Libraries meet research 2.0
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Libraries meet research 2.0



See the WEBCAST as well!! mms://

See the WEBCAST as well!! mms://

Presentation at Nordlib 2.0 in Stockholm, November 21th 2008



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    But            luckily,            we            found            a            working            one            here (copy paste link in browser) :  
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  • Great List in Communities for scientists:
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  • Guus Van den Brekel: Libraries meet Research 2.0
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  • Have a look at the Webcast as well! ;-) Libraries meet Research 2.0:
    Guus Van den Brekel: Libraries meet Research 2.0
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  • Christina, TICER 2008 in Tilburg, workshops Power To The Users & Second Life

Libraries meet research 2.0 Libraries meet research 2.0 Presentation Transcript

  • Libraries meet Research 2.0. 21 November 2008, Nordlib 2.0, Stockholm University Library #nordlib2008 Guus van den Brekel, Central Medical Library, University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG)
  • Libraries meet Research 2.0 ?
  • Outline
    • Trends
    • Research 2.0, Science 2.0; Open Notebook Science
    • Some Web 2.0 Tools Applied
    • Social Networks
    • (Virtual environments)
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  • Trends
    • Even more web-based
    • Mobile internet
    • Further personalization, but also …
    • Growth & evolving of (social) networks
    • Web 3D
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  • Some specifics on Research 2.0
    • Communities & collaboration powered by web 2.0
    • Resources: creating, storing, organising, sharing, exchange, distribution, browsing, searching, re-use, enrich, re-create …
    • Faster, more efficient, greater competetiveness, repeatable, more productive …
    • Enables open feedback and reviews of work
    • A machine-understandable format allows others to take the data and analyze it independently
  • We see the Scientists looking for it…
  • Research 2.0 examples
    • Web 2.0 used for scientific research or education
      • Open Science; Science Commons
      • Proteopedia
      • Nature Precedings
      • Research networks
      • Communities
      • Open Notebook Science
      • OpenWet Lab
      • OpenResearch wiki … and many, many more
    (see for bookmarks:
  • http:// /
  • http://
  • http:// /
  • http:// / wiki /Labs http://
  • http://
  • http://
  • But we also see others offering services…
    • All kinds of partners in research using web 2.0 to connect and integrate into the workflow of scientist and researchers.
    • Publishers, other commercial companies
    • Connotea:
    • Labmeeting: http://
    • http:// /
    • Mendeley: http:// /
    • BiomedExperts: http://
    • Etc….
    • http:// =1687995
    • http:// =245
  • Open Science, not for all? some barriers
    • Tradition
    • Competition
    • Promotion
    • Patents
    • Tenures
  • Do we see the libraries look for it as well?
    • The question is not whether the shift is going to happen, but how fast?
    • It will change the behaviour of researchers, new ways of thinking and operating; we should adapt
    • Libraries: communicate, collaborate, cooperate, facilitate, support learning & research
  • Key Points
    • Communication between researchers and librarians
    • Play a role in the exchange and sharing of research-based information in social network technologies
    • Re-define the library, services, it’s systems to reach: Visibility, Findability, Searchability and Accessibility
    • Branding and marketing the library
  • Visibility
  • Findability
  • Searchability
  • Accessibility
  • Where do Libraries and Research meet?
    • Can we get our content into any platform at the right time, in the right way to be used by scientists, researchers and students?
    Not just in the library website, or the organization portal, or the VLE, but also … Get out to where the researchers are—social networking & Virtual (Research) Environments
  • library Consumer environments Management environment Licensed Bought Faculty& students Digitized Aggregations Resource sharing Integrated local consumer environment? Library web presence Resource sharing, … Source: Lorcan Dempsey, CIC 2007 … Institutional Workflow Portals, CMS, IR, … Personal Workflow RSS, toolbars, .. Network level workflow Google, … Integrated local consumer environment? Library web presence Resource sharing, …
  • Reasons NOT to ignore Social Networks
    • Efficiency possibilities
    • Build professional communities
      • Clinical
      • Research
      • Management
    • Build learning communities
    • Build sharing communities
    • Build community support through outreach
    Online Social Networks in Healthcare & Libraries PF Anderson, Emerging Technologies Librarian, Health Sciences Libraries,
  • More Reasons not to ignore Social Networks
    • Connection, communication, collaboration, consultation
    • Discuss & share information (articles, photos, videos, cases, data, methodologies)
    • Q&A, rapid response (sometimes), serendipitous discovery
    • Global, international connections & opportunities
    • Find employment & research opportunities
    • Emerging trends, topics, medications, treatments, insights in your field
    Online Social Networks in Healthcare & Libraries PF Anderson, Emerging Technologies Librarian, Health Sciences Libraries,
  • Let’s look at two things
    • Re-define the Library, Services, it’s Systems to reach: Visibility, Findability, Searchability and Accessibility:
    • Branding and marketing the library
    SIMPEL APPROACH: User environment = browser & internet Simpel tools, low cost (or free)& high impact! Browser Tools -> Toolbars, Widgets etc
  • Power to the Users (and Librarians…)
    • Web 2.0 technologies offer everybody the power and tools to create and mash-up information to their needs
    • Opportunities practically INVITE users to engage
    • They are doing it. We should join them!
  • The “Infectious Library”
    • WHY?
    • (What do you REALLY want with your content?)
    WHERE? do you want to be? –as Library - The Why of add-ons, plug-ins, toolbars, searchboxes, widgets ..
  • For Example
    • Toolbars
    • From Toolbar to Search Box
    • From Search Boxes to “Universal Widgets”
    • From Widgets to social networks to … anywhere ….
  • From Toolbar To Searchbox
    • Toolbar:
    • For communities:
    • Simple Searchbox: flexible, tailor-made
    • For Personal Search:
      • Google Toolbar (
      • Needlesearch (
  • From SearchBox To “ Universal” Widgets
    • A web widget is a portable chunk of code that can be installed and executed within any separate HTML -based web page by an end user without requiring additional compilation .
    • Or: gadget, badge, module, capsule, snippet, mini and flake.
  • SUB Search beta BLOG WEBSITE iGoogle Netvibes MyYahoo FACEBOOK MySpace Opera Windows Live Apple Dashboard Vista INTRANET http:// / widget / sub-search
  • widgets http:// / ig /directory? url = / ig /gadgets/file/102232754577566157929/ SUB.xml #
  • From Widgets To Social Networks …. anywhere
    • Social Networks
    • Websites, Intranet, Blogs
    • Embed and Install Options
    • Personal Start Pages
  • From Personal Start Page to Published “Universe”
    • Online Published Selection: “Universe”
    • “ Toolbox Take-Away & Tailor-made”
    • Sharing, collaboration, cooperation, education & training
    • Public Pages: Share, collaborate, education, training
    • Library “Toolbox”: “Take-Away & Tailor-made”
  • Embed & Integrate
    • Build-in network, applications, CMS, VLE
    • Not just in Library Portal or Organization website
    • Knowledge management systems?
    • Services Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • PennTags & PennPortal
    • http:// /
    • http:// /
  • SOA Example European Library
    • http://
  • Mindset
    • “ Everything will keep changing”
    • “ Anything can happen”
    • User chooses and creates
    • It’s no threat, but an additional, supplementary
    • If the user can do it himself, the library should have done it before, as a service
  • Web 2.0 & Dependency?
    • Always keep in mind to look and develop “applied use” in your organization and library community
    • For individuals, groups, communities, networks and overall
    • Embed and integrate in workflow
    • Dependency of software
    • Open standards
    • Explore, Play and Teach Yourself ,
    • But also Teach Your Staff and Users: WEB-LITERACY
    • Play a Leading Role within your Organization as Experts in Web-Literacy
  • “ To boldly go where your users have gone before”
  • Thank you for your attention!
    • Guus van den Brekel
    • Email: [email_address] /
    • Twitter: digicmb
    • Blog:
    • Netvibes:
    • Slideshare:
    • Facebook: http:// /
    • Linkedin: =&key=18148582
    • Second Life: Namro Orman
    • (see for bookmarks:
  • Preprocessed spherical projections from inside a crystal including the Hershfield surface.
  • http://