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Search smarter with Google


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Watch also No. 2: …

Watch also No. 2:
1st Knowledge Session on "Search SMarter with Google" May 2012 at the University of Groningen Library by Guus van den Brekel
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  • 1. Search Smarter with Google Knowledge Session May 2012 University of Groningen Library Guus van den Brekel | digicmb Central Medical Library UMCG
  • 2. It’s not the same …
  • 3. Introduction (on iPad) Voice Search Goggles Apps Google Mobile App History Settings Preview
  • 4. Introduction (on iPad) I am feeling lucky SettingsSafari browser: Tablet | Classic Advanced Search
  • 5. The Basics See the preziI embedded a Prezi in my presented Powerpoint with theSlidedynamic Plugin. Want to know how?
  • 6. Easter Egg …Type: “Google gravity” in Search boxand choose “I am feeling Lucky” on the first result…..
  • 7. Advanced Search & Tips
  • 8. Advanced Search & Tips Only use LOWER keys! inurl: time indefine: weather in usd in euros ~ageing info: translate medezeggenschap engels386/7 site: stocks: intitle: filetype: cache: link:
  • 9. Advanced Search & Tips• “Quotes” phrases• Use more than 2 words and don’t be afraid’ to exclude terms• The minus sign – to leave certain results out• The three dots … number range• OR• * *wildcard*• ~ find related words• Site: only from this site, or –site: to exclude• Intitle: location of the term• Filtetype: pdf’s, doc, jpg …• Think like a document & predict the answer (how would somebody write that down?• Validation-check re-run search with core topic and result details to find more authoritative sourcesMore at: Preview; & Cache; Related
  • 10.
  • 11. example1. (poster OR "oral present*" OR keynote) "university medical * groningen" filetype:pdf (for our Poster Portal project, finding UMCG posters and abstracts) Evernote:
  • 12. Used search terms #2 no. 2 in result list Author names Journal titles Topic Article titles• How Google is used to search for scientific literature. Stats from
  • 13. Google Scholar Settings Refworks Language Library Links Advanced Search in search box!
  • 14. My Citations
  • 15. Easter Egg …Type: zerg rush in the search boxOrType: google sphere and choose I’m feeling lucky
  • 16. Google InsightsInsights for search, who has an interest in what?
  • 17. More on Google Search …• Google Inside Search• Do the “A Google a day” game,• Live Training Google Search Webinars: is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not beimperiled in a hundred battles;if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and loseone;if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in everysingle battle Sun Tze, The Art of War (6th century BC)