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  • 1. Top 10 detox foods
  • 2. LemonLemons are packed withantioxidant vitamin C, which isgreat for the skin and for fightingdisease-forming free-radicals.Furthermore, the citrus fruit hasan alkaline effect on the body,meaning that it can help restorethe bodys pH balance, benefittingthe immune system. Try starting your day with hotwater and a slice of lemon to helpflush out toxins and cleanse yoursystem.
  • 3. GingerGinger is not only great forreducing feelings of nausea, but itcan help improve digestion, beatbloating and reduce gas. Inaddition to this, ginger is high inantioxidants and is good forboosting the immune system.To give your digestion a helpinghand, try sipping on ginger tea oradding some freshly grated gingerto a fruit or vegetable juice.
  • 4. GarlicGarlic has long been known for itsheart benefits, however thepungent food is also good atdetoxifying the body. Garlic is notonly antiviral, antibacterial andantibiotic, but it contains achemical called allicin whichpromotes the production of whiteblood cells and helps fight againsttoxins.Garlic is best eaten raw, so addsome crushed garlic to a saladdressing to boost its flavor andyour health at the same time.
  • 5. ArtichokeIf you have recently beenoverindulging in fattyfoods, adding some steamed globeartichoke leaves to your meals is agreat way to help get your bodyback on track. Globe artichokes arepacked with antioxidants and fiberand can also help the body digestfatty foods.On top of this, globe artichoke isrenowned for its ability tostimulate and improve thefunctions of the liver - the bodysmain toxin-fighting tool.
  • 6. BeetrootFor those needing a quick health-boosting shot of nutrients, youcant do much better thanbeetroot. Packed with magnesium,iron, and vitamin C, the vegetablehas recently been hailed as asuperfood due to its manyreported health benefits. Not onlyis beetroot great for skin, hair andcholesterol levels, but it can alsohelp support liver detoxification,making it an ultimate detox food.To enjoy its benefits, try addingraw beetroot to salads or sippingon some beetroot juice.
  • 7. Green teaWhile its not technically a food,no detox plan would be completewithout regular consumption ofessential liquids. Fluids areessential for keeping our organshealthy and helping to flush toxinsfrom the body, and drinking greentea is a great way of boosting yourintake.Green tea is extremely high inantioxidants. Research has alsosuggested that drinking green teacan protect the liver fromdiseases including fatty liverdisease.
  • 8. CabbageCabbage is an excellent detoxifyingfood. Like most cruciferousvegetables (including broccoli andsprouts), cabbage contains achemical called sulforaphane,which helps the body fight againsttoxins.Cabbage also supplies the bodywith glutathione; an antioxidantthat helps improve thedetoxifying function of the liver.
  • 9. Fresh fruitFresh fruits are high in vitamins,minerals, antioxidants and fibreand are also low in calories,making them an important part ofa detox diet. If youre afterbrighter eyes and skin, shinier hairand improved digestion, tryboosting your intake of fruit andeating from a wide variety ofdifferent kinds.The good news is fruit is easy toadd to your diet, so try startingyour day with a fresh fruit salador smoothie and snacking onpieces of fruit throughout the day.
  • 10. Brown ricef you want to cleanse your systemand boost your health, it is a goodidea to cut down on processedfoods. Instead, try supplementingyour diet with healthier wholegrains such as brown rice, which isrich in many key detoxifyingnutrients including B vitamins,magnesium, manganese andphosphorous.Brown rice is also high in fiber,which is good for cleansing thecolon, and rich in selenium, whichcan help to protect the liver aswell as improving the complexion.
  • 11. WatercressLike most green herbs andvegetables, watercress is anexcellent health-booster and detoxfood. Firstly, watercress leaves arepacked with many vital detoxifyingnutrients, including several Bvitamins, zinc, potassium, vitaminE and vitamin C. Secondly,watercress has natural diureticproperties, which can help to flushtoxins out the body.To reap the benefits of thisnutritious food, try adding ahandful of watercress to salads,soups and sandwiches.