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Digi-Cult is an online marketing agency based in Mumbai (India), focusing on increasing client profitability, ROI and achieving marketing goals with our Innovative Online Strategies, Web Architecture, Efficient Web Usability and Social Media Optimization.

With a fresh approach for new age marketing strategies, we know how to connect with your customers and create a cult for your Brand, we indulge visitors and engage customers and we know what clicks in online space.

We market your brand, we generate new leads, we analyse your visitors to convert them into customers and to sum it up we have three words for you, WE GENERATE BUSINESS !!

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Digi-cult.in Mumbai

  1. 1. The brief was to provide a logo and a packaging solution that lends itself towards depicting the brand name and the business.
  2. 2. The Indian diamond scenario was witnessing big endorsement and big monies. We had a challenge to launch and register the brand with a very limited budget. Kalsaria Diamonds was positioned as Kalsaria Rare Diamonds and projected as a brand dealing in Fancy Diamonds, a plain that no body else had occupied providing for a very strong and clear differentiation and due to the niche minimal marketing spend was required.
  3. 3. Designing Interactive Mailer & microsite, that supports customer behavior analysis via google analytics, creating a measurement matrix for Online Marketing. Email & Website |
  4. 4. An internal process to generate potential leads through senior employees of ICICI Bank with help of exquisite designs and enticing copy. E-sourcing Solution |
  5. 5. An external referral process by which HNI customers can share details of their family and friends as a potential clients for ICICI premium Cards. Referral Program |
  6. 6. Creating an attractive website to provide information regarding the charity deeds of EMCO foundation along with payment gateway integration for Online Donation as well as database management for volunteer applications. Charity Website |
  7. 7. A social networking based stock trading game with real-time Widget integration, Feeds management and customer behavior analysis. Stock Portfolio Website |
  8. 8. Providing design solution for e-mailers and Landing pages, which help them generate accolades from their customers, resulting in new business development. Emailer & Microsite |
  9. 9. Rich flash based interactive website for a professional fashion photographer, with profile creation and unique URL sharing. Photography Website |
  10. 10. Stock market game with Portfolio tracker aligned with 4 international stock market and integrating it with a third party social networking portal. Stock Portfolio Website |
  11. 11. Creating a CMS based Website for a Dentist, where he can display his services, share details about his colleagues, upload his successful treatments and provide tips on day to day basis. Dentist Website |
  12. 12. 3 clicks to acquisition, 2 clicks to browse, 1 idea for engagement !
  13. 13. Ashish L. Mishra | +91 93201 11775 Pinank B. Shah | +91 93201 11667