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  • 1.  Why was this presentation created? Objectives Star Reading Placement Test Choosing an AR book Reading Practice Quiz Connecting with Home Additional Resources References Click on to return to Table of Contents
  • 2.  Our school recently purchased the Accelerated Reader program. ◦ A personalized reading practice program that accelerates growth in reading ability In this presentation you will become familiar with the basic elements of the program. After completing the presentation you will be better equipped to explain the program to both your students and their parents.
  • 3.  After exploring the multimedia presentation teachers will be able to answer the following questions about the Accelerated Reader (AR) program: What is the STAR ReadingTM placement test? How do students choose an AR book? What is the AR Reading Practice Quiz? How are AR points awarded? How can parents monitor AR progress from home?
  • 4.  A standardized computer adaptive assessment that: ◦ Takes between 10 and 20 minutes to complete ◦ Assesses reading comprehension and achievement ◦ Helps determine initial reading ranges ◦ Monitors progress Administered by the librarians at the beginning of the year and again in January and at the end of the school year
  • 5.  Librarians will determine a minimum book level for each student using the results from the STAR Test ◦ Written on the student’s library card ◦ Adjusted periodically to ensure success and growth
  • 6.  Students may choose books higher than their level as long as they are passing the quizzes Books are labeled on the spine and on the inside of the cover
  • 7.  Books of all levels are found in all of the different sections of our library When students come to the library they are required to choose one AR book and another “fun book” that can be at any reading level
  • 8.  5 or 10 multiple choice questions about the book that the student read Quiz should be taken within 48 hours of finishing the book Two scores are given ◦ Percent of correct answers ◦ Number of AR points earned A student that scores an 80% on a 1 point book earns 0.8 points Possible points are determined by the amount of words in the book
  • 9.  A computer was installed in your classroom for AR Reading quizzes Students need to Log on ◦ Username is the same as FCS Student ID ◦ Password is abc The following are snapshots of the screens the Students will click through in order to complete the quiz
  • 10.  Find quiz number on inside of book cover  Enter quiz number &  Click Search and Book Title
  • 11.  Click on Read Independently  Click on Yes
  • 12.  Parents can monitor progress, and view a list of the books the students has quizzed on The library will provide a personalized letter for each parent explaining how to access the Home Connect Website. Please include this letter in you Open House packet Log in to Home Connect
  • 13.  Click on the following links for: ◦ Video of student testimonials about the program ◦ AR BookFinder website  Website that helps you search for AR books to find their book level and quiz number ◦ Research about the importance of parental involvement
  • 14.  Definition of STAR Reading Test ◦ Renaissance Learning Inc. ( 2007). Understanding STAR Reading. Retrieved from Renaissance Learning Inc.,Web Seminar website. Definition of Accelerated Reader ◦ Renaissance Learning Inc. ( 2009). A Personalized Practice Program . Retrieved from Renaissance Learning Inc., Web Seminar website. Pictures ◦ taken at Florida Christian School library in Miami, Florida by Diana Frometa Sample book ◦ DiCamillo, K., & Van Dusen, C. (2011). Mercy Watson Thinks Like a Pig (2nd ed.). Cambridge, Massachusetts: Candlewick. Quizzing Screen shots ◦ Renaissance Learning Inc. (2011). Renaissance Place. Retrieved from Home Connect ◦ Renaissance Learning Inc. (2011). Renaissance Home Connect. Retrieved from
  • 15.  Additional Resources ◦ Renaissance Learning. (2002). Real Kids. Real Stories (Online Video). Retrieved from ◦ Renaissance Learning. (2010). AR BookFinder. Retrieved from ◦ Renaissance Learning. (2011). Improve Parental Involvement. Retrieved from