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David Renna Bobwhite
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David Renna Bobwhite


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This is my final project in Intro to GIS. I am playing the role of an Anlayst for FPL. The presentation covers concerns of the public in regards to the Bobwhite Manatee Transmission Line near Tampa.

This is my final project in Intro to GIS. I am playing the role of an Anlayst for FPL. The presentation covers concerns of the public in regards to the Bobwhite Manatee Transmission Line near Tampa.

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  • 1. Bobwhite – Manatee Transmission Line Project
    David Renna
    UWF GIS4043/L
  • 2. Background Information
    My name is David Renna. I am a GIS Analyst hired by Florida Power & Light Company to analyze a proposed new transmission line.
    The Bobwhite – Manatee Transmission line is to cover a corridor just to the Southeast of Tampa/St. Petersburg area.
    This project began back in the Spring 2006 and is set for completion in late 2011.
    Letters were sent out in November 2006 to provide needed information to customers who were going to be affected by the construction of the new transmission line. These letters were also to find out some of the concerns of property owners affected by project.
    I have included a timeline of the project in order to let you get familiar Florida Power & Light’s plans.
    This is analysis directly related to concerns of clients to which letters were sent out.
  • 3. Project Timeline
  • 4. Proposed Bobwhite –Manatee Project Study Area
    • 13 sites considered.
    • 5. Transmission line route crossing Manatee and Sarasota county lines
    • 6. Energy source located in Manatee County.
    • 7. Line runs south approximately 25 miles(52 miles total).
    • 8. End in Sarasota county at new proposed substation.
    • 9. Public Concerns Analysis over two year period from Spring 2006 – 2008.
  • Critical Public Concerns Addressed
    Conservation Areas Preserved
    Wetlands Preserved
    Homes affected during construction
    Number of county parcels affected during project
    Schools and Daycare within corridor
    Construction Cost kept to minimum
  • 10. Conservation Areas
    • Nine Conservation Areas within study area
    • 11. Only three conservation areas affected
    Lake Manatee Lower Watershed (5796 Acres).
    Lake Manatee State Park (549 Acres).
    Heritage Ranch Conservation Easement (1972 Acres)
    • Lines do not cross over Conservation areas.
    • 12. Run tangent along conservation area boundaries.
    • 13. Very little affect on proposed project
  • Wetlands Affected
    • 3403 total wetland areas
    • 14. Total Area: 137719.85 Acres
    • 15. Wetland Acres: 19053.94 12%
    • 16. Dryland Acres: 118665.91 88%
    • 17. Affected Wetlands Acres: 398.14 <1%
  • Individual Homes Affected
    • Approximately 70 total homes affected.
    • 18. 23 inside transmission line corridor.
    • 19. 47 within 400 ft buffer of corridor.
    • 20. Most of area used for farm land.
  • County Parcels Affected Manatee/Sarasota Counties
    • 12360 total parcels within study area
    • 21. 255 Total parcels affected.
    • 22. 202 parcels in Manatee County
    • 23. 53 parcels in Sarasota County
    • 24. 33 parcels contained within 400 ft buffer zone.
    • 25. 222 parcels affected by intersection by transmission line
    • 26. .02 % of total parcels affected
  • Schools and Daycares Manatee/Sarasota Counties
    • No schools or daycares within 400 ft. of transmission line.
    • 27. 1 school within half mile (Robert Wells Elementary: Manatee County)
    • 28. 2 Daycares within half mile
    Sprouts Child Development Center
    Children of Faith Child Development Center
    • All schools and daycare within half mile of line are located in SW region of study area.
  • Soil CharacteristicsBobwhite – Manatee Line
    • FS = Fine Sand
    • 29. LFS = Light Fine Sand
    • 30. MK-FS = Muck/Fine Sand
    • 31. Muck= Muck
    • 32. Notice yellow shades in NW and SE Region of study area.
    • 33. Yellow regions show areas of soil composition not suitable for construction (Muck)
  • Cost Analysis
    Transmission line length = approximately 52 miles
    Cost of installing a Single Circuit Tubular Steel Pole 230KW transmission line = approx. $57 million
    Cost of tying line into grid at each end of transmission = $2.3 million
    Total Estimated Cost (TEC)= $62 million
  • 34. Conclusion: Bobwhite-Manatee Transmission Project
    Overall concerns have been addressed. Proposed site seems to fit all criteria.
    Conservation areas and wetlands are not affected.
    Number of homes affected is low
    Number of property parcels affected is very low percentage of total parcels
    No schools or daycares are affected
    Construction cost are reasonable
    Objectives complete: Transmission of power to Sarasota County
  • 35. Source List
    Repository Database / UWF GIS
    Florida Geographic Data Library (FGDL)
    The National Map Seamless Server Download
    USGS Database
    Manatee County Public Database
    Sarasota County Public Database
    All maps Produced by David Renna in ArcMap