Inspiration Workshop

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A presentation for use in a workshop introducing Inspiration to educators.

A presentation for use in a workshop introducing Inspiration to educators.

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  • 1. Using Inspiration Mind-Mapping Software for all content areas
  • 2. Agenda
    • Introductions
    • Previous experience with Inspiration or mind-mapping
    • Research
    • Participant questions about Inspiration
    • Practice using Inspiration together
    • Individual practice with Inspiration
    • Sharing ideas and workshop website
  • 3. Previous Experience
    • Have you ever used Inspiration before?
    • How have you used other forms of mind-mapping/graphic organizers? Is it effective
    • What are your questions about Inspiration?
  • 4. Research-Supported
    • Visual learning techniques like graphic organizers can aid in:
      • Organizing and communicating ideas
      • Seeing patterns and relationships
      • Categorizing ideas
      • Reading comprehension
      • Executive Summary of Literature Review: Graphic Organizers: A Review of Scientifically Based Research
  • 5. Questions we have
    • (Open Inspiration, create mind-map of questions)
    • (Save as jpg and export)
    • (Upload into presentation here)
  • 6. An example
  • 7. Possible Uses
    • Open Inspiration on your laptop
    • Click on “Rapid Fire”
    • Type in 4 possible uses
    • Discuss uses together and add any more good ideas you hear to your mind-map
    • Demonstrate possibilities
  • 8. How could you use this in the next two weeks?
    • In your coming lessons, how could you use this?
    • Create a quick outline of what such a lesson would look like using the “Outline” tool in Inspiration
    • Click on “Diagram” and play with some of the tools at the top
    • Ask questions
  • 9. Sharing information
    • Share lesson ideas
    • Post results on my blog:
    • Email Inspiration documents (if you want) to:
  • 10. Resources
    • Free 30-day trial:
    • Teachertube video demonstrations:
      • Political Candidate comparison:
      • Inspiration multimedia Investigations:
  • 11. More resources
    • Inspiration webcasts (upcoming)
    • Inspiration webcasts (archived)