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Help Not Hype: How To Create Content Your Customers Actually Want
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Help Not Hype: How To Create Content Your Customers Actually Want


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Creating content isn't about quantity, its about quality. Your company's content must be truly, inherently, massively helpful if it is going to stand out.

Creating content isn't about quantity, its about quality. Your company's content must be truly, inherently, massively helpful if it is going to stand out.

Published in: Marketing
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  • 1. Help Not Hype: How to Create Content Your Customers Actually Want #HelpNotHype March 25, 2014 All Rights Reserved © ethology, Inc. Consumers. The big idea. ethology
  • 2. Jay Baer New York Times Best-Selling Author, Youtility @jaybaer ethologyConsumers. The big idea. #HelpNotHype
  • 3. Anna Hrach Content Strategy Manager, ethology @annabananahrach ethologyConsumers. The big idea. #HelpNotHype
  • 4. Autographed Book Giveaway Audience members on today’s webinar will be entered to win a signed copy of Youtility and Joe Pulizzi’s Epic Content Marketing! Stay tuned, and listen for your name at the end! ethologyConsumers. The big idea. #HelpNotHype
  • 5. Our personal and commercial lives have merged. #HelpNotHype
  • 6. #HelpNotHype ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 7. #HelpNotHype ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 8. #HelpNotHype ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 9. #HelpNotHype ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 10. You are competing for attention against everything. #HelpNotHype
  • 11. #HelpNotHype Today, everyone is a content creator.
  • 12. You must do more than create content. You must make content that matters. #HelpNotHype
  • 13. #HelpNotHype Youtility is content so useful, people would pay for it.
  • 14. #HelpNotHype ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 15. #HelpNotHype ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 16. #HelpNotHype We crave Youtility “Useful articles are forwarded 30% more than average.” -- Jonah Berger, in Contagious Photo credit:
  • 17. #HelpNotHype We need more information than ever
  • 18. If you make a bad decision, you’re just lazy.
  • 19. If you make a bad decision, you’re just lazy
  • 20. “I don’t know” is no longer an acceptable answer. #HelpNotHype
  • 21. The power of useful content Average new customer reads 105 pages 75% of customers never have a sales conversation ethologyConsumers. The big idea. #HelpNotHype
  • 22. You must atomize your content. #HelpNotHype
  • 23. #HelpNotHype ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 24. #HelpNotHype ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 25. #HelpNotHype ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 26. #HelpNotHype ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 27. Be a digital dandelion. #HelpNotHype
  • 28. #HelpNotHype Embrace cooperative content.
  • 29. #HelpNotHype ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 30. #HelpNotHype ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 31. #HelpNotHype ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 32. Content can be amazingly powerful for both brands & customers. #HelpNotHype
  • 33. But only if it’s done the right way. #HelpNotHype
  • 34. ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 35. Today, 90% of B2C marketers use content marketing.
  • 36. But only 34% believe they are effective at content marketing.
  • 37. Yet 60% plan to increase their content marketing budget,
  • 38. …while only 39% admit to having a content strategy in place. #HelpNotHype
  • 39. Content costs organizations a lot Time – Hours, days, weeks, months or years Money – Salaries, investments Resources – Physical, digital People – Someone has to create it all ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 40. #HelpNotHype The fix is easy. Start with strategy.
  • 41. But, before we talk strategy, we need to talk about your website.
  • 42. First, fix what’s broken
  • 43. Get rid of what you don’t need
  • 44. Get Organized
  • 45. So, now that that’s out of the way…let’s talk strategy.
  • 46. 3. Gap Analysis Categories & Topics 4. Plan Creation Tactics & Prioritization 2. Content Audit Quantitative & Qualitative 1. Audience Intelligence Vernacular & Demand 5. Plan Execution Analysis & Agility Content strategy: the ethology process ethologyConsumers. The big idea.
  • 47. BRAND VISITORSROBOTS Identify the players… ethologyConsumers. The big idea. ethologyConsumers. The big idea. #HelpNotHype
  • 48. BRAND VISITORSROBOTS ✓ What are the business objectives? What topics match business & user interests? What do our audiences need & want? ethologyConsumers. The big idea. #HelpNotHype …and understand their needs.
  • 49. Sounds like a brochure Ignores user questions Not findable Weak user experience ethologyConsumers. The big idea. Too search-focused = Not the most qualified traffic Content doesn’t nurture
  • 50. Too brand-focused = Sounds like a brochure Doesn’t meet user needs
  • 51. Too user-focused = No benefit for brand Still doesn’t answer questions
  • 52. Understand business goals & user needs ethologyConsumers. The big idea. Business Goals Brand Customer User Needs Sell discounted rooms nights during off-peak times Find discount rates during off-peak vacation times Sell conference packages, with catering service upsells Find a full-service conference location Grow email registration list for ongoing marketing purposes Research rates to find cheapest rates on third-party travel site
  • 53. Get to know your audience: gather data On-Site Search: What users want, in their words Social: Real-time conversations with real customers Website Content: What’s performing, what’s not Search Demand: Align with like topics Consumer Research: Round out unattainable data ethologyConsumers. The big idea. #HelpNotHype
  • 54. Branded content needs brand guidelines ethologyConsumers. The big idea. #HelpNotHype
  • 55. Answering “How are we going to do this?” always comes before “What are we going to write?” #HelpNotHype
  • 56. Create clear, repeatable workflows Plan Create Approve Publish/Govern Content Strategist Content Creator Content Strategist Guide Strategy Submit Internally Submit Internally Director of Operations Account Manager Approval Request Client TeamRequest Revisions Content Creator Submit Internally Request Revisions Request Revisions Approval Given Content Creator Client Team + Content Strategist Reporting Search Specialist Client Team ethologyConsumers. The big idea. #HelpNotHype
  • 57. Get approvals. Get all the approvals. #HelpNotHype
  • 58. More Questions? Email us! 59