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Using DataXu’s DX Brand offering, measure consumer sentiment in real-time and serve the right display OR video ad that gives you the highest brand benefit. You don’t have to decide before the buy how much media you should spend on display and video advertising. We will find the right impression, the right user and the right context across billions of display and video impressions – for the same campaign – and deliver your campaign to give you the best return on marketing spend.
Presenter: Mukund Ramachandran, gm, brand, DataXu

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  • Introducing the DataXu platform We start by measuring consumer interaction with the campaign, including TOD, DOW, creatives, placements, etc. At the very beginning of a campaign, this is kicked off by a very small baseline flight. After that the system measures the behavior that results from each and every impression served during the campaign.Based on these measurements, the system learns what makes for an effective combination of consumer attributes, placement attributes, and creative.The system then decides what impressions and what price it should payFinally, the system buys the media and serves the ad—across mobile, video, and display.This cycle repeats thousands of times per second.
  • Proprietary Research from Human1.0 and the Society of New Communications Research (sponsored by DataXu)DX3 is the first to match Joanna’s description of the ideal DSPSingle, integrated, cross channel platform with DSP, DMP, AMP#1 ANSWER WAS LACK OF A SINGLE, CROSS-CHANNEL DIGITAL MARKET PLATFORM!
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  • Speaking points:What is DX Brand – it’s an engine that leverages the best digital media has to offer in terms of reach, audience targeting, real-time spend and performance optimization to drive branding objectives like awareness, favorability and intent. DX Brand bring accountability through a true clinical-trial set up to demonstrate lift. DX brand replaces standard digital measures, like clicks and site actions, with a survey approach to evaluate the change in mindset. This approach allows DataXu’s best-in-class platform to optimize your branding campaigns in real to based on survey results – you don’t have to wait until your next campaign to install your learnings. This approach also generates rich insights, scalable beyond digital branding efforts
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  • DataXu Pitcha Kucha: "Smart Branding"

    1. 1. Smart Branding The DX Advantage Mukund Ramachandran, GM, Brand© 2011-2012 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 1
    2. 2. Digital now relied upon to change customer opinions - 43% of online display spend in 2011 for branding ($4.77 Billion) - Online video is $3.0 B© 2011-2012 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential
    3. 3. Traditional approach is based on 2 key ideas: Identify target demo (W 25-54) and set specific frequency goals -- But, not all W 25-54 women are created equally in terms of responsiveness to your brand. Understand brand impact through offline & other surveys. -- Time consuming. -- Media plans based on old data. © 2011-2012 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 3
    4. 4. What if…  We can leverage the power of digital for brand advertising?  Not only reach your target demo but reach the most valuable audiences within the demo?  Find the most effective medium to deliver the highest RAOS? © 2010 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 4
    6. 6. DX Brand Approach: Clinical Trial Approach Rigorous test set- up ensure valid findings Exposed group is Aware served your ad while Somewhat Aware control groups sees Unaware a public service Vote! announcement Both groups are PSA surveyed throughout the campaign 6
    7. 7. DX Brand: Real-Time Learning Measure brand lift as campaign is running. Learn which consumers are likely to be influenced by your campaign. Real-time decision the right ad. Bid smart across RTB inventory. Optimize in real-time. 7
    8. 8. The Platform#1 biggest challenge to digital marketing’sgrowth is the lack of a single, cross-channeldigital marketing platform © 2012 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 8
    9. 9. DX3 – Enterprise Digital Marketing ManagementPlatform Inventory Audience Management Management ~ Access to RTB ~ Access to inventory across 20K+ data Display, Video & segments Mobile Insights and Reporting Campaign ~ Deep Management insights to ~ Manage understand campaigns from a what’s working single platform
    10. 10. Branding: Does it work in practice? "In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But, in practice, there is” – Yogi Berra Some examples of how it works in practice… © 2011-2012 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 10
    11. 11. Auto Case Study:Raised awareness & favorabilityChallenge:Raise awareness & favorability forthe new engine for their flagshiptruckReach:28,800,000 consumersResults:9.4% lift in favorability5.8% lift in awareness “The ability to run digital campaigns on trusted media placements and prove real incremental lift is a major break-through for our clients” -- John Gray, SVP of Interactive Media 11
    12. 12. Newly favorable audience was more valuable SuperTruck DX Brand SuperTruck DX Brand effect on Favorability effect on salesFraction of Consumers Action rate by type ofFavorable consumer (indexed)30% 2.3X 2.3X 28.2% 5.90% More 2.0 likely20% 22.3% to act 1.0X 2.2M 1.010% Newly Favorable Individuals0% 0.0 Exposed Unexposed Not favorable Favorable © 2011-2012 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 12
    13. 13. CPG awareness across demo segmentsChallenge:Major packaged-foods customer had identified fourhigh-value customer segments and sought to drivea deep shift in awareness in these groups to gain anedge in a highly competitive vertical Segment 1 + 18%Reach:Four segments of varied sizes, totaling about 60MMunique consumersTime in Market: 2 + 19%5 weeksResults:16 - 23% boost in Awareness across segments 3 + 23% 4 + 16% © 2011-2012 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 13
    14. 14. Electronics manufacturer across display & videoChallenge:A major consumer electronics brand Videoneeded to identify & implement the right +5X Creative Liftdigital tactics to drive awarenessTactics:DX Brand ran a cross-channel campaignincluding video and display Campaign Average LiftTime in Market:~ 1 month BaselineResults: AwarenessVideo creative drove more than 5x lift vs.display – DX Brand Cross Channel Consumers arecapability enabled stronger performance more influenced by video © 2011-2012 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 14
    15. 15. Smart Branding Broad (across RTB) or targeted (specific demo/interest)Reach your 20K+ audience segments to choose from. audience RTB inventory across display & video. Find your Understand sentiment in real-time. best Optimize delivery to high-value customers. audience RAOS No need to pre-allocate portion to video, or display. Cross-channel optimization to deliver best RAOS. © 2011-2012 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 15
    16. 16. Appendix © 2011-2012 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 16
    17. 17. Introducing DX Brand WorksEasy: Survey to measure lift. Hard: Optimize on lift inreal-timeSplit Test Survey to Evaluate Difference = Optimize Consumabl in Digital Exposed Exposed Brand Lift Bids In e Insights Audience and PSA groups minus PSA Real Time & Intelligence 95% Aware Exposed Somewhat Aware Unaware 5% PSA Vote! © 2011-2012 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 17
    18. 18. Use Case: Create Buzz for a LaunchChallenge:A major auto brand wanted to boost consumer familiarity with a new vehicleReach:40MM unique consumers Familiarity RateTime in Market: + 7% Boost in Familiarity2.5 Months $0.08 per newlyResults: C E familiar7% lift in familiarity O X consumer N P~3MM newly familiar consumers T OCost of $0.08 per consumer S R O E L D © 2011-2012 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 18
    19. 19. How Have Clients Used DX Brand? Major packaged-foods client wanted to drive brand lift in Precision specific, high-value consumer segments branding DX Brand generated 20-30% brand lift in top audiences A major auto partner sought to raise familiarity with a Generate new vehicle, within a group of about 40MM consumers buzz for DX Brand drove a 7% lift in familiarity – in other words launch about 3 Million incremental consumers, at $0.08 per person Find the A major consumer electronics manufacturer needed to learn digital which digital channel presented their best opportunity for driving awarenesschannel that Cross-channel capability enabled video ads to drive 5X the lift works © 2011-2012 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 19
    20. 20. Introducing DX Brand:More Lift at Lower Cost in Real Time You cant measure awareness, favorability or intent in real time. DX Brand is running brand metric driven campaigns, in production environments. You cant optimize on the feedback in real time. DX Brand harnesses the power of the DX2 Demand Side Platform to learn and optimize in run time. You cant achieve scale without sacrificing brand safety. DX Brand uses your metrics and requirements to guide programmatic buying. © 2010 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 20
    21. 21. DX Brand / Reach – How it works Exposed to ads – 95% Exposed to PSA – 5% © 2010 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 21
    22. 22. DX Brand / Reach – How it works Exposed to ads – 95% Exposed to PSA – 5%As the campaignrun, survey… use tomeasuresentiment …… and adjust RTB © 2011 DataXu, Inc. Privileged & Confidential 22
    23. 23. DX Brand: Builds Customer Intelligence Know your Customers Identify Opportunity Compare Segments 23