Why Does He Wear 260 T-shirts 'Camera Rescue Mission'(SAMSUNG IMAGING)


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"Camera Rescue Mission"

Today I want to introduce a video titled “Camera Rescue mission.” It’s all about the NX200 and I hope that all of you enjoy watching it."

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Why Does He Wear 260 T-shirts 'Camera Rescue Mission'(SAMSUNG IMAGING)

  1. 1. ULR : http://www.samsungimaging.net/2011/10/31/why-does-he-wear-260-t-shirts-camera-rescue-mission/Why Does He Wear 260 T-shirts? “Camera RescueMission”by JonathanKPart I. “Camera Rescue Mission”Hello Samsungimaging friends!Today I want to introduce a video titled “Camera Rescue Mission.” It’s all about the NX200and I hope that all of you enjoy watching it.Before you watch this, I want to briefly explain the video. There are three guys in this video.Two of them are friends and they ask the other guy to take some pictures of them, but theguy fell down because he had on 260 t-shirts. When they helped him sit back on the chair,they noticed that the NX200 camera disappeared. They were stunned when it happened.However, they found the camera buried in the shirts. They started to try “rescue thecamera” with an electric drill, a light saber, dragon fire, and more. Finally, they rescued thecamera and asked the guy to take picture for them again.Let’s ENJOY it!
  2. 2. Part II. Behind Story of the VideoFrom the beginning of this project, we decided to film the process. We visited the factoryfor the t-shirts and it took about a week before the shooting. Even though there were somedifficulties with unexpected situations, we had so much fun! We took more than 1,000shots and edited it for this fun video. Hopefully, you like it and see how we did it. Now wehave the behind story video below for you.Time required for this projectPrint 260 t-shirts with different images: 1 weekTest shooting (demonstrated before the final shooting): 1 dayFinal shooting: 2 daysVideo editing: 1 weekAs I posted above, it took about 2-3 weeks to finish this project. People who participated inthis project visited the t-shirt factory and helped print the images together over the week.
  3. 3. At the factory; Printing inkPrinting the image of the NX200
  4. 4. Image for the light saber sceneWhen the guy tried his best to wear over 200 t-shirts, he couldn’t even stand by himself.There were emergency rescuers for unexpected emergency situations because it wasimpossible to avoid feeling the pressure especially for the guy who wore the t-shirts.
  5. 5. Finally, they rescued the NX200! Yay!Thank you for watching the video and hope you liked it!