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Analysing Psychological Horror Posters (The Unborn and Triangle)


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Analysing Psychological Horror Posters (The Unborn and Triangle)

  1. 1. Hannah Holden Film Poster AnalysisThe tagline of the poster suggests the He positioning of the tagline and the boy in the mirror is suggestive that he may be the source of evil. His paleruthlessness of evil and a possible face triggers the audience to think of the stereotypical human ghost adding to the horror elements of the poster.indication that the plot may be basedaround the protagonist’s battle withthis. Reflection in the mirror of someone who is clearly not present in the real world indicates an unworldly presence.The dark bricked walls add an elementof a cold atmosphere. Woman’s lack of clothing suggests vulnerability and portrays the naivety you would expect in a horror film ofOld style items in shot relate to the typical protagonist.conventions of a haunted houseinstantly indicating the horrorconventions. Female used, possibly protagonist to show vulnerability. White clothingHaving seen this horror film I know that also plays on this factor and showsthe evil spirit of a young boy is actually her to be a pure source, maybe thethe protagonist’s unborn twin who died heroine.in the womb. The way in which the word‘the’ from the title is circled by the ‘o’from ‘unborn’ is representative of theunborn child within the womb.The way in which the title has a bright ‘The Unborn’ is in white to stand outshadowing and the boy in the mirror is from the dark background. Darknessfaded creates the idea of the spiritual representing evil.being trying desperately to enter thereal world. This is in good contrast to thesharp colour of the woman and theoutside world.
  2. 2. Hannah Holden This line from a critic and the Film Poster Analysis Setting indicated by rusted iron rating persuades the audience door and buoyancy aid which Bold black text with a cut through into believing that the film is would be found on a ship. ‘over and over’ suggests brutality Is her reflection in the door, worth watching due to its review. and a sense that something is not reflective of her fate? The image quite right. is backwards to her therefore a correct representation of a reflection.Mention of ‘creep’ and‘severance’ as twosuccessful horror films. Melissa George is the largest of allLinks past successes to this points in this poster indicatingsuggesting Triangle is a that she is the main character.good watch. It also relates Her colour contrast to the rest ofback to two similar genre the scene makes her stand outfilms indicating that this from the background scenery.film is of the horror genre. Reference to a well- known director ‘Christopher Smith’, again indicating the film to be as successful as his other creations . Having seen this horror film I can take a hindsight view into the codes and conventions of the poster. TheSign of a triangle for the protagonist also the masked figure andletter ‘A’ in blood. Element o therefore I feel she was centred on thedanger created by the colour poster to represent this.red and blood used as an Every section of text combines the blackindication of violence that Audience know when the film is to be Cut through the word ‘triangle’ and red colours to keep a house stylemay appear in the film. released and therefore when they can suggestive of violence and a break of which represents both danger (red) and(Stereotypical to the horror start to go and see the film. equilibrium. (Signs of horror genre) darkness (black).genre)