The Filming Process LOG.


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The Filming Process LOG.

  1. 1. Filming Process LOG.This log aims to document how our production team set out to organise the filming process.1st InstalmentThe Film Schedule for 28/10/11Our production team have decided to shoot our short film in a short time frame as to make sure thatnatural surroundings do not change and create continuity error to our piece e.g. props in differentplaces in one scene to another, natural lighting changes creating the sense of a change of time whena scene is being shot to look continuous etc. To do this we plan to film the whole piece on one dayfollowing. Our film being a horror and based around the theme that someone is in the protagonist’shouse without his knowledge is to be filmed after 5.00pm, this being the time when surroundingsbecome darker and darkness being a major convention of this genre.After speaking to our chosen actor to be the main character Sachin Chande, we plan to film on28/10/11 starting at 4.00pm carrying on until completion of shooting.I had previously taken all props needed for filming, e.g. suit for the male character and briefcase alsofor this character 24/10/11 ready for shooting on the Friday.The last scene of the film being the surprise party is planned to be filmed on the 31/10/11 allowingus time during the day to set up the party scene to be ready to shoot in the early evening.2nd InstalmentFilming DevelopmentThe setting for our film was a friend’s semi-detached house and we attempted to shoot our film atan earlier time than planned being 11.00am. This time was more convenient for all the productionteam and actors involved, however we found many problems due to this change from the originaltime we had planned. The natural light which we were working against was a huge problem andcaused us to reschedule filming for another date. We tried to film in the hope that we could laterdarken the scene through editing the lighting. Unfortunately the short parts we managed to shootsuch as hallway scenes with no windows and therefore not allowing any natural light into the shotwe realised would have slightly different lighting to other scenes if we filmed these at a later time.We have come to the conclusion to filmat a later time than we had originally planned, the new datebeing 30/10/11 to rule out this potential continuity error.
  2. 2. 3rd InstalmentThe Film Schedule for 31/10/11For the surprise party scene which would be filmed outside, I decided to organise the meeting of allpotential actors, I would create an event on facebook allowing me to see who was able to attend. This screenshot shows the event among many other events of mine and shows the date of which we plan to film this scene being 31/10/11. This is the main page for the ‘Media Filming’ event. In the description of the event I am briefly explaining the reason that people are needed to be at the location. The location is not present on the event and only the time as at this point the production team are not entirely sure where this part will be shot. The main information I plan to get from this invitation form is how many people would be willing to attend as a lot of people are necessary for this scene to seem realistic. We plan to shoot a party scene therefore the space needs to look busy.
  3. 3. 4th InstalmentThe set-up of the ‘Surprise’ sceneFor the party scene I will need to set up a surprise party. I will buy all the typical props for thisincluding a cake, banners, balloons, party food and drinks etc. I shall also need to put up a gazebowith tables and chairs as the scene will be shot outside and with this isolation of space we will beable to use lighting in the shot such as a lamp centre piece for the table to light the area. As itcurrently stands there are twenty three actors attending as extras along with our protagonist SachinChande and the mystery stalker from the house played by Danielle Hopkins.Review of filming processI feel that the process of our shooting was quite successful and the difficulties that occurred weredealt with succinctly. The filming process generally happened to plan apart from the lightingproblem which was found on 28/10/11 causing the rescheduling for 30/10/11.The facebook event was a good way for me to keep track of who was attending the ‘surprise party’scene as people can change their ‘attending’/‘maybe attending’/’not attending’ at any point up untilthe date of the event.