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Pellucid radlive modules

  1. 1. RadLive Modules
  2. 2. Pellucid Networks - Overview•Privately held company with presence across Asia, headquartered in Singapore,development center in India•Healthcare Imaging technology with a focus on moving large diagnostic imagesswiftly and securely over unsecure internet for accurate remote diagnosis.•Awarded most promising technology startup in 2010 by Microsoft.•Proven technology and solutions with over 60 installations.•Backed by Mercatus Capital – Premier Angel Investment firm.•Capable management team with over 50 years of specialized DICOM (medicalimaging) expertise, building & managing technologies for UK’s public healthcareprogram – NHS (National healthcare Services)
  3. 3. How a Radiology exam is taken 1. Patient visits a Physician for an ailment 2. Physician instructs the patient to perform a radiology investigation 3. Patient visits Hospital or Imaging center to perform the radiology investigation 4. Imaging center sends the radiology images to remote radiologist for diagnosis and interpretation Hospital PhysicianPatient 1 2 3 4 Radiologist
  4. 4. RadLive is a one stop solution for animaging center or a Hospital andprovides all the functionaries of a•RIS•PACS•Tele-radiology•Refferal Physician accessAt a fraction of the price of thesesystems and on subscription basis
  5. 5. Patient Workflow Automation module•Patient Workflow Automation •An imaging center or radiology department within a hospital rarely has an IT system in place, the entire patient interaction process is normally handled by people on an ad hoc basis, this module enables the center to run efficiently by it automating the patient flow inside the premise, advantage include up to 50% increase in patient throughput, real-time view on center revenue from anywhere included items are Electronic Order entry, Procedure booking, Patient registration, and billing
  6. 6. Image Workflow Automation module•Image workflow Automation •An imaging center or radiology will have several radiologist working within its premises, these radiologist take on average 45-60 minutes to report on an image, this module reduces the time by up to 50%. Included items are modality work list, auto acquisition from modality, auto routing, radiologist work list, DICOM viewer, integrated reporting.
  7. 7. Long term storage module•Long term storage •This module is an add on to the “image workflow Automation” module, this enables the imaging center/radiology department to store images for up to 7 years. •This forms a PACS or Picture Archival and communication system Benefits are adherence to healthcare compliance, better care for Trauma/ onocology treatments.
  8. 8. Referral Physician Access module•Referral Physician Access •Patients rarely walk in for a radiology exam, they are normally instructed by their physicians to take a CT/MRI/CR. The referral physicians normally are in turn given the paper report by the patient. This module, allows physicians anywhere to access the radiology images along with the report all he needs is a PC with an internet connection, it is also possible to access this via Hand phones and devices like iPADs Using web browsers and even on mobile devices such as iphones, ipads and Andriod.
  9. 9. Tele-radiology module Client seeks Radiology Service 1 4 Images are compressed (JPEG 2000 The Physician receives radiology Image) and securely transmitted to reports aid in an accurate diagnosis of Data Centre using efficient IOR a Patients Condition. Protocol. Ph R on emTele radiology enables a remote e, o e - te et m lo rn ai giradiologist to diagnose and report on a l, n te C . In ha JPEG 2000 t&radiology image Image Reports Centralised Data center JPEG 2000 Image Statistical Data for support Reports Preliminary Report Radiologist Support Center 2 The Radiology is intimated upon a study 5 arrival to his inbox. Image are pulled, pushed and streamed from datacenter to JPEG 2000 Reports The Call center representatives can Radiologist Viewing Station. Image receive an complaint from any user of our & service. The problem is resolved using real n. t Final Diagnosis gi ha Preliminary Interpretation is performed. time debugging techniques. lo C In e il, te Report is entered into system using ot ma rn et em - Reporting entry engine. R e, e on Ph QA Radiologist 3 The QA Radiologist validates the preliminary findings and concludes the final diagnosis. (Optional)
  10. 10. RadLive Unified workflow – Increase productivity by 50%,Increase turn around time by 40% Measure KPIs with Real-time BI Dashboards Available on any device and any computer Seamless integration with any 3rd party systems Works on low bandwidth (122kbps) • Order Entry Collaborative • Physician Access Treatment • Multimedia Reporting
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