • 5. PIXEL-FREE DATA COLLECTION Adroit Digital & MediaMath have exclusive access to use Akamai’s pixel-free technology. With your site powered by Akamai, our joint team can integrate to capture 100% of users across all pages, with no pixels needed. PIXEL-FREE PIXELS 100% site coverage Up to 70% missed users based on pixel placement* 100% uptime Up to 30% failure rate* Sets cookie in 100-200ms Average homepage latency of 35%* Cookie set once per user per 28 days Often fires on every single page load No IT development IT adds pixels to Web site or integrates with tag manager
    • 6. ADROIT’S EXCLUSIVE DATA CO-OP DATA CO-OP The Adroit Online Co-op captures 300 million unique cookies every month and is the catalyst for our fullfunnel solution suite.
    • 7. HOW DOES A CO-OP COMPARE? Public & Paid Exclusive & Free
    • 8. ADROIT & RETAIL WE DELIVER SUCCESS TO OVER 200 RETAIL CLIENTS. IN 2013: • • • • Junior Apparel Brand: Consistently achieving 40-50% New-To-File rate Home Décor & Art Site: 4:1 holistic ROI across all tactics & channels 66% of our clients in Retail contributed to the Data Co-op Co-op contributors saw 24% higher CTRs & more than 50% lower CPAs compared to non-contributors CYBER MONDAY: We delivered more than $10 MM in revenue for our retail customers. 12
    • 9. Pixel-Free Data Collection + Remarketing Exclusive In-Market Shopping Data Via our Co-op Cross-channel, Brand-Safe, Programmatic Media Actionable Insights & Analytics