Don’t miss the nx200 feel & share!


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Don’t miss the nx200 feel & share!

  1. 1. ULR :’t Miss the NX200 Feel & Share!by soyoungLike Facebook NX and Enter This Online Event!If you don’t Like the Samsung NX Facebook page yet, you may miss a big chance to visit theNX gallery, appreciate the decent images from 60 photographers for free and win ourspecial gift. To seize the rare opportunity for these benefits, Like the NX Facebookpage first, and join the online event ‘NX200 Feel & Share’![Online Event] NX200 Feel & Share• Venue: 3D Gallery and Explore on the Samsung NX Facebook page• Duration: Nov. 2nd – Dec. 6thThough the online element of the campaign, ‘NX200 Feel & Share’, we Samsung willprovide sixty photography enthusiasts worldwide with their own NX200 camera and lens
  2. 2. kits to create a virtual NX200 photo gallery of their own detailed images expressing theirunique and individual photography styles. The shots taken by them will be displayed onthe 3D gallery and Explore for a chance for them to win the full NX200 system. In the 3Dgallery, 120 photographs handpicked by sixty photographers will be posted and theirwhole 1800 photographs will be hung on the Explore.You NX fans will be the judges, encouraged to view, vote for and comment on their favoriteshots and even share postcards using their top images. Based on this activity, thephotographer of the most popular image will be crowned the overall winner. Voting opensfrom November 2nd 2011. And among participants, Samsung will select ten persons everyday randomly to award the NX200 style 8GB USB memory stick. (A pop-up window willappear suddenly!)Photographer overview and introduction page contain short information on eachphotographer. If you click on the thumbnail, you can see the movie in full size. Just visit andenjoy them!Tip! Tip! Tip!
  3. 3. 1. By continent, you can enter NX200 Feel & Share (America & Oceania / Europe & Africa /Asia)
  4. 4. 2. After you choose your continent, by clicking the mouse cursor, you can move and see the pictures you want .3. If you click a picture, its details such as its title, the photographer’s name and EXIF dataappear.
  5. 5. 4. You’d better click each photographs, because you can see a blue mark like above at theright corner of the page. This mark will notify you of the daily winner which is selectedrandomly and appears with “Congratulations!”. The daily winners will get the NX200 style8GB USB memory stick!Along with this event, the offline event ‘NX200 Touch & Share’ is now activated as well.Enjoy all of these fantastic events now Samsung NX offers!Don’t miss the NX200 online and offline Facebook events!Samsung NX200 is…?With a 20.3 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor developed in-house by Samsung,the NX200 ensures a high-quality image at the fingertips of all photographers. High speedcapture is achieved through the NX200’s 100ms Advanced AF speed. Additionally, thanksto its Fast Boot and seven frames per second continuous shooting, it’s the perfect way tocapture that split-second action in an instant. Life-like color and sharp details are furtherguaranteed due to the wide range ISO (100-12800, covering seven steps), and in darkenvironments or while capturing still images of moving objects. With the upgraded i-Function 2.0 on the NX200, users can control six different Smart Filters and the intelli-Zoom function from the lens whilst in Lens Priority Mode.