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Walter hofstetter xen client enterprise digicomp


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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. XenClient EnterpriseNext generation of endpoint andOS Image ManagementWalter Hofstetter, Senior Systems Engineer, Citrix EMEA
  • 2. News • Acquisition announced at Synergy May 2012 • XenClient Enterprise (v4.1) available since June 29th2
  • 3. Agenda • Why the acquisition • What’s new, what’s the same, what’s the future • UPDATE: News from Synergy • Demo & QA3
  • 4. Why the Acquisition?• Based on the same foundation• Virtual Computer focused on the backend ᵒ Windows based – Active Directory enabled ᵒ Enhanced policy framework• Customer told us to move faster – We listened, because we’re committed!
  • 5. Architectural overview - Hypervisor• True Type-1 Hypervisor (No OS below the hypervisor layer) Shared Image Patch ᵒ Fully virtualized platform ᵒ Supports wide range of business class PCs Backup Store ᵒ Full shared image support for Windows 7, XP & Vista Management ᵒ Linux supported as custom image or local install Server Virtual Machine #1 Virtual Machine #2 User Data User Data Applications … Applications Services Management and Control Windows XP Domain Windows 7 Domain (DomS) Virtual HW (Dom0) Virtual HW Xen™ Hypervisor (Open Source) Hardware
  • 6. Where does XenClient Enterprise fit in? For extreme security and isolation Multi-level secure local virtual desktops designed to meet XenClient XT the most extreme isolation, security, and performance requirements for public sector customers. For enterprise use XenClient Enterprise Virtual desktops to go for enterprise users who need centralized IT management and control. Can be used as a standalone product or with XenDesktop. For standalone use by IT Pros XenClient Express Free high-performance local virtual desktops for IT professionals and software developers/testers.
  • 7. Enhanced User Experience• Superior Performance ᵒ Fast-boot Chrome environment ᵒ Instant switch between VMs ᵒ Local PC performance• Multiple VMs ᵒ Corporate & Personal VMs • Locked Down PC / Flexible Personal PC ᵒ Windows Migrations • Windows 7 / XP• Login convenience ᵒ Single sign-on ᵒ Option to hide hypervisor © 2012 Virtual Computer Inc
  • 8. Centralized Provisioning and Management• Shared images with layering ᵒ Image Versioning & Rollback ᵒ 100% user personalization• Multiple deployment options ᵒ Local with full disk encryption ᵒ Array-based boot & VM operation• Centralized control ᵒ Fail-safe one-to-many patching ᵒ AD policy based across all activity ᵒ Zero touch provisioning• Integrated remote support © 2012 Virtual Computer Inc
  • 9. Architectural overview – OS Management Update One to many from server Shared ImageShared System Disk System PatchOne to many, patch once, publish many VHD Backup Snapshot For backup BackupPersistent User Data Store UserBacked-up on server for instant recovery VHD ManagementPersistent Local Data (no backup) Local Fast ServerPage.sys, temp files, indexes, .ost files VHD Recovery
  • 10. What’s the future• Looking forward Client Hypervisor Centralized Management HDX User Experience Personal vDisk Extreme Security Multi Platform Extensibility Enterprise Scalability Expanded Hardware Advanced Policy Control Xen Hypervisor Synchronization The best parts of each solution is coming together
  • 11. Latest news from SynergyXenClient Enterprise 4.5XenClient XT 3.0
  • 12. New features in XenClient Enterprise 4.5 Next  Supports the latest Ultrabooks and Intel 3rd generation Generation processors Global Desktop  Windows 8 support  Now available in English and 6 other languages for major markets! Expanded Use Cases  Enables more enterprise network policies with VLAN tagging  NetScaler support for Synchronizer external network access Increased  Dual monitors in dock support Performance  Improved hypervisor boot time
  • 13. Internationalization/Localization Hypervisor Synchronizer • Hypervisor UI • Synchronizer UI • Online help • Online help • Docs • Docs • Tier 1 Languages ᵒ English • Languages ᵒ French ᵒ German ᵒ Italian ᵒ Simplified Chinese ᵒ German ᵒ Spanish ᵒ Japanese ᵒ Simplified Chinese © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy13
  • 14. Localization • Hypervisor language selection • Synchronizer installation language selection • Console language based on the locale reported by the browser14
  • 15. Windows 8 support
  • 16. Windows 8 support• Windows 8 as a guest operating system ᵒ PV Tools support ᵒ Multi-touch in guest• Laptop and desktop form factors supported• Tablets/Convertibles – to be added in future ᵒ Accelerometer support ᵒ Multi-touch support in the hypervisor UI• Multi-monitor support – future
  • 17. Hardware Compatibility • >400 models supported • # of new units • Ultrabooks ᵒ Lenovo: X1 Carbon ᵒ Fujitsu: U77 ᵒ Dell: 6430u (enterprise), XPS13 • Laptops • Desktops • Previously supported models ᵒ (n-2); dropped Montevina © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy17
  • 18. Citrix Receiver Virtual Machine18
  • 19. Display Architecture Improvements19
  • 20. Other notable XenClient improvements• Dual external monitors in a docking station• 30% hypervisor boot time improvement• VM import/export • Any instance where user moves VM’s between XC devices • Hardware refresh • Moving non managed/personal image to new machine • Personal VM • XenClient 2.1 to XenClient 4.5?• Improved KVM support (confirm)
  • 21. VLAN tagging explained Network B secure Network A insecure Chrome VM XenClie VLAN A traffic nt VLAN A traffic VLAN B traffic Windows 7 VM VLAN B traffic packets packets tagged tagged21
  • 22. XenClient support for NetScaler • NetScaler support for XenClient Synchronizer • Enables external network access to Synchronizer via SSL bridging ᵒ Provides an added layer of security and performance by enabling organizations to secure their corporate Synchronizer behind a NetScaler. • Reduces workload on the Synchronizer with NetScaler SSL offload • NetScaler is standalone product – available as appliance or virtual appliance © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy22
  • 23. Today: Synchronizer Remote Access Options DMZ: DMZ less secure SSL XenClient Synchronizer Port Forwarding: SSL SSLXenClient Synchronizer No Access: SSL XenClient Synchronizer More secure © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy23
  • 24. NetScaler Integration Points: SSL Security SSL Bridging: SSL Bridge SSL Bridge XenClient Synchronizer SSL Backend Encryption: SSL SSL XenClient © 2012 Citrix | #CitrixSynergy Synchronizer24
  • 25. ‘Follow-me’ desktopsYour desktop on any device, anywhere, anytime On the move iPad/Tablet with Work PC with Home Laptop with End User
  • 26. Citrix products integrated • Virtual desktop types ᵒ XenClient: client hypervisor-based desktop ᵒ XenDesktop: server hosted desktop (VDI) ᵒ Remote PC: server-less VDI • ‘Follow-me’ enablers ᵒ Citrix Receiver: virtual desktop access ᵒ ShareFile: data and file portability ᵒ Citrix Profile Management: user profile portability26
  • 27. Work better. Live better.