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Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Was ist neu in XenDesktop / XenAppRoger BöschCitrix Systems International GmbH
  • 2. Project Avalon:Excalibur & Merlin
  • 3. Windows as a truecloud service
  • 4. Where were we today?
  • 5. HostedPhysical VDI Local Shared Heavy 3D Workloads, Scalable, Laptop XenDesktopworkloads, Personal XenApp Affordable XenClient UsersRemote PC Desktops access
  • 6. Today: Separation of Owners & RolesCurrent Desktops & Apps Architecture Receiver Web Interface Delivery EdgeSight PCM PVS Desktop Services Console Console Console Studio Console IMA Power & Controller Capacity Controller Mgmt IMA DB WMI CBP DB Server OS Provisioning Desktop OS Workers PVS Services Workers XenApp 6.5 Farm XenDesktop 5.6 FP1 Site (IMA) (FMA)
  • 7. Where were we tomorrow?
  • 8. HostedPhysical VDI Local Shared Heavy 3D Workloads, Scalable, Laptopworkloads, Excalibur Personal Affordable XenClient UsersRemote PC Desktops access
  • 9. UnificationFuture: One Desktops & Apps TeamFlexCast Management Architecture Receiver Storefront Director Studio Delivery Controller SQL DB VDA VDA Server OS Desktop OS workers Workers Desktops & Apps Farm
  • 10. projectExcalibur
  • 11. 3 Pillars UNIFICATION MISSION-CRITICALVALUE Phase 1 Excalibur and health management Simplifying IT Operations Proactive risk (aka Formerly Jasper)
  • 12. 12
  • 13. 13
  • 14. projectCloud readinessTenants
  • 15. 3 Pillars CLOUD SERVICESVALUE Phase 2 Simplifying IT Operations Proactive risk and health management Merlin Seamless delivery to any cloud
  • 16. Avalon Service Delivery PlatformDelivering Desktops, Apps, and Data as a Service Workflows to design Manager services and allow CloudPortal Service and create Self Service Portal subscribers to consume plans Partner Self-Service Consoles Orchestrate and automate the service creation, FlexCast Orchestration Technology Orchestration Engine configuration, and maintenance XenDesktop, XenApp Deliver services across any FlexCast model and product Desktop/App Delivery Cloud Infrastructure Consume infrastructure service offerings from CloudStack, AWS, Microsoft, traditional hypervisors private/public cloud as well as traditional virtual resources
  • 17. Cloud-style Service Orchestration XenDesktopXA XD XD XenApp VDI-in-a-Box |NEXT XA XD XDv6+ v5+ v5+ CloudStack Any Cloud Compute Compute Network Storage
  • 18. Use CaseMulti-site, Multi-datacenter FlexCast management AG + SF Focus • Customers to manage XD & XA from single FlexCast Orchestration orchestration layer across locations on existing virtual infrastructure LS XD XA Value Delivered AD • Single pane of glass to manage XA 6.5 farms and sites Pers • Centralized configuration for StoreFront • Unified help desk functionality Enterprise Datacenter(s) • Simplify rollout of updated desktop images • deployment automation scripts Traditional Virtual Infrastructure
  • 19. Use CaseFlexing to the cloud for added capacity AG + SF Focus Cloud Provider • Enterprises that want short-term App Orchestration use in a public cloud for M&A, DR, etc. MPLS LS Value Delivered XD XA XD XA • Single pane of glass to manage XA AD 6.5 farms and sites • Support complex multi-domain and Pers multi-forest AD environment • Provision workloads using Enterprise Central IT CloudStack or AWS Virtual Infrastructure
  • 20. Whats in Tech Preview• Project Avalon Excalibur Technology Preview Release Date: 10/17/2012 11/01/2012• New features include:• Simplified, unified, and expanded FlexCast 2.0 architecture New unified FlexCast 2.0 architecture combines simplified and integrated provisioning and personalization tools for both desktops and apps, either VDI-based or Server-based.• Intelligent configuration tools New intelligent configuration tools for deploying desktops and apps that proactively check configuration errors in real time while streamlining the provisioning of profile management and storefront settings.• Storefront for apps & data Create centralized enterprise app stores to deliver desktops, applications, and other resources to users on any device, anywhere with the Citrix StoreFront.• HDX Mobile, Device Optimized Graphics *SuperCodec New enhancements to HDX using Deep Compression Codec technology double the visual performance of desktops and apps to mobile devices dynamically adapting for device type, form factor and network connection while still leveraging the processing power of modern tablets and smartphones.
  • 21. Whats in Tech Preview continued• Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 Host Windows 8 VDI desktops or VM hosted applications in addition to Windows Server 2012 RDS-based desktops and applications. This tech preview also supports Windows 2008R2/SP1 and Windows 7.• Delegated Administration Enterprise-class administration model includes role-based access, custom roles with configurable permissions, and fine-grained, object-based control.• Advanced Configuration Logging Capture site configuration changes and administrative activities within a single tool, Desktop Studio. Use Desktop Studio to diagnose and troubleshoot problems after configuration changes are made, assist change management, track configurations, and report administration activity.• Personal vDisk Improvements Improve scalability with performance enhancements designed to optimize resource utilization, deliver updates faster with the newly enhanced personal vDisk update process, and experience how an improved architecture increases the number of apps compatible with personal vDisk technology.
  • 22. Demo / ScreenshotsExcalibur Installation
  • 23. Terminology Changes• XenDesktop Controller == Delivery Controller• VDA == Delivery Agent (DA)• Desktop Studio == Studio• Desktop Director == Director• Catalog == Machine Catalog• Desktop Group == Delivery Group• RDS Machine == Windows Server OS Machine• VDI Machine == Windows Desktop OS Machine• XenDesktop Logo == Citrix Logo
  • 24. Scenario based Deployment Guide
  • 25. Excalibur TP - Installation
  • 26. Excalibur TP – Full Deploy
  • 27. VDA Installation
  • 28. Excalibur TP – Machine Catalog
  • 29. Delivery Groups
  • 30. Excalibur Management Role and Workflow Specific Experience Studio Director
  • 31. • Configure & Manage• Provision/Update workers !!• Deliver Apps & Desktops• Track Changes & Admins• Automated Support
  • 32. (Desktop) Studio Overview
  • 33. Demo Studio
  • 34. Excalibur Management Role and Workflow Specific Experience Studio Director
  • 35. • Operational support• Helpdesk centric• Supports Delegated Admin• Reduce TTR• Multisite support
  • 36. Demo Director
  • 37. Director - Trends (not in TP2)
  • 38. Project Excalibur Tech Preview Core service delivery for desktops and apps… Preferences Data Apps OS FlexCast Intuitive Simplified, Integration Configuration Automated Personal Desktops• XenApp & XenDesktop shares a • New wizards simplify configuration, • Automate desktop creation common architecture policies, licensing • Storefront Svcs.• Virtual Delivery Agent for • Configuration Logging & Delegated • Profile Mgmt. delivering desktops and apps Admin • Folder Redirection from servers and desktops OS’es • Personal vDisk
  • 39. Project Excalibur Tech Preview Improving user experience & admin support Hi Definition Next-generation Predictive global Experience platforms monitoring• Network condition-based adaptive • Windows 8 & Server 2012 • Improved Director UI & Flash redirection (inc 2K8R2 + Win7/XP/Vista) expanded support capacity• Improved server & client-rendered • Hyper-V 3.0 • Multi-site monitoring graphics for Win7 & Win8 • SCCM/SCVMM 2012 SP1• Transcoding to H.264 & adaptive • SQL Server 2012 display for better mobile device • IPv6 support• HDX 3D Pro & Flash re-direction on Win8
  • 40. Project Excalibur Tech Preview Real-time Multimedia Transcoding Windows Media Client-Side content Fetching (CSF) Windows Media Multicast Support via CSF Improved Webcam Video Compression UDP Audio for Hosted Shared Desktops
  • 41. Controllers & Workers• Controllers ᵒ Windows Server 2008 R2 ᵒ Windows Server 2012• Workers ᵒ Windows XP / Windows Vista ᵒ Windows 7 / Windows 8 ᵒ Windows Server 2008 R2 / Windows Server 2012
  • 42. Work better. Live better.