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  • Branding is setting yourself apart. It is imperative to your personal brand.
  • Personal Branding is a distinct concept, consistency, and a great story about yourself. Personal Branding is similar to branding a business etc. but, it is a perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than yourself describing the total experience of having a total relationship with you.
  • StrengthFinder Results: Strength Finders and Effective Leadership is important in my day to day. I did a survey called, “StrengthFinder”. Once you complete the survey gives you a complete read out of your top 5 strengths. The StrengthFinder showed that I was: Restorative, Achiever, Belief, Deliberative, and Connectedness. Defining my Personal BrandEffective Leadership: Executing: Making things happen by taking an idea and bringing it to fruition. Influencing: Help team to reach more people or a larger audience, “sells” teams’ ideas achievements externally brings voice to the team. EMPOWERMENT.Relationship Building: The Glue that holds the team together. Relationships that create groups and organizations that are much greater than the sum of their parts. Strategic Thinking: Keep people focused on potential and the future, absorb and analyze information to help make effective decisions.
  • Who do my coworkers say I am: Detailed- Pays close attention to small things Passionate – Intense emotions about my job responsibilities, ethics, family and volunteer involvement. Driven- Compulsive quality, need, or obligation. Energetic- involving great activity or vitality.Good with numbers – Deal with billions of dollars of product daily. Determined –Firm decision Outgoing – Friendly and socially confident
  • Franklin Experience: I began my journey at Franklin University in 2008 as a part time student. I started pursuing my business undergraduate degree but, I decided to move more toward marketing. I completed my B.S. degree in Marketing and Communication in September 2013, which I received my diploma on January 12, 2014. Who I am? I am a brand, an alumni, a part of a community, a student, a listener, a learner, a professional, a team player, a survivor, collaborative, innovative, dedicated, disciplined, a graduate. Most of all I am an overcomer. Franklin University provided me with more than an education but with a lifetime of memories that I will never forget.
  • Social Media: Is a sense of communication and networking. It can be used a personal branding tool. It is a GREAT tool for marketing yourself. It is free. It gives fast results, It is flexible, It is user friendly, and It allows you to gain other opportunities for other service and values. I use Facebook and LinkedIn daily. Facebook allows me to communicate with family out of state, and keep up with what I trends, sales, as well as provide business. I use LinkedIn for career purposes and staying connected to coworkers, colleges, leaders and business of interest and the job market.
  • Internal Factors: are the strengths that have been favorable to my internal growth: Such as: The Women’s Initiative Network: It is an organization where women off all nationalities come together to empower, inspire, impact and invest in the needs of other women. I am also a part of the African American Network which, is a group that diversifies opportunities for African Americans but, it creates a network that enhances a culture of people that want to learn about the culture and embrace it. I have always been afraid to speak in person. I decided to sign up for toastmaster to help enhance my public speaking. I am also a part of APAN (Asian Pacific American Networks) which, is also a diverse group that Asians relate to the American culture. It allows others to network and engage from a career perspective. I recently began pursuing opportunities in the National Black MBA Association. It is a GREAT opportunity to support and be a part of a great organization as it pertained to those people who embrace higher education. External factors: Giving to the community is a very important role that I continuously look for ways to be a part of. Who am I in the community. I have been a part of many organizations such as Toys for Tots –Volunteer in giving toys out to the children. National Association for Negro and Professional Women’s Club Inc. This club is a volunteer club for programs such as: Easter Seals, Shoes for Kids, Ebony fashion Fair (Ebony Magazine). Big Brother Big Sister: Is a group that is a part of the Cardinal Health Education Initiative. We are allotted 2 hours to go to a school where (inner city) to talk with, tutor and help children that are having trouble in school.
  • Customer service is a day to day driver for me. It is very important to drive your business based off service. I provide service through developing strategic strategies to meet provide excellent service to customers as it pertains to the end to end process. Customer to me is my commitment, dedication and quality as it pertains to Service Levels, Forecast, and Demand. Customer Service is the number n focus to customer. Quality Service speaks for itself and can provide great word of mouth from one customer to a potential customer.
  • The Marketing Mix is combined factors that can be measured by a business to encourage customers to buy its products. Price, Product, place, Promotion, and Prospects.
  • Once I obtain my graduate degree, I want the employers to view me as: One who stands out from other potential candidates. One who understand what it takes to get the job done (produce, attain, fulfill, etc.).A leader, one who knows the direction and vision of the company and knows how to follow through. A graduate level from a recommendable college such as Franklin University. Someone that they believe in and understands that they are talented.
  • Set yourself apart with individual branding 3

    1. 1. Set yourself APART with Individual BRANDING. Daphne Jett January 21, 2014 MCM-707 Brand “You” Professor Ted Jones
    2. 2. PERSONAL BRANDING A perception or emotion, maintained by somebody other than you describing the total experience of having a total relationship with you.
    3. 3. Restorative STRENGTHS Executer Achiever Belief Strategic Thinker Influencer Connectedness Deliberative Relationship Builder
    5. 5. The RIGHT Product At the RIGHT Place For the RIGHT Price With the RIGHT Promotional Strategy
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