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Daniel künzli net scaler 10


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  • 1. NetScaler 10
  • 2. Winner!Citrix NetScaler Cloud Infrastructure Management Flexibility (Systems Center) Infinite Availability & Security & Flexibility Performance Cloud Scale Visibility Enterprise Datacenter
  • 3. Secure Reverse Proxy S1 A1 SQL NetScaler FTP HTTPS HTTP VIP PwO UDP S2 A2 NetScaler DNS TCP CG CB SAAS IAAS gateway AD NetScaler S3 A3 Es NetScaler DataStreamOptimization Security Switching Management Platforms VPX XenServerSSL Offload Application Firewall L7 Request Switching CLI/GUI/API/SNMP 10, 200, 1G, 3G VMWareTCP Offload L4-7 ACL (Load Balance) Hyper V AppFlow & Syslog Advanced Health Check 5500,TCP Buffering DoS Protections Command Center MPX 7500-9500,Surge Protection Rewrite + Responder Content Switching 10500-15500, NSWL 9700-15500 FIPS,Compression SSL VPN GSLB 11500-20500, EdgeSight for NetScaler 17500-21500,Caching AAA for App Traffic VLAN, SR-IOV, PBR 17550-21550 AppExpert Dynamic Routing SDX 11500-20500,Web 2.0 Push Cloud Gateway 17500-21500, 17550-21550 AppExpert Callout Pay-As-You-Grow NetScaler CloudBridge Editions Standard, Enterprise and Platinum NetScaler DataStream Express, Developer’s
  • 4. NetScaler Platforms Physical Virtual Platform Price-Performance Run Anywhere Multi-Tenant Multi-Service
  • 5. NetScaler Pay-As-You-Grow MPX/SDX 17550-21550 20Gbps – 50Gbps Up to 400K SSL TPS MPX/SDX All platforms can 11500-20500 Paygrow be license 8Gbps – 42Gbps upgraded across 45k – 220k SSL TPS 16 Gbps their supported NEBS ranges. AvailableNetScaler Performance 8 Gbps 4 Gbps MPX/SDX ROME MPX FIPS 8200-8600 MPX 9700-15500 2Gbps – 6Gbps 2Gbps MPX 7500-9500 1Gbps – 5Gbps License THEBES 1Gbps-3Gbps Upgrade 5550-5650 500Mbps – 1Gbps 1Gbps MPX 5500 VPX 10Mbps – 3Gbps 1 2 3 10s 100s No. of Web Applications
  • 6. Citrix TriScale TechnologyScale up, Scale in and Scale out Scale Up Consolidation with SDX Elasticity with Scale In Pay-As-You-Grow Expandability with Clustering Scale Out
  • 7. Why SDX?
  • 8. Applications Have Individual Lifecycles Maintenance windows Infrastructure change frequency Application change frequency Desire for new ADC functionality
  • 9. Pair per Application/Tenant LB
  • 10. NetScaler SDX • CPU, memory, IO virtualization NetScaler VPX NetScaler VPX NetScaler VPX Service VM ○ XenServer + Intel + SR-IOV NICs XenServer • Independent instances, versions ○ Direct hardware access • Service VM ○ Single point for management • HW-level SSL isolation NetScaler Hardware • HA across devices 10
  • 11. Hardware Virtualization • VT-x – Intel x86 CPU virtualization ○ Each instance assigned dedicated CPU, memory, SSL • VT-d – Intel virtualization for directed I/O NetScaler VPX ○ Direct access to NIC & HD/SSD • SR-IOV – single-root I/O virtualization ○ PCI-SIG standard for native PCI-E device sharing
  • 12. SDX: Multi-tenant NetScaler Appliance ServiceVM NetScaler 3 NetScaler 2 NetScaler 1 Separate management networks Instances are separate VMs vSwitch Data plane uses SR-IOV Virtualization layer 0/1 0/2 1/1 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/5 1/6 1/7 1/8 10/1 10/2 10/3 10/4
  • 13. Integrated Control via SDX Management Service
  • 14. Next-Gen SDX
  • 15. Multi-service Consolidated Delivery Multiple Moving Parts ADC ADC FW DLP DLPFW ADC ADC ADC
  • 16. BranchRepeater
  • 17. Prescriptive deployment with AppFormations AV FW LB FW WI EIP LB LB IPS WAN FW LB IPS WAN VPN
  • 18. Manage from a single touch point AV AV FW LB FW WI EIP EIP FW LB LB LB LB IPS WAN WAN FW FW LB IPS LB FW LB WAN WAN VPN VPN
  • 19. Next gen NetScaler SDX• Open, programmable platform• Prescriptive, app-driven network configuration• Unified application control layer
  • 20. Microsoft Workloads
  • 21. Web/App Tier Data Tier High Maximum Server Complete Application Application Offload Application Availability Performance Savings Security Microsoft SQL Server• Load balancing • Caching • Connection, SSL • SSL VPN Offload• Health • Compression • Web App monitoring • Connection Firewall pooling
  • 22. NetScaler DataStreamTM in Database Tier Web/App DB Tier NetScaler DataStreamTM Tier TDS Protocol aware Connection Scale-Up Custom Optimal Scale-Out ScriptsInternet Improved Availability HTTP Native SQL TCP High Availability No HA HA Simple Scalability No LB LB Simple Conn Multiplexing Custom App Security Content Switching Monitors High Performance High Availability Microsoft SQL Server TCP Load HTTP ADC NetScaler Balancer ADC
  • 23. NetScaler DataStreamTM Benefits High-Availability/ Scale Up Scale Out Visibility • Native SQL LB • Intelligent Monitoring• SQL Multiplexing  Scale TCP connections  Request Switching and Failover  Host more DBs on Server  Replication state aware  Fast App response  Reduce # of SQL Licenses  Virtual IP based  More Efficient HA• SQL Conn. Offload • SQL aware policies  Read/Write Split • Top Down Visibility  Spare memory/cpu  Appflow based  Faster Query execution  Partitioning/Sharding  Granular Control  Actionable Reporting down to query level• SQL Caching  Free up Server Resources  Better End User Response Times NetScaler provides ScaleUp like performance for ScaleOut like economics
  • 24. TCP Load Balancer DB Tier A,B,C….Y,Z -> SQL Queries AB C Z Microsoft DE F SQL Server Y Load Scale-Out Read-Only DB Balancer Scale-Up Master DB Active/Passive
  • 25. SQL Connection Multiplexing/Content Switching A,B,C….Y,Z -> SQL Queries DB Tier ABC Z DE F Microsoft SQL Server Y Scale-Out Read-Only DB NetScaler Scale-Up Master DB Active/Passive L7 Based load balancing mechanism
  • 26. Visibility and Security for SQL – What’shappening on the backend??• Visibility at a L7 Query level• Ability to identify potential ‘open’ back doors and other security threats• Responder for taking action and providing additional security• Identify applications that may not be ‘behaving’ as they should• Actionable reports thru Auditlog and Appflow 26
  • 27. DB Read/Write Split + HA with NetScaler Web Servers • Netscaler deployed in multi-tier fashion • Web/App Tier contacts DB via CS Vserver • Read/Write split with failover • Intelligent monitors to detect Primary DB for MS SQL Mirror • Disable Primary Vserver on Down to accommodate replication • Increased scale and reliability App Servers • Increased visibility at SQL query levelMaster Read OnlyDatabaseHA Setup Slave Databases Active Passive
  • 28. Action Analytics
  • 29. Automation
  • 30. Automation and Microsoft • Native support for NetScaler Management Interface • Powershell integration • Designed for automation
  • 31. Citrix NetScaler/SCVMM 2012 Integration
  • 32. Integrating into the Cloud: NITRO API• Framework based on Representational State Transfer (REST)• Simple, lightweight API• Handles bulk as well as single operations• Secure encrypted communication• Built in support for authentication 32
  • 33. NITRO API Interfaces Client Toolkits Policy Statistics Scripting OOP Reverse Bulk Granular SOAP RESTful Perl/PHP/Python/ Java/C#/ASP/ JSON/XML PowerShell .NET based Call-Out Reporting Reporting
  • 34. Work better. Live better.