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20 christian ferber xen_server_6_workshop

  1. 1. XenServer 6.0WorkshopChristian FerberSystems Engineer Datacenter & CloudServer Virtualization
  2. 2. Agenda• General Enhancements• Workload Balancing• StorageLink• High Availability / Site Recovery• IaaS Cloud Improvements• Microsoft SCVMM and SCOM Support• Optimized for XenDesktop
  3. 3. General Enhancements
  4. 4. Simplicity & Ease of Use• Installation, upgrade and management of a XenServer environment has been drastically simplified • Integrated StorageLink • Workload Balancing Virtual Appliance • Integrated Site Recovery • vApps • Rolling Pool Upgrade Wizard • Simplified Installer
  5. 5. Rolling Pool Upgrade• Fully automated upgrades (after pre-checks) • Requires HTTP, NFS or FTP share• Semi-automated upgrades • CD or PXE• Dedicated for full release upgrades
  6. 6. Performance & Scale Improvements• 16 vCPU per VM• 128Gb Memory per VM• 1TB Physical RAM support• XenCenter now parallelizes XenAPI operations
  7. 7. New guest support• Updated Guest Support • Debian Squeeze 6.0 64-bit • Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.0 (32 and 64-bit) • SLES 10 SP4 (32 and 64-bit)• New Guest Support • Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 (32 and 64-bit)• Experimental Guest Support • CentOS 6.0 (32 and 64-bit) • Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat 10.10 (32 and 64-bit) • Solaris 10
  8. 8. Migration / Import / Export of VMs• XenConvert now focused on P2V• Fully supported VM disk and OVF appliance import directly from XenCenter• Change parameters during Import wizard • Name • vCPU • vMemory • Virtual Interfaces • Target SR• Run operating fix-ups to remove system drivers, vm tools, etc. from incoming image
  9. 9. Live DemoXenServer basic functionalities
  10. 10. Workload Balancing
  11. 11. WLB Process• See details in WLB admin guide http://support.citrix.com/article/CTX127330
  12. 12. WLB XenServer 6.0 value• Reduced footprint• Reduced add-on costs as • no additional Windows license required • no additional database license required• Ease of use• Building-block concept, WLB scales with each pool
  13. 13. WLB XenServer 6.0• Move from Windows installed service to Linux appliance• Integrated PostgreSQL database vs. SQL server requirement• Import appliance – configure - go• 1 WLB appliance per pool• Retired support for report subscriptions
  14. 14. Live Demo WLB
  15. 15. IntegratedStorageLink
  16. 16. StorageLink – Enhanced Storage Integration XenServer(s) Management Communication Fast cloning Snapshots Data Communication Deduplication Recovery ...
  17. 17. XenServer StorageLink Evolution StorageLink Gateway Integrated StorageLink + FibreChannel & iSCSI + FibreChannel & iSCSI + add. storages (e.g. EMC) + add. storages in future - high availability required (e.g. EMC) - additional Windows lic + integrated high availability + no Windows license + NetApp + Dell Equalogic StorageLink Adapter StorageLink Adapter + NetApp + NetApp + Dell Equalogic + Dell Equalogic - iSCSI only - iSCSI onlyXenServer <5.5 5.5 – 5.6 SP2 6.0
  18. 18. Integrated StorageLink Architecture XenServer Host XAPI Daemon SMAPI CSLG LVM NFS NetApp … Bridge EQL NetApp SMI-S …
  19. 19. Integrated StorageLink - Screenshots
  20. 20. Live DemoStorageLink
  21. 21. High Availability
  22. 22. Hochverfügbarkeit Protected Protected Device Drivers Device Drivers Device Drivers Do not Protected XenTool Stack restart XenTool Stack XenTool Stack Xen Hypervisor Xen Hypervisor Xen Hypervisor Bare Metal Hardware Bare Metal Hardware Bare Metal Hardware Remote VM Guest Storage
  23. 23. XenServer 6.0 HA solution• XenServer 5.6 SP2 and older • Quorum requires iSCSI or FC LUN• XenServer 6.0 • Quorum can be on iSCSI, FC or NFS
  24. 24. Site Recovery
  25. 25. vApps• Introduction of vApp object in XenServer 6.0• Instance for grouping of VMs and defining start order• 1 VM can be part of 1 vApp• Several vApps can be created
  26. 26. vApp: VM start order• To be used for • HA • Disaster Recovery• Start order number• Start delay: „How long should VM wait to do next vApp action?“
  27. 27. XenServer Disaster Recovery Evolution StorageLink XenServer Disaster SiteRecovery Recovery + high automation + support for virtually all - high storage dependency storages - only NetApp and HP + independent on storage Lefthand mirroring solution - StorageLink gateway VM + LVM FC / iSCSI - add. Windows license + XenServer and XenCenter - additional management GUI integration manually using metadata manually using metadata manually using metadata import / export import / export import / exportXenServer <5.5 5.5 – 5.6 SP2 6.0
  28. 28. Disaster Recovery Architecture XenServer Disaster Recovery in case of failure of Site AVM VM VM VM VM VM 1 2 n 1 2 n XenServer XenServer Pool A Pool B Data Replication by Storage Storage A Storage B
  29. 29. XenServer 6.0 Disaster Recovery• Support for all HCL listed storages (LVM, iSCSI/FC)• Leverages storage vendor replication solution• Full wizard based XenCenter integration• Leverages vApps for controlled recovery• Test / failover / failback support• No management VM required
  30. 30. Live DemovApps / HA / Site Recovery
  31. 31. Networking Improvements
  32. 32. Open Virtual Switch for XenServer• Strong interest for Software-Defined Networking & OpenFlow in Cloud• XenServer Virtual Switch provides “open” alternative to proprietary networking stacks• Provides layer for future ecosystem value add• Open vSwitch default networking stack in XenServer 6.0
  33. 33. Open Virtual Switch for XenServer• Open vSwitch is the default network stack in XenServer 6.0• Linux Bridge users will be automatically upgraded to Open vSwitch• Reverting to Linux Bridge is possible through CLI• Future networking enhancements will be focused on Open vSwitch
  34. 34. Active-Backup Bonding Support• Added to XenServer 5.6 FP1 for Linux Bridge • CLI only in 5.6 FP1• Added support for Active-Backup for Open vSwitch• Configurable through XenCenter
  35. 35. MS SCVMM / SCOMsupport
  36. 36. Support for SCVMM and SCOM• XenServer 6.0 supports SCVMM and SCOM • Management of XenServer VMs via System Center Virtual Machine Manager • System Center Operations Manager pack for monitoring• Support for various VM and host operations and monitoring• Certain Host/Pool management operations still in XenCenter (e.g. HA, DR)
  37. 37. SCVMM & XenServer Capabilities• VM Deployment • Host Management • VM Template and Services Deployment • Dynamic Optimization • Intelligent Placement (Host Rating) • Power Optimization • Support for PV and HVM Virtual Machines • Maintenance Mode • VMM Templates (not XenServer Templates) • Storage Repositories• VM Migration • Network • XenMotion (within the attached Resource • OOB Integration Pool) • Support for logical networks • LAN Migration between XenServer and the • Network Topology View VMM Library • No V2V (use P2V instead)
  38. 38. Support for SCVMM• SCVMM communicates with CIMOM in XenServer which communicates with XAPI• Requires SCVMM 2012• Very easy to setup • Delivered as Integration Suite Supplemental Pack • Add Resource Pool or host• Secure communication using certificates
  39. 39. SCVMM Screenshots
  40. 40. Support for SCOM• Monitor XenServer hosts through System Center Operations Manager• Support for SCOM 2007 R2• Part of Integration Suite Supplemental Pack• Monitor various host information (considered Linux host) • Memory usage • Process information • Health status• Requires Enterprise or Platinum
  41. 41. SCOM Screenshots
  42. 42. Live DemoSCVMM Integration
  43. 43. XenServer for XenDesktop
  44. 44. XenServer integrated HA for management / API• No single point of failure by pooled architecture• Management HA integrated, no extra service• XenDesktop support for XenServer HA / Master failover 1.2 1.1 1.3 XenDesktop Controller XenServer Pool
  45. 45. XenDesktopXenServer – Best platform for XenDesktop XenServer• >50% of XenDesktop deployments run on XenServer• XenServer Enterprise included in XenDesktop• XenServer reduces server and storage cost massively Windows 7 Windows 7 50% lower central storage cost by IntelliCacheTM 1 n Best support for HDX 3D desktops by GPU Pass-Thru More desktops per server by Dynamic Memory Control IntelliCacheTM and more … Storage XenServer
  46. 46. 2 deployment options for XenDesktop VMs Machine Provisioning Creation Server Services (PVS) (MCS)
  47. 47. Storage I/O for desktop deploymentProvisioning Windows Cache Target side cache option Storage Server Provisioning Server Hypervisor (PVS) I/O + Space Machine Storage Hypervisor Creation Services (MCS) Array side caching Storage I/O + Space Storage Hypervisor Cache • While MCS provides advantages like ease-of-use or simple architecture all I/O hits storage capacity
  48. 48. IntelliCacheTMLocal storage caching for Machine Creation ServicesMachineCreation I/O + SpaceServices Storage Hypervisor (MCS) Target side caching Storage IntelliCacheTM XenServer • IntelliCacheTM enhances machine creation service by target side caching architecture • XenDesktop deployments scale with each server added • Inexpensive local storage reduces TCO
  49. 49. IntelliCacheTM in action XenServer Host Pooled R/W Cache at runtime Desktops Intellicache Read Cache NFS Shared Storage Base Disk Clones per VM
  50. 50. Live DemoIntelliCache
  51. 51. GPU Pass-through Support• Enables high-end graphics in VDI deployments with HDX 3D Pro• Optimal CAD application support with XenDesktop• More powerful than RemoteFX, virtual GPUs, or other general purpose graphics solutions
  52. 52. Benefits of GPU Pass-throughWithout GPU pass-through, each With GPU pass-through, hardwareuser requires their own Blade PC costs are cut up to 75% GPU cards XenServer Host
  53. 53. GPU Pass-through: How does it work• Identical GPUs in a host auto-create a GPU group• The GPU Group can be assigned to set of VMs – each VM will attach to a GPU at VM boottime• When all GPUs in a group are in use, additional VMs requiring GPUs will not start• GPU and non-GPU VMs can (and should) be mixed on a host• GPU groups are recognized within a pool • If Server 1, 2, 3 each have GPU type 1, then VMs requiring GPU type 1 can be started on any of those servers
  54. 54. Initial Supported Hardware – Limited HCL• Server • HP ProLiant WS460c G6 Workstation series*• GPU (1-4 per host) • NVIDIA Quadro 4000, 5000, 6000 • NVIDIA Tesla M2070Q• Support for Windows guest only• Self Certification kit TBD• Important: Combinations of servers + GPUs must be tested as a pair
  55. 55. Live DemoGPU Pass-Thru
  56. 56. Summary
  57. 57. Citrix XenServer 6.0 Family • Site Recovery Platinum • Provisioning Services for Physical Servers • GPU Pass-Thru • Monitoring Pack for SystemCenter Operations Manager • Workload Balancing incl. Power Management • StorageLinkTM Advanced Storage Management • IntelliCacheTM for XenDesktop Storage Optimization Enterprise • Role-based AdministrationXenServer • Live Memory Snapshots Includes alsoPremium • Provisioning Services for Virtual Servers Provisioning forEditions • Web Management Console with delegated Administration physical desktops • Automated VM Protection and Recovery • Distributed Virtual Switching included in • Mixed Resource Pools by CPU Masking Advanced XenDesktop • Dynamic Memory Control • High Availability for XenDesktop related • Performance Reporting and Alerting workloads • Management Integration with SystemCenter Virtual Machine Manager • SAN Boot Multipathing SupportXenServer Free • Active Directory Integration • Storage Snapshots • No socket restriction • XenCenter Management incl. shared storage and XenMotionTM
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