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Startup Marketing 101 - Startup Breakfast Club Jun 18 2013
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Startup Marketing 101 - Startup Breakfast Club Jun 18 2013


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There’s more to building a startup than code! Find out how you can easily inject basic marketing strategies into your business plan from day 1. We’ll discuss how validation and product development can …

There’s more to building a startup than code! Find out how you can easily inject basic marketing strategies into your business plan from day 1. We’ll discuss how validation and product development can can have a HUGE impact on your marketing plan and we’ll provide insight on how you can spend little or no money on building the buzz early on.

Published in: Business, News & Politics
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  • 1. Startup Breakfast Club Montreal, June 18th 2013Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 2. Code,This is the advice you’ll get most often.code, code ...Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 3. ... and it’s WRONG!well, almost.Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 4. If you build itthey will come!Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 5. They won’t!Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 6. Ask a technical founder abouthis startup, and hell proudlydescribe his stunning softwaresimple, compelling, useful, fun,cloud-based, scalable, distributedversion control, continuousintegration, one-click-deploy.asTuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 7. blah, blah, blah ...“So how will people find your website?”Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 8. ★ "Were going to A/B-test AdWords campaigns until we discover our hook."★ “Were going to A/B-test our landing pages until the right message appears."★ "Were better than everyone else at SEO."★ "A friend of mine knows how to get popular on Twitter."★ "Were going to get reviews on blogs."★ "Were going to start with our own network and grow it from there."★ "Were going to use an affiliate program so our customers sell it for us."★ "Were putting a Retweet button inside the product to encourage viral growth."Response ...Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 9. Every new startup on Earthsays exactly these things.The Problem:Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 10. Yes, you’re still going to dothese things, but sincemillions of other people aretoo, you’re still invisible.Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 11. VisibilityAnyone gives a crap= FAILTuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 12. So now what?I thought this was amarketing talk?Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 13. It is, so let’s talkmarketing!Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 14. Here are 5 BIG marketing tips for startupsTuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 15. The number one mistakefounders make when trying togenerate press is talking aboutwhat the company does1Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 16. 1they should talk aboutwhy they are doing it!Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 17. Does Twitter get press when it helps Iranians fightan illegitimate government or when it creates anew internal IT process to increase up-time?1Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 18. 1Does Apple win the hearts of millions becauseof their obsession with design or because oftheir development APIs?Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 19. Does 37signals have over three million users becausetheir software is "better" than the competition, or is itbecause they motivate designers and entrepreneursthrough their writing and philosophy?1Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 20. “Without a powerful narrative, your chances ofgetting big press and enthusiastic users who spreadthe word for you approach zero as a limit.”Jason Cohen, Smart Bear Software1Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 21. 1 One thing we do really well is ...Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 22. 1We tell a compelling and honeststory through social media, blogs,and events, and community outreach.... and it works!Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 23. 2Going viral ...Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 24. 2Just adding a like or share buttondoes not guarantee viral!buttons are good but they dont makeyour product intrinsically viralTuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 25. 2Tip: If your product is not viral youstill need a killer way to findcustomers.If it is, it better be encoded inthe DNA of the application, andnot an afterthought.Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 26. 2Don’t bloat!Don’t just add features you think arecool, build your software around yourusers.Ask them what they want?This can do more harm than good!Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 27. 3AdvertisingTuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 28. 3Today, marketing is aboutbuilding “relationships”and “authority”Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 29. 3 We strongly believe ...Even if your community issmall, it provides you with anopportunity to get to knowyour readersInteractivity engagesreaders and creates apositive impressionA sense of communitycreates loyal readersReaders who like youwill help you out invarious waysTuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 30. 3True, but ...Spending money to make money isalso still true. Advertising is notdead; you can still buy eyeballs!Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 31. 3A simple strategy$C < $R = You have a businessThe average cost of acquiring a customer is $C(advertising, sales, support, doing demos) and the lifetimerevenue you get from that customer is $R.Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 32. 3Tip: Read this great interview withSean Ellis at VentureHacks fora great discussion of how toseek a repeatable, profitablemodelTuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 33. 4HonestyTuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 34. Need I say more?Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 35. 4Celebrity ChampionshipTuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 36. 4Celebrity endorsement canserve as an untouchablecompetitive advantage.Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 37. 4But a good communitymanager, marketing manager,or CEO can do the same!It’s all about connections.Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 38. 5Start your marketing from day 1!This is the biggest tip!Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 39. 5You can spend all the time in theworld building a product but if youdon’t have a Go To Market strategyno one will ever find it!Tuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 40. Follow steps 1 - 5 daily and you’ll be ok!or, gives us a callTuesday, 18 June, 13
  • 41. Want to learn more?Come check out STARTUP MARKETING 101, 18 June, 13
  • 42. Thank You!, 18 June, 13