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  • 1. Corporate Presentation
  • 2. Presentation Content1. Executive Summary a) About the i-Flapp b) About the Management2. Market Trends and Demand a) Problems Today b) Our Solutions c) Technology d) IP e) Products3. Flash Drive and Computer Markets a) Flash Drive and HDD Market Size b) Netbooks, Laptops and PCs Market Size4. Business Model and Projects a) Our Business Model b) Projects5. Our Competitive Advantage6. Future Roadmap7. Conclusion
  • 3. The Company i-Flapp Technologies Pte Ltd has 35 employees in Singapore and India. i-Flapp products brings about a new paradigm in portability and efficiency solutions.Company i-Flapp Technologies also provide Independent Solution Vendors (ISV) capabilities to deliver the world’s most trusted and innovative solution 1. Leading World Class and Paradigm Shifting Technology with breakthrough in Portable Applications Our Unique 2. Unique breakthrough technology in making premium high value applications Sustainable portable Advantages 3. The ability to unclutter, clean and secure your PC making it faster and more efficient 4. Robust anti-piracy protection techniques to prevent duplication of software. Patented AppsD technology which will enable applications, desktops and Technology emails to be carried on Portable Storage Devices. Ongoing Development to bring this platform to any OS or devices
  • 4. The Company and Management Team Ravi co-founded numerous businesses in India, Singapore, Malaysia, China, Australia and others.Ravindran Govindan Ravi is the Chairman of Mercatus Capital, a private equity venture firmChairman & Co-Founder specializing in the emerging technologies, bio-tech, IT, retail and energy industry. Mercatus Capital funded i-Flapp. Sunder has a Bachelors degree in Eng. (Electronics and Telecommunications). He has close to 20 years of experience in the Semiconductor and Electronics Sunder Mani industry, with significant international expertise in all critical aspects of R&D, CEO & Founder management, operations, sales and marketing. Adi has a B. Tech in Computer Science, been with IT Industry around 9 years working with CMC and Siemens before co-founding i-flapp and has been workingAdi Narayana Vemuru on products from concept stage till market covering domains like Real TimeCTO & Co-Founder Systems, Process Automation, SCADA, Portable & Mobile Storage, On-Demand & Cloud Computing using MS technologies. Adi has been pivotal in laying out the Technology Road Maps to realize business vision of i-flapp for enabling on-demand computing solutions from any portable storage device. Ashton holds a B.Comp (Computer Science) from the National University of Ashton Soh Singapore and a Masters in Strategic Business/IT. Sales Director He has 8 years of strategic sales experience handling corporate and private clients across global regions. His vast experience spans across Tech, Banking, Investment and Trading industries.
  • 5. Problems Today× Non Accessibility and Non PortabilityApplications once installed cannot be moved to another computer and will needreinstallation. High value applications (Apps you need to pay) are not portable.× Slow PCInstallation of applications will frequently slow down PC as registries are corrupted aftermore installations and permanent writes to system files.× Software PiracyIn some regions, software piracy is rampant and illegal copies of installation discs arereadily available.× No PersonalisationWhen using shared PC or common PC, there is a lack of personal profile, files andapplications.× Viruses are prevalentAnti-virus software are being installed in personal computers protectingthe pc, however portable devices are not protected from viruses.
  • 6. Our Solution and Benefits Make High Value Applications PortableEnables users to carry all applications conveniently on all external storage devices(thumb drive, hard disk drive, SD card)We can make high value applications portable! Clean Computing AutoCAD Photoshop MS OfficeHave a clean and easy maintenance PC with our solution, without needing to installapplications directly into PC and installing into portable devices. Only temporarywrites to system registry and system files. Anti-PiracyOffers strong copy protection for independent software developers to curb piracy Non traceable forensic dataWith our security erase module. All your data will be wiped out totally makingforensic untraceable. Anti-Virus CapabilityWith the ability to install anti-virus applications into the portable device. This can helpprotect the portable device from any malicious viruses and potential corruption of theportable device data.
  • 7. Our Core Technology – AppsD: Application on Demand Install applicationApp Environment AppsD is our Core Technology patented as Snapshot “A method for executing an application from a portable storage device” Capture App Interface Launch App InterfaceAppsD Engine Safe Remove Interface Apps-D Data Store
  • 8. Intellectual Property (IP) AppsD is our core Intellectual Property. AppsD holds the ability to execute an application from a portable storage device. With AppsD technology, we are able to bring about applications on the go and seamless integration for application launchingGranted Patent Capture A method for executing an application from a portable storage Device EnvironmentdevicePatent Pending Anti Piracy Capture Interface for AppsD Method of capturing Application related files & directories Application the Environment application Method of capturing Application related registry info Method of capturing Application dependencies & environment Method of streaming Application over cloud Engine Patented Method of controlling licensing of Application on the cloud Safe Remove Launch the traces of App/device App/Device any after usage Windows PC
  • 9. Our Product Based on AppsD, i-Flapp created i-Mapp -Your Personal CompanionFeatures of i-Mapp Benefits of i-Mappo Carry multiple Mail Clients & Mail Profiles (e.g. o Personalise users’ storage device into your PersonalOutlook, Lotus Notes, etc) Companiono Carry various MSI based Applications (e.g. MS Office, o Use your applications anywhere you goMS Project, etc) o Bringing convenience and effectiveness to access youro Personalize your Internet Explorer & Firefox profiles data and applications anywhere, anytime(including favorites, history, & cookies)o Carry your Desktop & My Documents securely and o Mass affordability to ensure a low cost ownershipsafelyo Be always In Sync Any Where, Any Place o Ease of Usage with user-friendly features
  • 10. Features of i-Mapp Backup and Sync Anti-Virus Office Suite Intelligent Devices Emails Data Encryption & Client & Security Personal Desktop i-Flapp Platform Captures User Patterns and Feedbacks CreatesNext Generation Specialized Information Product
  • 11. How does it work… 2) Now launch them onto any PC 1) Setup and install needed and start working as if it were your own! apps and data:4) Re-sync automatically to allow you to 3) Once done, save your settingscontinue with your work! and click safe remove.
  • 12. i-Mapp Professional EditionUpcoming Product Launch All MSI Installer Applications i-Mapp Pro - Your Ultimate Personal CompanionUnique Features of i-Mapp Proo Carry ALL Windows based Applications to enable mobility.o Brings about clean computer by enabling all apps to be installed in your portable deviceo Platform Independence regardless of Operating Systemo Enables application access on LAN/VPN/Network through clients server model and sharing apps on public/private cloudso Exclusive APIs for ISV to integrate their applications with i-Flapp
  • 13. my-Cloud with i-Mapp solutioni-Flapp can create the next buzz in the retail market with the following solution… Desktop Profile + Sync Files + Applications Sync to my-Cloud Online Sync to Cloud and back to PC once changes is made Sync to i-Mapp Home PC Common PC with i-Mapp Revenue Model – i-Mapp – Per license or Yearly license my-Cloud – Monthly Subscription
  • 14. The Market – Our Potential
  • 15. Market Size for USB Flash Drives and Portable Harddisk (HDD) is increasing at a modest rate, we expect increase in usage due to the price reduction in cost and increase in capacity. USB Flash Drives Market Portable Harddisk Size (millions) Drive (HDD) - 300 (millions)300250 222240 14.4 15 12200 173 USB Flash 9 Portable150 130 10 Drives 6 Harddisk100 80 Market Size 5 Drive 50 (millions) (HDD) - 0 (millions) 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2005 2011 2007 2008 2009 2010 Source: Global Sourcing Report: USB Flash Drives, Global Sources, July 2008
  • 16. Market Size for PCs, Laptop and Netbooks are still increasing with Netbooks hitting a 103% increase in sales in 2009 The potential for all Computer users adapting i-Flapp Technology is HUGE Netbook, Laptop and PC Markets (Millions) 350 300 250 200 Netbook Laptop 150 PC 100 50 0 2008 2009 2010Source: DisplaySearch’s new Q4’09 Advanced Quarterly Notebook PC Shipment and ForecastReport
  • 17. Why the Netbook market? 1) Netbooks offer portability to many users because of it’s size and weight. 2) However Netbooks are slow and do not offer great capacity of storage 3) i-Flapp offers a unique and complementing solution to bring about installing applications on a portable device such as a thumbdrive and brings about speed and uncluttering of the Netbook operating systemThis also applies to the whole PC and laptop markets
  • 18. Most Viewed EzineArticles in the Computers-and-Technology:Mobile-Computing Category (60 Days) – 29th Dec 2009How to Make Your Laptop Faster - Easy Instructions to SpeedUp My Laptop in 3 Simple Steps!1) Check the RAM2) Defragment your laptops hard disk3) Run a good registry cleaner (Instead of doing this why notavoid corrupting it in the first place by installing applications on a portabledevice)Source: http://www.ezinearticles.com/?How-to-Make-Your-Laptop-Faster---Easy-Instructions-to-Speed-Up-My-Laptop-in-3-Simple-Steps!&id=3105518
  • 19. Potential Markets 3 Verticals Clean Computing Portability ISVsPersonal Computers USB Thumbdrive Independent Software Vendors Laptops Memory Cards Netbooks External HD Mobile Phones Digital Cameras
  • 20. Other Potential Markets Banking AirportsInsurance Telecom Finance SectorGaming Hotels Schools HealthcareEntertainment Gaming Cafe
  • 21. Business Model and Projects
  • 22. Business Licensing Model There will be 3 different licensing model which we will implement. a) OEMs/Distributor/Reseller Channel b) Online/Retail Channel c) Independent Software Vendors (ISV) / Developers Channel OEM/Distributors/Resellers Online / Retail ISV Trial Version Full Version Trial Version Full Version Trial Version Activation for Registration key Online Purchase from Download Site NRE from ISVKey link back to OEM for Royalties Revenue Share with Download Site Licensing Deal with ISV
  • 23. Business Models for i-MappThere are four different business model1) OEM BrandingWe are actually tying up with OEM manufacturers (Big Brands) of thumbdrives or external hard disk drive.How we approach is that we have have a price and quantity arrangement with them. We will be sellingthem software and they will pay us upfront in terms of the licensing cost. We also have two pricing in terms oflicensing.a) One time license b) Recurring Yearly licenseIn this model, the brand that they will be selling is under their own brand and powered by i-Flapp. We areusing this model in our China market where we have teamed up with a leading and major electronicsdevices manufacturer.2) Co-BrandingWe tie up directly with some local manufacturers and co-brand it with them. We also sell the license directlyto them but this will be done more in a consignment basis where we will also be handling part of the salesand marketing for the hardware. We also work on the same pricing model a) One time license b) RecurringYearly license3) Agent BrandingIf you would like to brand it under your own brand and OEM the product itself, we can also do that. Thismodel is done with our Malaysian partner where they have OEM the product and branded the softwareunder their own name. They will be selling the software together with a thumbdrive as a product.4) Direct SoftwareWe can also do a direct software sale to our agents and they will market and distribute it on their own viatheir own marketing channels. This will be a direct licensing sale to our agents and purely a software sale.
  • 24. Business Models for ISV (Independent Software Vendors)For ISV, we are working with them on a project basis based on two portions.1) NRE (Non-Recurring Engineering Cost)For this portion we will be looking at the complexity of the porting of the applications and any extrarequirements which the ISV will need. We also have a customer engagement process where we willdo a full scale demo for the client once they are interested to go ahead with the project.2) Licensing CostFor the second portion, we will look at licensing our engine to ISV. This fee can be in the form of aone-time fee or a recurring yearly fee. Our US project is currently using this model.
  • 25. Healthcare Market US Project – Security, Fraud Prevention and Unified Database Background i-Flapp Technologies is providing Physicians and Pharmacists with the ease of having electronic records shared in a global space. Benefits 1) Security 2) Fraud Prevention 3) Unified Database Solution overview for Phase I and i-Flapp Capabilities 3) Upload to Centralized Server 2) Extracts Electronic Record Biometric Device i-Flapp Plug-in Device 3rd Party EMR1) Authenticate Physician and verify Patient Enables -Device Drivers -Extraction Application -Upload Application
  • 26. Healthcare MarketUS ProjectSolution overview for Phase IIEvery single person in the United States to carry a portable device of their health record.Patient Personal Profile Device - A secure way of holding the patient’s personal healthcareprofile and some applications to view the patient’s information on any PC.Benefits1) Carry your own health records2) Secure3) Easy sharing of information with other physicians
  • 27. Healthcare MarketUS ProjectSales Potential Total of 304 Million Licenses by 2013Phase 1600,000 Physicians, 800,000 Pharmacists and 2.6 million other users and all users will be havingone i-Flapp plug-in.Total number of potential licenses for Phase 1 = 4 Million licensesPhase II300 Million population in US will have to adopt carrying of their personal health records on aPatient Personal Profile DeviceTotal number of potential licenses for Phase II = 300 Million licenses Potential to move this capability to ANY other projects in the Gaming, Entertainment, Software Development and other similar projects in all countries to carry applications
  • 28. OEM MarketAigo Strategic PartnershipBackgroundi-Flapp Technologies Pte Ltd is partnering Aigo in 3 different models.1) Put i-Mapp into Aigo Device2) Creating Aigo Store3) i-Mapp Pro and Aigo USB Plus Technology – 6 times the transfer speed of normal USB 2.0Benefits1) Aigo’s Intelligent Device2) Aigo Store and User Feed Platform3) Unique Solution with Intelligence and Speed to customersSolution Overview i-Mapp Pro Aigo’s USB Plus Intelligent and High Engine + Technology Speed Solution
  • 29. OEM MarketSeagate ProjectBackgroundi-Flapp Technologies Pte Ltd is working with Seagate to launch a revision of their portable drive calledblack armor.Benefits1) i-Mapp will reside in the USB flash drive in the connector2) Secured and Encrypted Data3) Use with any external hard disk and get full functionalitiesSolution Overview Flash storage in USB Connector
  • 30. Healthcare MarketmPACS – Mobile Picture Archiving Communication SystemBackgroundi-Flapp is working with Pellucid Networks to bring about the next generation mobile PACs. With oursolution, we are able to bring about the viewing, reporting, printing and CD writing to any personalcomputers in the hospital.Features1) Secured Mobile Viewing2) Secured Mobile Reporting3) Secured Mobile Printing D rA4) Secured Mobile CD WritingBenefits1) Reduce waiting time for Patients Any PC2) Increased efficiency for Healthcare workers3) Increased ROI Viewer CD Writing4) Reduction in infrastructure cost Reporting Printer
  • 31. Telecommunications Market Ubiqsurf - Mobile Internet Data Card Background i-Flapp Technologies Pte Ltd is tying up with a telecommunication company to empower the mobile internet device (Micro SD slot) with i-Flapp platform. This will not only carry the internet connectivity application but also include all the applications and utilities which i-Flapp platform provides. Benefits 1) Carries the connectivity application directly – do not need to install on local pc 2) Save and Resume your internet session 3) Carry all your Instant Messaging settings and history 4) Carry your social network clients 5) Backup software, anti-virus, office suite capabilities Solution Overview Anti-Virus Backup Utility Office SuiteEncryption and Security Emails Internet Connectivity App
  • 32. Telecommunications MarketMobile Office Project (Malaysia)Backgroundi-Flapp Technologies Pte Ltd is providing AVP (Sea) Sdn Bhd with a solution to carry anti-virus softwareand office suites in a portable device. This solution will protect the portable device from any maliciousvirus or worm. Security and duplication of software is also taken care of in this project.Benefits1) Protects your Portable Devices2) Ability to protect and scan your PC3) Carry your suite of office applications and portable applications4) Latest virus definition updatesSolution Overview Protects Protects
  • 33. Finance Marketi-Count ProjectBackgroundi-Flapp Technologies Pte Ltd is teaming up with EasyAccounts to incorporate accounting packages intoportable devices. This solution will allow SMEs to carry their accounts convenient and securelyeverywhere they go and view their accounts at anyplace, anytime.Benefits1) Mobile Accounting2) Secured and Encrypted Data3) Cost EfficientSolution Overview Accounting on the GO
  • 34. Aviation MarketAirAsiaBackgroundi-Flapp Technologies Pte Ltd is teaming up with AirAsia to showcase our product in their MegaStore.They have 24 million members in their database and 20 million unique visitors to their site everymonth.Benefits1) Longest Business Hours – 24/7, 365 days a year2) Low Operating Costs3) No Risks & Large opportunities with wide Market Reach4) Largest Return of Investment (ROI)Solution Overview
  • 35. OEM MarketUSB Portable Storage Devices ManufacturerBackgroundi-Flapp Technologies Pte Ltd is in also in active discussion with leading USB portable devicesManufacturers to incorporate our products in their devices directly.
  • 36. Retail MarketCNET Download.com / Clickbank.com / Tucows.com / i-Flapp Shopping Cart Background We are in talks to partner with various Online Software Downloads portals with a revenue share model to put i-Flapp’s product in the online retail space in their portal.
  • 37. Our Competitive Advantage
  • 38. Our Competitive Advantage Comparison between i-Flapp and Vmware ThinAppVmware is the global leader in Business Infrastructure Virtualization. In2008, the company’s revenue is in the region of $1.8 Billion. Thinappsis the desktop virtualization tool for installing applications on aportable device. Major Comparison i-flapp Vmware ThinApps Markets Retail and Corporate Only Corporate Infrastructure Individual and Client Client Server Server Security Encryption and log in None profiles Portability Applications, Mails, Desktop, Applications only My document Cost USD24.99 (Online) USD5000 for 50 <USD10 client licenses (Min.) (OEMs and ISV)
  • 39. Our Competitive Advantage Our Patented Technology – AppsD allows us to gain a competitive edge over our competitorsMajor Features i-flapp Vmware Ceedo U3 Mojopac ThinappsDevice All External All External USB Devices and Sandisk USB USB DevicesCompatibility Devices Devices HDD Devices and HDDOperating All Microsoft OS, Microsoft OS Microsoft OS Microsoft OS Windows XPSystems including Win 7 and ServersApplications All Apps All Apps Apps listed in U3 Developed Selected AppsSupported Ceedo Applications (For i-Mapp Pro) DirectoryApplication onCloud Comp.MailSynchronizationMultiple UserProfilesSecurity andEncryption
  • 40. Our Roadmap v3.0 All OS Support v2.0 All ApplicationsProduct Range v1.0 All Windows Apps Beta v2.0 Q4’09 Q1’10 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1’11 Q2 Q3 Q4 Year (Start of Quarter) We are not limited to any one operating system; We are compatible with popular applications; We are constantly optimizing our performance and features.
  • 41. In Summaryi-Flapp Technologies brings about convenience and portability andimproves everyone’s efficiency and effectiveness in computing usage andeveryday lives. Privacy Convenience Efficiency Security
  • 42. Thank you Please visit us at www.i-flapp.com“To see a world in a grain of sand, And a heaven in a wildflower, Hold infinity in the palm of your hand, Andeternity in an hour.” ~ William Blake.