Mountain Bike Presentation for Jim Anderson


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Some photos for Jim to help with your MTB presentation. Some comments are included in the notes of each slide.

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  • Other states and communities around the world arerecognising the commercial and physical benefits of mountain biking in their communities. This months Australia Geographic has a major feature on the MundaBiddi Trail in WA. The Government, local communities are all working together to build a network of trails across the SW of WA. It will bring millions of dollars into the community.
  • There is often a misconception that Mountain Biking Trails degrade the forest. When built by experienced and trained track builders tracks blend into the environment.In Kangaroo Valley the proposed trail network will utilise existing fire trail networks and old forestry tracks as the hub of the network.
  • In Kangaroo Valley there is very little in the way of planned and organised walking or riding. The trail network could be developed to meet dual needs. Nature interpretation, nature trails, etc could also be integrated into the network.
  • Our Valley kids need somewhere to be challenged. The council jumps near Jing Jo have been a total flop with the younger generation as they are not challenging and did not meet the needs of young bike riders. Many of these teens went off into the forest around Kangaroo Valley and build illegal bike tracks. We want to be able to build these to the standards of sustainability as well as functionality.
  • MTB club activities would be a goal of the trail network use. Having weekly training and monthly racing within the community would be a goal of the trail use.
  • Tourism would probably be the biggest winner. It is clear from developments in the UK, WA, NZ, ACT, that if you build the trails the tourists will come.
  • A great way to visit and be out in the outdoors.
  • Connecting with wildlife. Bikers care for their environment. The local MTB group as well as being involved in trail development could also be involved in caring for the bush in the areas the tracks are; monitoring and removing weeds etc.
  • This introductory talk is given with the spirit of open dialogue with other groups that have an interest in the outdoors and community development in KV. We hope to be able to show you that this proposal is a win win for all areas of interest and that if we work together we can develop something very special for Kangaroo Valley.
  • Mountain Bike Presentation for Jim Anderson

    1. 1. Mountain Biking In Kangaroo ValleyGlengarry
    2. 2. Evolution of HumansThousands of Years
    3. 3. Early Human Survival Sedentary To
    4. 4. Obesity7 Million Overweight2 Million Obese5 Billion Dollars!
    5. 5. Depression9% PrimaryTotal Cost: students$3.3b Annually School15 – 20% High
    6. 6. Kids That Exercise Are Smarter, AreLess Likely To Find Themselves On The Street & In trouble
    7. 7. Sustainable Track Building To International Standards
    8. 8. Dual Purpose Possibilities As Has Been Done in Rotorua In New Zealand
    9. 9. Trails For All To Use
    10. 10. Kangaroo Valley Biking: A Win Win For All