DPS: Shiny Ads Tech Talk: The Modernization of Premium Advertising


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Although remnant ad sales have seen a lot of modernizing in the last five years, premium ad sales haven't changed since the days of print ad sales. Shiny Ads has launched a holistic product solution that modernizes the way the digital publishers take and manage premium ad buys from agencies and smaller advertiser as well as their own direct sales teams.
Presenter: Roy Pereira, CEO and founder, Shiny Ads @shinyads

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DPS: Shiny Ads Tech Talk: The Modernization of Premium Advertising

  1. 1. Modernizing Premium Advertising www.ShinyAds.com
  2. 2. Premium Is Big $ Ad exchanges,  Today, Direct Sales is the ad networks, only way to purchase ad-tech vendors Ad Exchanges Premium Inventory are all fixated on & DSPs remnant advertising technologies Remnant Ad Networks 30% & Optimizers Premium 70% Direct Sales Premium will make up 70% of display revenues in 2013 shinyads.com © 2012 Shiny Ads eMarketer, 2012
  3. 3. Premium Hasn’t Evolved Since Print your picture hereAdvertiser Agency Sales Finance Ad-Ops Premium buying process is SLOW & COSTLY What about payment collection? Gathering creative? Change Requests? Performance reporting? shinyads.com © 2012 Shiny Ads
  4. 4. Automating Premium Brings Huge Benefits Lowers Costs Increases Revenues  automates standard ad  allows sales to focus on higher processes value custom orders  allows for more orders to be processed in less time  net new revenues from new demand sources Lowers Processing Time  because advertisers, sales, and OPS have better things to do… shinyads.com © 2012 Shiny Ads
  5. 5. But, Premium Automation Is DifferentYou don’t buy a at an auction!? wants to keep controlover their premium pricing valuation.Why would a premium publisher not do the same? shinyads.com © 2012 Shiny Ads
  6. 6. Publisher Control of Premium Inventory is Key  Productization  Price control  Data leakage  Ownership of Advertiser  Ad-Server prioritization  Order/change approval/rejection  “last-mile” integration into ad server, CRM, billing shinyads.com © 2012 Shiny Ads
  7. 7. DSPs Want to Play Too! More than just direct response  DSPs have larger advertisers that want guaranteed ad buys  DSPs’ algorithms identify high converting brand-safe sites Opportunity for DSPs to increase their overall revenue Today, DSPs are purchasing premium inventory manually through publisher’s direct sales teams shinyads.com © 2012 Shiny Ads
  8. 8. Introducing Direct Programmatic Guaranteed Shiny Ads’ Direct Programmatic Guaranteed allows large demand sources to programmatically purchase publisher’s premium inventory through direct guaranteed buys shinyads.com © 2012 Shiny Ads
  9. 9. The Only “Direct” Programmatic Guaranteed Platform Ad Viewer / Consumer Publisher’s Ad Server Newsletter/Email Ads Trading Desk uses web interface to search products, create IOs, request changes, download reports Browser Display Ads Advanced Ordering Interface Billing / Payments Order & Change Request ApprovalsDSP uses ProgrammaticGuaranteed Buying API Direct Ad-Server Order Management Real-time inventory forecasting Mobile In-App Ads shinyads.com © 2012 Shiny Ads10 © 2012 Shiny Ads
  10. 10. Benefits DSPs  Automated buying of premium inventory across publishers, sites, and categories  Lower transaction costs  Zero fees  Brand-safe premium publisher web sites  Guaranteed placements  Modern API Publishers  Complete pricing control; CPM & minimums  Higher CPMs than private exchanges  More control than RTB  Automated campaign management – no ad-ops nor ad tags needed  Automated payments shinyads.com © 2012 Shiny Ads
  11. 11. Results Powerful Automation for Class-1 Premium Guaranteed Inventory Both Publishers and DSPs get want they want Increased revenue for both Publishers and DSPs The first real alternative to private exchanges for premium inventory shinyads.com © 2012 Shiny Ads
  12. 12. Join us in modernizingpremium display advertising ShinyAds.com