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  • 1. Make every PC a virtual desktopwith Remote PC and FlexCastStephan Pfister Jozsef RozsahegyiConapro GmbH, Zug Conapro GmbH,
  • 2. Agenda• XenDesktop FlexCast Technology• Technical Overview• Licensing• FlexCast Integration• Q&A 2
  • 3. XenDesktopFlexCast Technology
  • 4. FlexCast: People centric – and use case driven Hosted Physical Streamed VDI Local Shared Windows apps and data
  • 5. XenDesktop VDI with Personal vDiskPooled desktop management for dedicated VDI use cases User Profile & User Profile & User Profile & Settings Settings Settings ------------- ------------- ------------- • Highly personalized for users Departmental Departmental Departmental Applications Applications Applications ------------- User Installed ------------- User Installed ------------- User Installed • Increased user acceptance Applications Applications Applications ------------- Local Peripherals ------------- Local Peripherals ------------- Local Peripherals • Reduced infrastructure requirements PVD 1 PVD 2 PVD 3 • ~65% savings in storage • Centralized management Common Base Image • Uptime & predictability Operating System BASE PARENT VM6
  • 6. Hosted-Shared desktopsExtreme efficiency and scalability • 4X-6X density compared to VDI • Ideal for fixed-task use cases • Familiar Windows 7 look and feel
  • 7. Local desktops with XenClient Enterprise Local Execution Centralized Management Preferences Data Apps Desktop OS Fast, secure, extensible, Synchronizer client hypervisor
  • 8. Streamed desktops • Central image for updates/patches • No data stored on device • Data theft and loss protection • Minimize IT visits • Pristine desktop everytime
  • 9. Physical with Remote PC• Secure, mobile access to office-based PCs• Screaming fast HDX end-to-end• Eliminate VPNs and Support• Touchless admin experience• Citrix Receiver in every App Store• Total Value of Ownership/ROI• Simplified on ramp for desktop virtualization
  • 10. Traditional Remote Desktop Deployment Introducing Remote PC ICA/HDX XenApp Solution 2 Secure Gateway XenApp SSL Alternative Protocol Alternative VPN ProtocolRestricted Device Choice Edge Appliance Double Authentication Slow Performing Intense Administration Solution 1 Often times both
  • 11. Remote PC XenApp Physical Remote PC Service SSL 11010 SSL 1011011010 SSL 1011011010 1011011010 1011011010 1011011 1011101 Alternative VPN Protocol Cloud Gateway 1. Install XenDesktop Broker 2. Deploy Remote PC VDA 3. Obtain Receiver from App Stores
  • 12. Live Demo 13
  • 13. Remote PCTechnical Overview
  • 14. Components – Simple! • Virtual Desktop Agent (VDA) ○ Windows XP x86/x64 (SP3/SP2) ○ Windows 7 Ult, Pro & Ent SP1 x86/x64 • XenDesktop Controller ○ XenDesktop 5.6 • Web Interface 5.4 ○ No enhancements • CloudGateway/StoreFront Services • For complete list of requirements see eDocs ○
  • 15. Additional Requirements for Laptops• Disable the Hibernate feature• Disable the sleep feature• Set the close lid action to do nothing• Set the press the power button action to shut down• Disable video card enerty saving features• Disable network interface card energy saving features• Disable battery saving technologiesNOTEDocking and undocking the laptop is not supported 16
  • 16. Microsoft Windows 8 RT• XenDesktop 5.6 VDA is not supported on Windows 8• Installable VDA client from the Excalibur Tech Preview for physical Windows 8 machines• No support for Tech Previews, but a great way to evaluate the new HDX features coming out 17
  • 17. Citrix WDDM Driver v2 • Citrix WDDM version 2 is compatible with Windows 7 ○ Does not disable the local WDDM display driver (unlike WDDM v1) NEW! • Results? ○ Physical Adapter is left untouched i.e. no interaction with Citrix Drivers ○ Local experience remains optimal and is not degraded
  • 18. Multi-Monitor Considerations• No specific changes to support Remote PC ○ Most work done to match XP experience• Up to 8 monitors supported on client ○ Non Aero only (Win7 Basic/Thinwire)• Max per monitor resolution ○ 4096 x 4096• Available system memory is limiting factor ○ Default = 128MB• Resolution Limit (Aligned Monitors) ○ SUM (color depth * X Res* Y Res)• Ref: CTX115637 - ○ How to calculate Session memory for non-aligned monitors
  • 19. Local Smart Card Support• Supported* for Win 7 clients only (No WinXP)• Enable: Add the following Registry entry HKLMSoftwareCitrixSmartCardEnableHookDynamicSwitchingForConsoleAndRdp REG_DWORD 1• Ensure that the Microsoft Smart Card Service is configured to start automatically on the remote physical PC.• Reboot the remote PC* See the latest Remote PC documentation for list of supported Smart Card models
  • 20. Remote PC Service
  • 21. Remote PC Architecture XD Controller○ Remote PC Access Service RemotePCAccess XML PoSH script Configuration○ RemotePCAccess.ps1○ RemotePCAccessConfig.xml Remote PC Access Service Event Log Physical PC AD PoSH Broker SDK WCF (80)WorkStationAgent Service Broker Service
  • 22. Basic Process Flow • Remote PC Access Service starts-up automaticallyStep1 • Remote PC Access Service reads the configuration file • RemotePCAccessConfig.xml (defines the operation of the service)Step2 • E.G. enable or disable service… • Remote PC Access Service loads, validates and runs the PoSH script which in turn creates catalogs/desktop groups and assigns users to newly added machines …Step3
  • 23. Licensing
  • 24. Remote PC Licensing • Existing XenDesktop models apply. No additional license requirement* Included in Enterprise and Platinum Editions – VDI Edition must upgrade• One remote user can • An unlimited number of • A XenDesktop license is connect to an unlimited remote users can consumed when any number of physical connect to one physical remote user connects to office PCs office PC any physical office PC• Licenses are assigned • Licenses are assigned • The license is released per standard period (90 per standard period (90 when the connection days) days) terminatesUser Device ConcurrentLicensing: Licensing: Licensing:* In compliance with Microsoft licensing of Remote Access Technologies
  • 25. MSFT Licensing Questions• What type of licensing do I need from Microsoft for Remote PC? ○ None (SA/VDA) – until you decide to virtualize the OS from the hardware ○ An assigned user is allowed to remotely access their PC without additional license costs: “Remote Access” Do I need a VDA license to remotely access my work PC in the office from my home PC? No. The VDA license is not required for this scenario. If you are primary user of the licensed device, such as a work PC in the office, you may remotely access that PC from any device. A VDI license is required when you remotely access a virtual desktop on a server.• What about combining with XenClient Enterprise or PVS-endpoints? ○ XC-E – unless you plan on virtualizing multiple images, then SA ○ PVS to Endpoints – VDA and VL/SA**Please contact your Microsoft Rep for official MSFT Licensing guidance 26