Digiday Video: Revision3 & Jack Threads: Case Study: Beyond the Campaign


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The most well-known case studies are typically part of a specific campaign, but some brands have found that continuing into the publishing space even after the initial campaign is over has kept fans engaged over the long haul. In this presentation, Revision3 and Jack Threads will showcase the work they've done together to tell a story about the brand and build loyalty among consumers.
Presenters: Brad Murphy, CRO, Revision3 @bradmurphy
John Wiseman, vp, head of marketing & partnerships, Jack Threads @johnwise

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  • Experts instead of Actors
  • When the message is delivered by the hosts of the shows (Trusted Sources), it is more relevant to the viewers. Ultimately delivering the value of “Earned” media with the control and efficiency of “Paid” media.
  • Leveraged the social influence of our Show Hosts to deliver the message
  • Digiday Video: Revision3 & Jack Threads: Case Study: Beyond the Campaign

    1. 1. Leveraging Social Influence Marketing to Drive Sign Ups and Sales
    2. 2. About JackThreads HIGHLIGHTS • 2008: Launched by Jason Ross out of Columbus, OH apartment • May 2010: Thrillist acquires JackThreads (150k members) • July 2011: JackThreads hits 1 million members • 2012: JackThreads launches private label clothing lines and crosses 2.4 million members.
    3. 3. Objective:Jackthreads was looking to reach young male web savvy consumers:  Introduce The Brand  Drive sign ups  Drive Sales  Build Brand Loyalty
    4. 4. About Revision3• Online Television for the New Media Consumer• Recently Acquired by Discovery Communications• Original HD Programming• Over 200 Million Monthly Views• 40 Million Unique Viewers• The ability to watch:  Anywhere  Any Device  Anytime  Any Service
    5. 5. Unique In-Show Sponsorship Model•• Minimal Clutter/High SOV Around Sponsor Messaging• Trusted Hosts Deliver Sponsorship Message Within the Show Interlaced with graphical/video assets Sponsorship is integrated to become part of the content Leverage strong connection between the hosts and the audience
    6. 6. Unmatched Performance • The Benefit of “Earned” media • Control and targeting of “Paid” media.
    7. 7. Strategy • Developed a custom online video campaign targeting Revision3 ’s tech savvy young male audience • Integrated the JackThreads brand as well as “Invite-Only” and “Only Suckers Pay Full Price” messaging into Revision3 shows • TheJackThreads message was personalized for each show and as such, more relevant to the show viewers
    8. 8. Video JackThread Sizzle Reel • Please download and embed this video onto this slide. The video should play when clicked. - Thanks http://videos.revision3.com/revision3/creatives/SizzleReel/JackThreads_2012_Sizzle.mp4
    9. 9. Results
    10. 10. Results vs. Traditional Paid Media • 178% increase in Buyer Activation (30 day window) • 219% increase in ARPU • 81% increase in Friend Referral 133k Members Referred to Date!
    11. 11. Beneficial Byproducts Revision3 Hosts are now Huge fans of JackThreads and rabid consumers JackThreads is an active part of the conversation among the Revision3 community
    12. 12. Social Buzz
    13. 13. Q&A
    14. 14. Thank You John Wiseman - jw@thrillist.comBrad Murphy - brad@revision3.com
    15. 15. • Back Up Slides
    16. 16. New Media Consumer • Abandoning traditional TV • Hyper-connected users • On demand lifestyle • Influential Opinion Leaders
    17. 17. Laser Target Your Core Audience Traditional Model: Revision3 Model: Shotgun Mass Media Approach Low Budget & Target Approach (High cost, low return) (Low cost, higher return) $$$ $ Broad Reach Target Audience VS. Target Audience Broad Reach
    18. 18. Reaching an Elusive Audience 78.1% - Have some college or higher education* 73% - Male 81.4% - Spend more time with Internet/Digital 70% - 12-34 content than TV content.* 51% - 18-34 Sources: Comscore, March 2012; *Revision3 Viewer Survey, summer 2010
    19. 19. Best Seat in the House49% Watch on a PC/Mac in a window66% WatchscreenPC/Mac in full on a Watch on a28% TV or large display40% Watch on a Mobile Device