Uttarakhand a comprehsive report (2013-2015)


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Uttarakhand a comprehsive report (2013-2015)

  1. 1. Uttarakhand Floods A Comprehensive Report (2013-2015)
  2. 2. Setting a Base Camp Assessment SurveyNetwork of Locals
  3. 3. Our Major challenges  Constant rainfalls and landslides.  Small and far flung villages.  Disrupted roads in already tough terrain.  Very large scale devastation,requiring long term intervention.
  4. 4. A total of 225 truck-loads of material reached Uttarakhand so far..
  5. 5. In the initial phase, reached the cut off areas even through mules and porters..
  6. 6. Regular medical camps organised, reaching medical aid to cut off areas..
  7. 7. Cloth for Work: Dignifying Relief Work More than 400 development activities so far..
  8. 8. Before After Before After 30 X3.5 ft bridge Village Seku, Bhatwari Block Developing a bridge at Village Naugaon
  9. 9. Before After Before After Women taking lead in cleanliness activities
  10. 10. Before After Before After Marking the damaged parts of the road for safety. Making bridge at Vill. Naugaon, Sangam Chatti
  11. 11. Before After Before After Cleaning of Pond in Vill. Ginoti Making of Dustbin in Vill. Bongadi
  12. 12. After Before BeforeAfter Making of safety wall in Village Jakhol
  13. 13. Pandals (Tent House): Established 19 so far Some unconventional approaches..
  14. 14. Wedding kits: 330 marriages supported
  15. 15. Sujni Centres in Rishikesh and Uttarkashi: A sustained livelihood source for over 100 women
  16. 16. Approx.23,000 Sujinies made, converting over 90,000 kgs of absolute waste cloth into a daily utility product..
  17. 17. Uttarkashi Centre
  18. 18. Washing of clothes: Another source of employment
  19. 19. Study Centres for quality education: 9 operational in Uttarakhand
  20. 20. Initiated/Supporting Computer centres
  21. 21. 11 Stitching Centres A knitting centre
  22. 22. Not Just a Piece of Cloth Addressing the basic need of women Over 2,50,000 My Pads (cloth sanitary pads) reached so far
  23. 23. Up in the hills, silence is being broken and women are curious to know more about good menstrual hygiene practices and are happily accepting the change..
  24. 24. Awareness Learning to make My Pad Reaching out My Pads Filling NJPC-A million voices forms
  25. 25. School to School: Filling material gap, and reviving the education system in the flood affected areas and beyond
  26. 26. Reached over 520 schools and anganwadies…
  27. 27. Construction: Repairing of schools
  28. 28. Construction of toilets with community participation
  29. 29. Before After Repair of Prasuti Greh
  30. 30. 2,300 Utensil kits 5,700 Labour kits 27,000 Winter kits Some facts and figures…
  31. 31. 8900 School kits 6200 Ration Kits 78,000 Shoes
  32. 32. 2,50,000 My Pads 2,500 Solar lights and torch
  33. 33. Summary and Future Plans • In last two years Goonj has successfully reached over 600 villages with relief material and much more. • In phase 1, relief material was reached to cut off areas and medical help was provided by supporting medical camps. • In phase 2, comprehensive Winter kits were given as a reward for various Cloth for work activities, extensive work was done to improve the condition of schools and aaganwadies. • We will be continuing the support in terms of labour kits to the Migrant labourers. • Menstrual hygiene has been an important area of work, since the very beginning and much more work is planned in the same field. • Employment was generated for women, through Sujni centres, stitching and knitting centres as well as by setting up 3 major Goonj’s offices and processing centres. • In future apart from carrying forward all these activities, Goonj is also planning to focus on Solar energy as a solution to the village problems. • Also planning to address the acute need of constructing toilets and repairing damaged structures.
  34. 34. GOONJ (H.O.)- J-93, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi- 110076 Write to us- mail@goonj.org , Web- www.goonj.org www.facebook.com/goonj.orgwww.twitter.com/goonj For the detailed report of initial Phase, please refer http://goonj.org/?p=304