Find the perfect gift for her


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Some men have a tough time finding the perfect gift for their significant other. Here are a couple of tips on helping you score those much needed brownie points or even to get you out of the doghouse. For more information please visit

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Find the perfect gift for her

  2. 2. FINDING THE PERFECT GIFT  Men often have trouble finding the perfect gift for their mom/sister/wife/girlfriend  Stay away from trouble gifts  Home appliances  Anything with an off/on switch  Something you’ll enjoy more than her  Anything requiring style  Stick to the basics  Jewelry  Perfume  Flowers  Spa Certificates  Has she mentioned something she needs/wants?
  3. 3. STAY AWAY FROM TROUBLE GIFTS  Home Appliances  Stay away from practical  Gift should make women feel special and appreciated  Maybe ok if its something they really need or want  Something you’ll enjoy more than her  If you do more cooking than your wife – don’t get her a new blender  Stay away from lingerie – this is more for you then her!  Anything requiring style  Stay away from clothing, shoes, purses  Unless you have a great eye for style and fashion and trends and know exactly what she’ll be proud to wear
  4. 4. PAY ATTENTION  Take notes  Over the course of a year she’ll point something out that she thinks is nice or that she wants  Remember this!  Buy it for her!  Even if she buys it herself you’ll have an idea of what she likes  You can then use this to give you ideas of other things she might like or want
  5. 5. JEWELRY  What woman doesn’t like new jewelry?  Don’t guess and don’t be cheap  Jewelry is a huge symbol of who a woman is – stay away from styles she would never wear  Waste of money  When in doubt buy from Tiffany’s!  Every women loves Tiffany’s!  Extra brownie points for giving her a cute and recognizable little blue box!  Can find rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets in the $100 range
  6. 6. PERFUME  This one can be tricky  Find out what she wears and ask the salesperson for a couple of similar scents  Find one that you like on your own  Tell her you smelled this and instantly thought of her
  7. 7. FLOWERS  Most women love getting flowers  Can convey many meanings from love, to appreciation, to gratitude, to friendship  Red roses = romantic love  Yellow roses = friendship  Peach/pink roses = gratitude and appreciation  Orange roses = desire  Flowers make a great birthday gift  Can usually find a promo code for 10-15% off flower delivery
  8. 8. SPA DAYS  Women (and most men) LOVE getting pampered!  Treat her to a facial and massage, or mani/pedi, or a combination of any of them  Burke-Williams is always a safe pick and most major cities will have one or two of these nearby  Win-Win since this gives you a couple of hours of man time to yourself!
  9. 9. Thank you for your time! For more great tips, reviews, and info on flower delivery and gift ideas please visit
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